Massive nails pop 8 bloons at once, and pop Frozen Bloons.
~ BTD6 description

Oversize Nails is the 1st upgrade of Path 3 for the Engineer Monkey in BTD6. It increases the pierce of the main Engineer's nailgun nails from 3 to 8, and allows them to pop Frozen Bloons. It costs $TBA on Easy, $450 on Medium, $485 on Hard, and $540 on Impoppable.


  • It makes useful early-game pierce akin to a Spike-O-Pult with nearly double attack speed but with nearly 1/3 pierce.
  • When further upgraded along Path 3, particularly with Double Gun, it is quite reliable at stalling early-game bloons.
  • Oversized Nails is one of the few sharp projectile towers that can pair well with Ice Shards for the activation of multiple ice shards.


  • It is not known why "Oversized Nails" no longer used the name "9-Inch Nails", but the name was likely modified to avoid confusion between real-world distance units and in-game distance units, as well as the fact that it seemed a little awkward to add a band reference for an engineer.
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