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"Overclock" redirects here. For the BTD5 counterpart, see Overclock (BTD5).
Overclock Ability: Target another tower to supercharge its attack speed for a short time.
~ Upgrade description in BTD6.

Overclock is the 4th upgrade of Path 2 for the Engineer Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It comes with an ability that increases the attack speed of the target tower by ~66.6% (reduces attack cooldown by 40%) and grant a +25% range boost to a Monkey Village for 60 seconds by default. But if the ability is used on a Banana Farm, it will increase the amount of bananas produced or multiply the cash added by a Monkey Bank or a Marketplace by 1.66x, rounded up, for a total of 1.66x the original amount of cash each round while the ability is active.

Duration for Overclock in combination with normal towers depends on the boosted tower's upgrade of the highest tier. Duration lasts for the following tiers:

  • Base tower: 105 seconds (175%)
  • Tier 1: 90 seconds (150%)
  • Tier 2: 75 seconds (125%)
  • Tier 3: 60 seconds (100%) (base)
  • Tier 4: 45 seconds (75%) (0% downtime)
  • Tier 5: 30 seconds (50%) (33% downtime)

In combination with Heroes, however, the "tier" mechanics works in a different way, where every 4th level counts as a higher tier from Tier 0, up to Tier 5 with Level 20.

There is a cooldown of 45 seconds for each Overclock usage.

In addition, Overclock's main attack increases from 3 pierce to 15 pierce and its nailgun projectile speed is doubled.

It costs $11,475 on Easy, $13,500 on Medium, $14,580 on Hard, and $16,200 on Impoppable.



Overclock is one of the most essential support towers for the mid-to-late game, especially on CHIMPS. For a relatively low cost, it can be used to boost attack speed of any tower by up to ~66.6%, or increase range by 25% for Monkey Villages or Banana Farm income by 66%. With exception of non-damaging Villages and Farms, this ability grants a substantial attack speed boost for whichever tower is targeted, improving that tower's total DPS by a large margin. The range boosts for Villages and income boosts for Farms can be handy in a couple of situations, but in most situations it is simply better to apply the ability onto a DPS tower instead of Villages or Farms. Exceptions to this rule are usually to apply maximum income greed, for Boss Bloon Events in particular, whether it be to buff the range of a pre-built Monkeyopolis or to maximize the strength of the strongest direct-income Farm.

Most of the time on CHIMPS, the Overclock ability should be used on your highest DPS tower, in order to make the most of its attack speed boosts. Note that Tier 5 towers or Level 20 Heroes may require more than one Overclock in order to have full uptime, but it is usually safe otherwise to keep on using the ability whenever it becomes available.


  • Good candidates for use of Overclock are usually your main DPS towers. These will usually be singular powerful high-DPS towers such as Apache Prime or Perma Charge.
  • Overclock amplifies buffs previously on the target tower, such as effectively doubling the effectiveness of Poplust on Avatar of Wrath.
    • However, note that Alchemist buffs wear out more quickly under Overclock.
  • Unless it's for improving mid-game potential, crosspathing Overclock is generally unneeded. But if crosspathing is desired, Path 1 crosspath is useful for extra overall blimp damage and Path 3 crosspath for utilizing its in-built extra bloon popping power. Bear in mind that 2-4-0 is prone to accidental Overclock targeting to the Engineer's sentries, so beware of this.
    • 0-4-2 Overclock is far stronger in the mid-game due to a much higher pierce Pin, but otherwise, crosspathing shouldn't matter too much in the long-run.
    • 2-4-0 Overclock's sentries deal more MOAB-class damage because of the Deconstruction upgrade, but otherwise statistically identical to a 2-2-0 Engineer's sentries.
  • It costs $16580 ($14580 + $865 + $380 + $270 + $485) on Hard to afford a 0-4-0 Overclock.
  • Because of the new Overclock tier-based duration rework in Version 21.0, the Overclock ability is very strong with any tower up to Tier 4, as there is pretty much 100% uptime for said ability, with the 45 second cooldown versus the 45 second duration.
  • The best hero candidate for Overclock is Captain Churchill, as he levels slowly but is incredibly powerful compared to his level.
  • Overclock plus Banana Farm is usually not very cost-effective income production unless applied onto Banana Research Facility, Banana Central, Central Market, or Monkey Wall Street.
    • If you feel the defenses are safe even without Overclock, take attention off the main DPS tower(s) and apply it onto your strongest Banana Farm(s) until you anticipate a situation where setting Overclock back onto the main DPS tower(s) may be necessary again.
    • Adding Overclock to Monkey Banks is no better than adding it to Marketplace or Banana Plantation, as only the pockets of cash are boosted by the ability. However, these extra pockets of cash can be influenced by interest, so adding the boost can be more worth it in some cases.
    • Despite having a function similar to a Banana Farm, Monkeyopolis will only receive the range buff all villages receive. It will not gain the +66% extra production speed. However, the range boost could be used onto a Monkey City to fit more Banana Farms into its radius prior to upgrading to Monkeyopolis.
    • The best farm to buff is Banana Central, while the second-best and third-best are Banana Research Facility and Central Market or Monkey Wall Street, respectively. This is key for Boss Bloon Events in order to receive maximum income gain.

