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A Pac-Man Bloon is a dark green Bloon with Pac-Man on it. It spawns out Pac-Man. In the Flash versions of the game, the player controls his movement using the arrow keys (, , and ). Pac-Man will pop even frozen Bloons. This Bloon was removed in Bloons 2 and the mobile version of Bloons because of copyright reasons.

In Bloons Festive Fun this Bloon appears as the Reindeer Bloon, avoiding the copyright problems in addition to becoming Christmas themed. The Reindeer Bloon lasts for 6 seconds before expiring. Instead of arrow keys, the player controls a reindeer by swiping horizontally or vertically on the screen to control the reindeer's movement. Swiping anywhere will work for moving the Reindeer Bloon. Unlike the Pac-Man bloon, the Reindeer Bloon lacks any associated music.


While Pac-Man is alive in certain Bloons games:


  • The Pac-Man can eat through any bloon including Frozen Bloons, but Bomb Bloons and Ice Bloon will destroy it upon being popped. It can also eat through Tile Blocks, but not through Rubber Block or Metal Block.
  • A player can use it as long as the Pac-Man intro theme is playing.
    • Like the Pac-Man intro theme, it lasts for 5 seconds.
    • In Bloons Player Pack 5, it actually lasts for another 2 seconds after the intro theme ends.
    • In some of the Bloons games, the Pac-Man theme does not play at all.
    • It is replaced by the Reindeer Bloon in Bloons Festive Fun, lasts for 6 seconds instead of 5 in Bloons Festive Fun and has no associated music or sounds.
  • If a Pac-Man or Reindeer Bloon is popped while a Pac-Man/Reindeer is active, the old one will prematurely expire.
  • The Pac-Man bloon is able to stop moving when the arrow keys are no longer pressed. This is not the case for the Reindeer Bloon, as it will continue to move in a direction until given another input.


  • In More Bloons, it made only 2 appearances - level 22 and level 38.
  • In Even More Bloons and its sequels, the Pac-Man Bloon and Pac-Man are darker in color.
  • In Bloonsworld, the theme only plays on the test section.
  • The only appearance of Pac-Man Bloon in the mobile games is its Christmas variant, Reindeer Bloon, in the game Bloons Festive Fun.



  • While the Bee Bloon is somewhat different from the Pac-Man Bloon, the codename of the Bee Bloon is "BirdBloon", which may imply that the Bird Bloon would have had tighter controls more reminiscent of the Pac-Man Bloon, and thus implying that the Bird Bloon would have been intended to replace the Pac-Man Bloon.