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About Odyssey Mode

Odyssey Mode is here! Join Modysseus on an epic adventure each week!
~ Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 19.0

Odyssey Mode is a game mode added in Bloons TD 6 on Version 19.0. It is similar to Odyssey Mode in BTD5 Mobile, but now there are limited towers available to place into a "crew" boat. There are three modes, and each of them reward differing amounts of Monkey Money and Trophies. Unlike in BTD5, all three Odyssey Modes can be attempted in one single week, although the Trophy rewards are capped at the highest completed mode.

As of Version 20.0, there was a mode added called Extreme Mode. On Extreme Mode, all towers are permanently used up once placed (if two of a tower type are placed and one is sold, then two towers will be counted as used, but the player can buy back the second tower at any given time during a map and it won't count a third tower being used), and therefore cannot be used for future islands in an Odyssey, but Heroes will still be usable as many times in a single Odyssey as possible.

An internet connection is required to initiate an Odyssey on each island, although the rounds can still be played offline as long as there is an internet connection before pressing the "Play" button.

Starting from Version 26.0, there is now a way to create and play custom Odysseys by using Odyssey Creator. It is found under the "Play Social" tab in the main menu.




Building an Odyssey detailed description

Every week the developers at Ninja Kiwi choose a set of maps for all players. In the beginning, there are three selectable difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Higher difficulties provide bigger and better rewards. The player must complete all the maps in the chosen difficulty in order with a single set of lives for all the maps to complete the Odyssey challenge. All islands (or in this case, each of the "maps") are the same across all Odyssey difficulties, and all players will receive the exact same island archipelago, but the difficulty sets on each island will be different.

Lives are carried over each island, and the player may not generate any lives above the given maximum under any circumstances (e.g. from Support Chinook, or Marketplaces with the Healthy Bananas MK). If the player lost some lives on the previous island, they are unable to regenerate lives past the amount of starting lives brought to the current island. However can be via Continues to regenerate very beginning lives.

In each difficulty, the maps are in order, with the easiest maps coming first and the hardest maps coming last. There are three maps in Easy Odyssey Mode, four in Medium, and five on Hard. The first map will usually be a relatively easy Beginner or Intermediate Map. Maps in between may be of any Map Difficulty, with harder maps being placed in harder difficulties. The final map will generally be the most challenging, usually on harder maps (such as Advanced or Expert maps on Hard Odysseys) or maps taking place on harder submodes (such as Impoppable or Half Cash), with or without additional modifiers.

In addition to additional harder maps, harsher restrictions to certain tower types and/or quantities may occur on harder Odysseys. For instance, sometimes Hard Odyssey will ban one extra tower, or it may impose a hard cap on certain tower types (e.g. up to 5 Monkey Subs for Week 2).

Unlike in BTD5, if the player loses a map, the player will simply be required to restart that map from the start unless a Continue is bought (which costs BloonjaminsIcon100-500). The only way for the player to restart the entire Odyssey is via the button at the map selection.

Extreme Mode[]


Extreme Mode on Easy Odyssey

Since Version 20.0, there is a new possible Odyssey difficulty modifier called "Extreme Mode". Odysseys with Extreme Mode active are shown by a fiery symbol surrounding the difficulty icon. When Extreme Mode is active, all non-hero towers placed on the map are consumed, and therefore are permanently used up for the entirety of the Odyssey Mode. The player can buy and sell and rebuy and sell etc. one non-hero tower on the same map, but on the following maps that one non-hero tower has been consumed and is no longer available. There is no option to opt out of this game mode, as the game mode is set for any Odysseys with such game mode.

Special Rules[]

  • Freeplay Mode cannot be played, although Freeplay rules may occur if the island's rounds are set past Round 80.
  • Powers once used are permanently used up for the entirety of the Odyssey Mode, so use them very wisely.
  • If set on Extreme Mode, towers once used are permanently used up for the entirety of the Odyssey Mode, so it becomes even more important to use them very wisely.

