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Orbital Strike in use.

Orbital Strike is the special ability for the Special Agent Bloonsday Device. It creates a powerful beam that is controlled by moving the cursor, similarly to how a Dartling Gun is controlled, but where the cursor is will be where the beam will be positioned. It deals large amounts of damage to MOAB class bloons and destroys normal bloons very quickly. When a Bloonsday Device Pro uses this ability, it will leave a trail of green plasma which can pop bloons even after the beam is gone. This ability lasts for a pretty short time, which is why it would be wise to point your cursor at the bloon and then wait for the surrounding little beams to disappear. A trick for this would be to point the cursor at the balloons closest to the exit and then sweep it along the path to the entrance. This way you can pop a lot more balloons. But be quick while doing this or else the beam might disappear too quickly.


The unused(?) Orbital Strike Power Card found in BTDBM texture files


  • Orbital is also green while the picture looks like a Bloonsday device beam
  • This ability can even be used during the period between rounds.
  • For some reason the BTD Battles (Steam) Files, there's a card image and data in the files that seem to be for Orbital Strike.
    • Maybe it was planned to be a power card but was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • It is not recommended to use this ability on fast forward since it will expire quickly as a result and give you less time to move the laser.