Off The Coast is a Advanced Track in Bloons TD 6.


It is a beach map. Bloons come from the water at the bottom of the map to the beach and then go back to the water. The top left of the beach has a giant rock, and so does the top right. This map features a wrecked ship in the water that blocks water towers from being placed on it, and cannot be removed. The ship parts on water is the bow, the crows nest, the tail (all of them allow land towers to be placed), 7 planks (5 on water and 2 on the shore) and 1 lifefloat. The other part lies deeply in the sea, which makes the sea deeper in the middle than the side. There are also 13 coral pilars (6 on the left and 7 on the right), 3 pink starfishes, 3 clumps of pink seaweed near the coral pilars, 3 clumps of green plants on land, 3 strangely placed small pieces of rock and wet piles of sand that isn't close to the sea.


Monkey Money Rewards
Btd6monkeymoney Easy[?] Medium[?] Hard[?] Impoppable[?]
First Time $225 $375 $600 $900
Completed $45 $75 $120 $180


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