In pre-release, there were multiple themes for Odyssey events, suggested by a code leak by Polavux:

  • OdysseyThemeRapidBloons, Rapid Bloons (Bloons are spawned faster than normal in all tracks)
  • OdysseyThemeNoReturn, No Return Policy (No Selling in all tracks)
  • OdysseyThemeInstructions, Instructions Not Included (No Monkey Knowledge in all tracks)
  • OdysseyThemeFasterHigher, Faster. Higher. Stronger. (Bloons and MOAB-class are faster and have more health at higher difficulties)
  • OdysseyThemeGottaGoFast, Gotta Go Fast (Bloons and MOAB-class are faster)
  • OdysseyThemeAllCamo, All Camo All The Time
  • OdysseyThemeAllRegrow, All Regrow All The Time
  • OdysseyThemeFastTrack, Fast Track
  • OdysseyThemeHighlander, Odyssey of the Highlander (Replaced with Extreme Mode)
  • OdysseyThemeMonkeyTeams, Monkey Teams (Only a small set of towers on all difficulties for all tracks)

While these themes don't come with their own banner anymore, each Odyssey tends to follow one of these themes effective Week 12.

Version 19.0 Official Patch Notes[]

The Version 19.0 official patch notes provided by Ninja Kiwi provide a good overview on what may come next for future Odysseys. Additional features were later added on with future updates.


  • Odyssey Mode is here! Join Modysseus on an epic adventure each week!
    • Earn Trophies by completing Easy, Medium, or Hard Odysseys
    • Choose the Hero, Monkeys, and Powers that will allow you to win each map in that Odyssey
    • Uniquely themed Odyssey challenges each week
    • Odyssey badge to show off total Odyssey stars collected (find it in your Main Menu Profile)

Dev Notes[]

  • Odyssey has been a long time coming - we wanted to make it as variable and customizable as possible at launch, with extensible systems that allow it to evolve update to update; thanks, awesomer community, for your requests and patience!
  • Trophy rewards do not stack from difficulty to difficulty - the 50 Trophies from Hard difficulty is the maximum, so if you play Easy and win 15, then play Medium which has a 25 Trophy base reward, you will only get the 10 Trophy delta between those two reward levels
  • Badge stars also do not stack - the 5 stars from Hard is the maximum per Odyssey; we made both of these design calls so players do not feel compelled to play all 3 Odysseys to maximize rewards or bragging rights - play all 3 only if you'll have fun doing that!
  • Powers can be purchased in-game up to the value that you put into your Crew loadout; for instance, you don't have to have 5 Supermonkey Storms to allocate 5 to your Crew loadout and doing that gives you the option to buy up to that Crew allocated number if you find that you need them
  • A few things that work differently for Odyssey - no freeplay, no replays of completed maps or difficulties, and no co-op; our goal was to keep Odyssey purely focused on challenging, multi-map, single-player adventures - then evolve from there



Odyssey Crew on Easy

Before starting an Odyssey, the player must equip a crew of different Monkeys (towers) and Powers. One Hero must be joined as well, and will sit on the ship's bow as the "captain". The chosen towers, powers, and hero are the only ones can be used during the Odyssey. Likewise, the only types of Insta-Monkeys available for placement are the tower types recruited to the crew.

Sometimes certain tower types or certain Heroes may be unavailable for the crew. Therefore, it is not possible to equip those tower types or place a certain Hero as the "captain" of the Odyssey.

Difficulty Lives Max Monkey Types Max Monkey Crew Size Max Power Types Max Power Crew Size
200 (default) 16 (default) 30 (default) 8 (default) 20 (default)
100 (default) 12 (default) 24 (default) 8 (default) 20 (default)
50 (default) 8 (default) 12 (default) 8 (default) 20 (default)

Please see #Current Events to see the current Odyssey's crew restrictions.



Odyssey island rules, which shows a collection of maps to complete

As the player journeys through each island, or in this case each respective map, the player will need to complete each island in the same way as be done in a standard game. The game difficulty will be set based on each island. Players are limited to their entire crew to successfully complete each island. This does include the limited Powers the player brings in for the Odyssey journey. Once the final round ends, the player must move on to the next one, and therefore is not allowed to go to Freeplay Mode.


Completing Island 1 (Week 1)

Once an island is completed, the player will move to the next map. The entire crew will remain the same quantities and will not be lost. For Powers, they will simply be restocked if they are used within a certain game. Lives will carry over to the next map, whether lives are gained or lost. Monkey Money is gained equivalent to as though it were a standard game.

After completing an island, press "Continue Odyssey" to continue the journey to the next island. This will continue until all islands are completed.