Version History[]

Overall, the effectiveness of Overclock's ability has been nerfed in both boost quantity and boost duration. It still remains a strong upgrade for singular towers overall, just now a lot less effective on Tier 5 upgrades and max level heroes. Because the ability is the primarily the reason to buy this upgrade, the buffs to Overclock's main attack hardly matter in terms of this upgrade's overall viability.
  • Nerf Overclock attack speed buff reduced from +100% → +66% (Monkey Farms remain at 100%).
    • Version 14.0's official patch notes has an error regarding the Overclock attack speed boost nerf. The nerfed attack speed boost was actually from +100% to +66% instead of to +80%; this mistake is likely due to a confusion between the concepts of attack cooldown (i.e. for the multiplicative increase/decrease for an attack per unit time) and attack speed (i.e. for the percentage increase/decrease for the numbers of attacks per second).
    • Some extra details about this discrepancy were explained on the official BTD6 subreddit here.
  • Buff Overclock can now be targeted by Techbot.
  • Buff Overclock ability active buff state will now be included in save files.
Engineer is quite poor in terms of crosspathing, so we've added crosspath benefits to Cleansing Foam as well as an overall price buff to the middle crosspathing upgrades. We've been somewhat unhappy with how Overclock sits in the game for a while and especially how the interaction with tower cost causes levelling heroes naturally to be far advantageous over purchasing upgrades when this is already underused. We have made an attempt to rework these issues by moving it to a tier-based system rather than price.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Nerf Overclock attack speed buff for Farms reduced from +100% → +66% (66% extra income).
  • Change Overclock ability is reworked to operate on a tier basis rather than a cost basis:
    • Nerf T5 duration is now always 30 seconds.
    • Nerf T4 duration is now always 45 seconds.
    • Change T3 duration is now always 60 seconds.
    • Buff T2 duration is now always 75 seconds.
    • Buff T1 duration is now always 90 seconds.
    • Buff T0 duration is now always 105 seconds.
    • Nerf Hero duration is based on X/4, where X is level, starting from Level 0 (i.e. Level 1-3 is T0, Level 4-7 is T1, Level 8-11 is T2, Level 12-15 is T3, Level 16-19 is T4, Level 20 is T5).
  • Buff Affected by Cleansing Foam crosspathing changes
[...] We've added a pierce & speed boost to Overclock's base upgrade [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Overclock's main attack's projectile speed increased (375 → 750).
  • Buff Overclock's main attack's pierce increased (3 → 15).

Description changes[]

  • Change Description changed from "Overclock Ability: Target Monkey becomes super powered for 60 seconds." to "Overclock Ability: Target Monkey becomes super powered for a short time."
  • Change Description changed from "Overclock Ability: Target Monkey becomes super powered for a short time." to "Overclock Ability: Target another tower to supercharge its attack speed for a short time."


When activating Overclock Ability:

  • [Engine starting]


Official artwork[]


  • In BTD6, the Overclocked towers are indicated by green orbiting comets of energy rotating anticlockwise. Additionally, there is a mechanical "boost" sound effect for overclocking a tower, unlike in BTD5 generation games.
  • In BTD6, Overclock can overclock itself, similar to BMC Flash and BTD5 Deluxe. In BTD5 Mobile and other mobile versions, Overclock cannot overclock itself.
  • The Version 13.0 patch notes stated that Overclock's attack speed boost was nerfed from +100% to +66%, but it was incorrectly unimplemented until Version 14.0, where Ninja Kiwi once again reiterated the Overclock nerf, although in the second time they provided the wrong nerfed speed boost in the Version 14.0 patch notes.
  • Before Version 16.0, Tech Bot is not able to target an Overclock Engineer. But it was still possible to use it on an Ultraboost Engineer, and it will automatically reapply the ability on the previous targetted tower.
    • Starting in Version 16.0, Overclock can be linked by a Tech Bot. It will work in the same way as a linked Ultraboost.
  • While an Overclock can increase the cash generated by Banana Farm, it cannot increase the cash generated by Monkeyopolis Village directly. However, the range boost of the village might give some extra space to absorb more Farms than usual.
  • The old description used to be "...for 60 seconds", but has since been changed to "...for a short time" as of Version 13.0 due to accuracy reasons.
  • Prior to Version 21.0, the Overclock upgrade worked on a cost basis (i.e. <$15,000 lasts for 60 seconds, $15,000-$40,000 for 45 seconds, and $40,000+ lasts for 30 seconds). This was changed as of Version 21.0 to a tier basis.