Offensive Push is the 4th tier upgrade of the COBRA (Covert Ops Battles Response Agent), an exclusive tower in BTD Battles. It allows the player to send bloons 1 round earlier than normal. For instance, a Z.O.M.G. has to be sent out on Round 22 of BTDB. If players have the Offensive Push upgrade, players can send it on Round 21 without the extra income reduction. Offensive Push costs $1750.

Offensive Push Cost: $1750 Tower: COBRA Description: Next tier of bloons able to be sent 1 round earlier than normal (It used to be 2 rounds earlier).


  • Bloons can be sent 2 rounds earlier if the player is playing in Speed Battle mode.
  • This upgrade gives the COBRA two guns, even if Double Tap is not purchased.
  • This upgrade can stack with other Offensive Pushes, allowing a ZOMG to be sent earlier than Round 21, or even on round 12.
  • Currently, the earliest ZOMG sent with Offensive Push is on Round 4.
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