"Operation: Dart Storm" redirects here. For the BTD4/5 counterpart, see Operation: Dart Storm (BTD4-BTD5).
Shoots 16 darts per volley, and twice as fast.

Operation: Dart Storm (sometimes shortened to ODS or O:DS) is the fourth upgrade on the first path for the Monkey Ace in BTD6. It shoots 16 darts per volley, like other games, but also shoots darts and anti-MOAB missiles (from Fighter Plane) twice as quickly. Additionally, the anti-MOAB missile explosions have increased pierce, from 3 to 4.

The upgrade alone costs similarly, at $2550 on Easy, $3000 in Medium, $3240 on Hard, and $3600 on Impoppable, but it is now overall more expensive than in other games.


  • This upgrade is useful for wiping out many bloons on screen while also being a great option for beating MOAB-class bloons, especially for earlier rounds. On its own, it can wipe out the outer layers of regular MOABs and Fortified MOABs before Round 81 with ease.
  • The best crosspath is the 4-0-1 ODS, or 4-0-2 if there is exceptionally good central coverage on the given map. 4-2-0 is useful if camo detection is required, since ODS cannot detect camo without support unlike in BTD5 when it was the upgrade after Spy Plane.
  • Just like many high-projectile towers, pair with Berserker Brew or Stronger Stimulant to optimize the power of each of the ODS's radial dart attacks.
  • Do not rely on a 4-2-0 Operation: Dart Storm to handle Camo Leads, as pineapples from the Exploding Pineapple upgrade are not deployed twice as fast.

Version History (BTD6)Edit


Nerf Fighter Plane anti-MOAB missile attack speed decreased (every 1.5s --> 2.0s)

Buff Fighter Plane anti-MOAB missile pierce increased (1 --> 4)

Nerf Fighter Plane anti-MOAB missile deals less damage (25 --> 18).



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