Odyssey statistics after completing an Odyssey


Collecting the final reward

After completing Odyssey Mode on a certain difficulty, it will reward Monkey Money and Trophies. Trophy rewards are rewarded based on the highest difficulty completed, but the other reward is accumulative. Unlike in BTD5, it is still possible to do all other Odyssey Mode variants after doing an Odyssey of a certain difficulty. As of version 20.0, it is possible to replay an Odyssey difficulty once it has been completed. After completing an Odyssey on any difficulty, the amount of rewards for completing an Odyssey on the other difficulties decrease.

Each map completed earns the usual Monkey Money in addition to any Odyssey Rewards.

Difficulty Monkey Money (BloonjaminsIcon) Trophies (Trophies) Odyssey Stars (Odyssey Stars) Others

2nd: 50 3rd: 15


??? 0

3 One power, collectable items, or tier 2 insta-monkey

125 ???


15 ???

4 One tier 2 or 3 insta-monkey or collectable items

250 125


25 15

5 One tier 3 or 4 insta-monkey or collectable items

Current Events[]

For a full list, see Odyssey Mode (BTD6)/List of Odysseys

Below will show the 7 latest Odyssey Events.

Days are listed from the perspective of New Zealand Standard Time. Odysseys generally start on Thursday 20:00 NZST and end on Tuesday 20:00 NZST on the listed dates below. Additional data for Odysseys can be found on the BTD6 Index and this Odyssey Stats spreadsheet too.

Unless explicitly stated, assume the following:

  • All Heroes are available.
  • All towers are available and none of them have hardcaps for each.
  • All upgrades are enabled.
  • All Odysseys start with 200 lives on Easy Odyssey, 100 lives on Medium Odyssey, and 50 lives on Hard Odyssey.
  • No restrictions on power choices
  • All Odysseys are not set to Extreme Mode.
  • There are no additional map modifiers in each map.
  • There are no custom rounds.



Prepare an Odyssey in the long-term before beginning. Look for all information about the Odyssey, especially the Odyssey's rules. It pays to read the Odyssey description carefully, as well as look at each map's stats and tower loadout stats in order to gain some guidance to what is offered for the currently running Odyssey. Bring the right loadout based on what options are allowed and adjusting to the challenges that each island may contain.


  • It is best to attempt the Hard Odyssey first, as it will yield the most trophies. Do not attempt Easy or Medium Odysseys first unless the Hard Odyssey is too difficult.
  • To save crew space, it is recommended to bring a few stronger towers that synergize well. For example, it is better to bring 3 Subs with Sub Commander synergy than 6 Dart Monkeys with Super Monkey Fan Club.
  • Recommended towers include the Alchemist (due to Berserker Brew being able to synergize with multiple towers), Dart Monkey (due to being cheap to place and Crossbow Master being a cheap carry to round 80), Ninja Monkey or Monkey Sub (both work well with Alchemists), and Sniper Monkey (due to Elite Defender with Shrapnel Shot being a cheap carry for midgame).
  • Recommended heroes are Benjamin, who can restore lost lives, or heroes that can easily deal with early game such as Quincy, Sauda and Obyn Greenfoot.
  • If the player has the Healthy Bananas MK and loses lives, it is recommended to farm those lives back before ending the map, as any lives lost after the end of the map cannot be restored on the next game.
  • To player should equip Cash Drop, Super Monkey Storm, and Monkey Boost as they are the strongest powers and will be more helpful when compared to other powers. Avoid bringing Road Spikes because they consume one whole slot each and usually do not contribute much towards turning the tides of difficult situations.
  • The player can pause and exit the map when they are about to lose to restart the round.
  • Multiple achievement rewards can be obtained by completing odyssey objectives such as Full Speed Ahead! and No Stone Left Unturned.

Specific to Hard Odysseys[]

  • Pay attention to the description of this week's Odyssey. Part of the description may give away a few hints on any new unique gameplay in this week's Odyssey. The description may also be used to analyze what the most optimal strategy should be for this week.
  • If there are certain enabled or disabled towers and/or their upgrades, look for a specific upgrade that would help fill a certain role in the defense. See the Upgrades page to explore any viable upgrade options.
  • Plan ahead with the Hard Odyssey, especially on Extreme Hard Odyssey, as there will usually be an array of maps where a certain set of towers may excel in one map but fail in the other.


