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Operation: Dart Storm
OpDS in BTD4 iphone

Upgraded from

Rapid Fire

Upgrade #

Tier 4


$TBA (Easy), $TBA (Medium), $TBA (Hard)

Cost with all previous upgrades

$2975 (Easy), $3500 (Medium), $3780 (Hard)

Official Description

BTD4: Our darts will block out the sun.

Our darts will block out the sun.
~ BTD4

Operation: Dart Storm is the final upgrade for Monkey Ace in BTD4. It allows the ace to shoot faster and shoots out 16 darts with each shot instead of 8. It will also drop Pineapples at faster rates. It is very useful for thinning out a large number of bloons during the later Rounds though it is not too effective against Moab class bloons.

In BTD4, it costs $2975 on Easy, $3500 on Medium, and $3780 on Hard.



Great for thinning out large number of bloons, Operation: Dart Storm works well for not consuming footprint while having mobility and high DPS. It shouldn't relied on, but it works well.


  • They can beat the M.O.A.B. Challenge in BTD4 easily. Have all Aces as Operation: Dart Storm, and keep buying more and more of them with the spare money made.



  • The name of the upgrade is likely to either be a reference to [Dark Storm|Operation: Dark Storm] or Operation: Desert Storm.
  • The plane looks resembles the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit. The tower upgrade on the tablet version of BTD4 is even more realistic due to the cockpit.
    • In Bloons TD 5 instead of the B-2 Spirit, the plane resembles an F-117 Nighthawk, except with just one tail fin. This makes it more fitting as F-117s were actually used in Desert Storm. However, in the official art they have no fin.
  • This is less powerful in BTD5 than it is in BTD4.
  • In the DSi version of BTD4, if there are enough bloons on screen, the Monkey Ace will drop 2 Pineapples every second.
  • It is revealed in Bloons Super Monkey 2 that the designation for the plane is B12.
  • The description for Operation: Dart Storm in BTD4 is a reference to a quote in the movie 300. The 300 quote, "Our arrows will block out the sun.", is nearly identical to the upgrade description, replacing arrows with darts.