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Next tier of bloons able to be sent 1 round earlier than normal
~ Bloons TD Battles Description
Offensive push crosspaths

4-0 and 4-2 Offensive Pushes

Offensive Push is the 4th tier upgrade of Path 1 for the COBRA (Covert Ops Battles Response Agent), an exclusive tower in BTD Battles. It allows the player to send bloons 1 round earlier than normal for each COBRA on screen with this upgrade, excluding Camo and Regrow Bloon modifiers. For instance, a Z.O.M.G. can normally only be sent at a minimum Round 22 of BTDB. If players have the Offensive Push upgrade, players can send it on Round 21 without the extra income reduction. Offensive Push costs $1750.



  • Bloons can be sent 2 rounds earlier if the player is playing in Speed Battle mode.
  • This upgrade gives the COBRA two guns, even if Double Tap is not purchased.
  • This upgrade can stack with other Offensive Pushes, allowing a ZOMG to be sent earlier than Round 21, or even on round 12.
  • Currently, the earliest ZOMG sent with Offensive Push is on Round 4.