Week4 CornfieldBug

Cornfield map (completed, left) on Hard Odyssey Week 4

  • There exists a bug in Week 4 where Cornfield's map is represented by a colored void (blue, orange, or dark purple) instead of the expected cornfield segment due to a missing model.
    • This was the only instance where this type of bug happened.
    • Version 20.0's patch notes state that all maps now have their own respective sprites in Odyssey Mode, so therefore this bug should now be fixed.
  • Starting from the update that changed the Crew Menu UI on Version 20.0, the heroes crew list would always state "All Heroes" even if some or all heroes are prohibited. This was fixed as of Version 25.0; if heroes are banned on a certain Odyssey then the heroes will now be manually listed in the heroes menu.
  • Week 25's Odyssey was bugged such that custom round Regrows cannot regenerate. However, later Odysseys with custom round Regrows can regenerate.
  • During the first few hours of Week 26's Odyssey, there was a high chance of the player getting their account flagged upon completing maps on the Odyssey. This is likely due to an autoflag procedure that occurs when the player has too much cash in one round, and due to the nature of the Odyssey, the player will easily get cash due to being entirely one-round. Ninja Kiwi eventually temporarily disabled the autoflag procedure and unflagged any accounts affected by this.
  • Occasionally during Week 30's Odyssey, players could continue on Freeplay Mode on Odyssey Mode, leading to the current island refusing to continue towards the next island.
  • Week 30's Odyssey does not have custom rounds set on Easy Odyssey, despite its description stating that there are "no MOABs".
  • Week 32's Odyssey is bugged to sometimes refuse to load properly.

Version History[]

19.0 (Week 1)
  • BUFF Official release of Odyssey Mode
19.0 (Week 3)
  • BUFF All Odysseys now have an additional reward on top of Monkey Money and Trophies
20.0 (Week 9)
  • NERF Some Odysseys will now have Extreme Mode
  • Change Modified UI for Odyssey Crew rules and Odyssey Crew selection menu
22.0 (Week 19)
  • NERF Odysseys now support tower path restrictions for more variety in Crew setups
23.0 (Week 30/31)
  • BUFF Odysseys with Custom Rounds now specifically show whether there are Custom Rounds or not.
26.0 (Week 48)
  • BUFF Added Odyssey Creator
  • NERF Odysseys no longer contribute to completing medals or unlocking deeper game modes.
26.2 (Week 50)
  • NERF [undocumented bug] Force-quitting a game and reloading the game will restart progress back to the current island
28.2 (Week 68)
  • BUFF [bug fix] Force-quitting an app will no longer restart progress back to the current island


When restarting a voyage:

When completing an island or collecting the Odyssey Chest:

When an Odyssey Star is collected partway in a journey:

When transitioning to next island:

When completing an Odyssey:


See the Gallery Section!

Because of the size of the gallery, the gallery section here has been moved elsewhere so that this current page will be less cluttered.

See Odyssey Mode (BTD6)/Gallery to find the new fresh gallery section!


  • The Greek monkey is apparently named Modysseus, in reference to Odysseus, from Homer's Odyssey.
  • Impoppable and C.H.I.M.P.S. maps do not reduce the player's health to 1 life, but Mana Shield is disabled as in a normal Impoppable or C.H.I.M.P.S. game.
  • Losing on Odyssey Mode does not produce a special game over screen like what the BTD5 Mobile's Odyssey Mode does; instead, it looks and replicates exactly the same as the game over screen in a real game.
  • If the loading for the Odyssey menu glitches out (usually due to bad internet connection), then the default values for the title and description will be shown. The title would be shown as "Odyssey Event!", while the description would become "Welcome! Every Odyssey is a set of linked maps and challenges with Trophy and other rewards! Key Rules: [...]" with the rest of the words in the description not visible.
  • During Collection Events, the player earns their respective lootbox currency for completing. The rewards given are equivalent to the map difficulty completed. However, this wasn't the case in 2021.
  • The default name for an Odyssey's event name is "Odyssey Event Name", and the default name for an Odyssey's description is "Short description of the event with a catchy phrase". Link.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 15th October 2021 blog, co-op Odysseys are on the idea list but due to little interest, players having to stick together for 3-5 games, and technical challenges such as having a shareable Odyssey save point, it is not planned.
  • Blons does not have an Odyssey island model due to not being selectable by normal means. This also means it is the only map that can never be used in Odyssey under normal circumstances.

Odysseys History[]

  • Week 2's Odyssey "You Have My Bow" is the first Odyssey to feature Reverse Mode and Impoppable Mode. It is also the first Odyssey to feature ending rounds that are different to their respective mode difficulty, and the first to have hard-capped tower caps (being the Monkey Sub wit a hard cap of 5 on Hard Odyssey).
  • Since Week 3's Odyssey "A Walk in the Park", the first Odyssey to also reward a free Power or Instamonkey, all future Odysseys also rewarded a free Power or Instamonkey as a third reward on top of the Monkey Money and Trophies rewards.
  • Week 3's Odyssey "A Walk in the Park" is the first Odyssey to feature starting rounds that are different to their respective mode difficulty.
    • Week 3's Odyssey "A Walk in the Park" is also the first Odyssey to have modifications during the release of the Odyssey. Originally on the fifth map for Hard Odyssey (Tree Stump Half Cash), the starting cash was $325, which when halved due to the Half Cash game mode, resulted in $162 starting cash. It was corrected to $650 starting cash ($325 after Half Cash applied), as it was originally impossible to complete without Monkey Knowledge.
  • Week 4's Odyssey "A Toasty Tail" is the first Odyssey to feature rounds beyond 80, and it is also the first to feature Double HP MOABs and Apopalypse, although Apopalypse was only available on Medium Odyssey for that week. It is also the first Odyssey to have difficulties with another difficulty's subdifficulty (e.g. Medium Double HP MOABs).
  • Week 6's Odyssey "The Cycle Continues" is the first Odyssey to feature maps whereby harder difficulties do not necessarily have the same map order compared to easier difficulties. It is also the first Odyssey to have a map where selling and Monkey Knowledge is disabled.
  • Weeks 4-7 all start off with In the Loop as the first map for all difficulties.
  • Week 9's Odyssey "Forward Thinking" is the first Odyssey to feature Extreme Mode. It also changed the Powers availability for the first time, starting from around 5th September 2020. It used to be "up to 5 Super Monkey Storms, up to 5 Time Stops, up to 5 Cash Drops, up to 5 Pontoons, up to 5 Road Spikes, up to 5 Glue Traps, up to 5 MOAB Mines, up to 5 Camo Traps, the rest have no hardcaps".

Concept of week 19 Odyssey

  • Week 10's Odyssey "Balancing Act" is the first Odyssey to feature no Standard Mode games throughout any of the difficulty variants. It is also the first Odyssey to have 12 unique maps across all difficulty variants.
  • Week 14's Odyssey "Instructions Unclear" is the first Odyssey to have different lives value from 200/100/50. It has 150/50/10 lives instead.
  • Week 16's Odyssey "Military Mayhem" is the first Odyssey to have two of the same map appear in the same Odyssey sub-variant (on Hard Odyssey only).
  • Week 17's Odyssey "Night of the Living Lead" is the first Odyssey to have modified Bloon Rounds. Every five Rounds (5, 10, 15, etc.) on Hard Odyssey would send out some quantity of Lead Bloons either alongside the normal Bloons, or outright replacing normally encountered Bloons with Lead.
  • Week 18's Odyssey "The Darkness Rises" is the first Odyssey to completely disable powers.
  • Week 19's Odyssey "The Floor is Collapsing" is the first Odyssey to be made by a community member, similar to community-made Race Events. It is also the first Odyssey to completely disable heroes on a difficulty (Hard Odyssey), to have the last map on Hard Odyssey to end before round 80, and to last 6 days instead of the previous 5 days.
  • Week 22's Odyssey "Boat Trip" is the first Odyssey to feature custom rounds. The second to do so is Week 25's Odyssey "Winter Wonderland".
  • Week 24's Odyssey "Activated" is the first Odyssey to restrict upgrades.
  • Week 26's Odyssey "Happy New Years" is the first Odyssey that features 1-rounders, but technically speaking it isn't because this Odyssey involves simply merging a considerable number of rounds together, at least for only the so-called "one-rounders".

Week 29 Hard Odyssey Solution by "Amabo Kcorb" on Bloons Wiki Discord without Ben or the Healthy Bananas MK

  • Week 29's Odyssey "Need Healing" is possible to beat on the Hard Odyssey without Benjamin, but it requires the use 2 Heli Pilots, 1 Druid, and 1 Farm to gain enough lives to tank up the added Camo Regrow Ceramic on Round 1 for all islands except the final one. However, without Mana Shield and Pre-Game Prep, it is not possible at all, unless using Continues, and not to mention that there are no available pure offense-based Powers that can destroy the Camo Regrow Ceramic.
    • The Hard Odyssey for Week 29 was beatable without Benjamin or the Healthy Bananas MK, although this needed Mana Shield and Pre-Game Prep.
      • For the first island, starting with a Druid to 0-1-0 then 2-1-0 and 2-3-0 was done. Radar Scanner was added but the Round 24 Camo Green had to leak. Afterwards, a Tack Shooter was added and upgraded to 2-0-4 Overdrive, and the Village to 3-2-0 in preparation for hard rounds such as Round 63. Monkey Bank was afforded between, and then Spirit of the Forest was obtained later on to restore lost lives, with the Bank sold and rebought. Primary Mentoring was added somewhere during the island.
      • The second island involved Carrier Flagship, Chinook, and Village. Starting tower was Buccaneer into Grape Shot and later Hot Shot. The Village was 2-2-0, and the Chinook was 2-4-0.
      • The third island involved 2-0-5 Sniper, 2-4-0 Chinook, 5-2-0 Ultra-Juggernaut, and 3-2-0 Primary Training.
      • The fourth island involved 0-2-5 Sniper, 5-2-0 Carrier Flagship, 4-2-0 Juggernaut, and 2-2-0 Village. Sniper and the free Dart Monkey was required to hold until Buccaneer can be bought.
      • The fifth island used a solo 5-2-0 Carrier Flagship with 2-2-0 Village to beat the last of the waves.
  • Week 33's Odyssey "Bad To The Bone" is the first Odyssey to feature an Big Airship of Doom (B.A.D.) starting at round 80. It is also the first to ever show the BAD.
  • Until the Week 48 Odyssey, there were no Odysseys that did not unintentionally miss out days. However, the Week 48 Odyssey "Icky Stickuation" missed out the usual Wednesday/Thursday beginning of Odyssey, and instead appears since 3rd/4th June 2021, when Version 26.0 was released.
  • The week 49 "Air and Sea" Odyssey is the first Odyssey that was taken from the Odyssey Browser, as it was originally created in the Odyssey Creator before being sent up to Ninja Kiwi. Most Odysseys made by users afterwards that don't feature custom rounds are also available on the Odyssey Browser.
  • Week 51's Odyssey "Stun Gun" is the first Odyssey to feature Round 100 and also the first to grant a free insta-monkey upon beating just a certain map.
  • Week 64's Odyssey "Mini Me" is the first Odyssey to have more than one island with Round 100, and the first to have an island spanning from Round 1 to 100, in fact twice.
  • Week 72's Odyssey "Day in the Sun" is the first Odyssey to have a map on C.H.I.M.P.S. mode, although due to having no modifiers, this only disables the use of Monkey Knowledge and Powers. The player can still use continues and sell for 0.
  • Week 87's Odyssey "DDT BADness" is the first Odyssey to feature DDTs on Round 38. It is also the first Odyssey to utilize the cooldown reduction setting.
  • Week 89's Odyssey is the first Odyssey to be completely changed midway in a week. It was initially "Camo Leds Fixed By Dart Gunner" (marked on wiki as "Week 89a"), which featured all one-rounders for all except Easy Odyssey, but was since replaced by a typical Odyssey format whose title is named "Baallooon" (marked on wiki as "Week 89b"). The earlier Odyssey is also the first Odyssey to disable continues.
  • Week 90 introduces rounds beyond 100, although it is because of custom rounds rules.
  • Week 107 introduces rounds beyond 140, but its starting round is already beyond 100.
  • Week 112 is the first Odyssey to actually introduce rounds beyond 100.
  • As of Week 115's Odyssey "Land Of Forgotten Carmobiles", all maps have been used at least once in Odyssey Mode, with Bloody Puddles being the final map to be used on an Odyssey at the time of release.

Odyssey References[]

  • Week 21's Odyssey "Happy Thanksgiving" uses the description "Hey I just met you, and this is gravy, but here's my Odyssey, so carve me maybe.". The description is a reference to Carly Ray Jepson's hit "Call Me Maybe".
  • Week 35's Odyssey "Mc Double" takes reference to the McDonalds' McDouble burger. The Odyssey description "Prepare for Trouble! And make it double!" actually comes from Team Rocket from the wikipedia:Pokémon anime series. The description takes further pun towards the McDonalds' McDouble burger.
  • Week 43's Odyssey "May the Force Be With You" references Star Wars, and the Odyssey duration coincides with the date May 4th. Interestingly, the default Hero picked for all difficulties in this Odyssey is Sauda, where her swordfighting has the closest resemblance to the act of lightsabre combat.
  • Week 45's Odyssey "Let's Take to the Sky!" references PAW Patrol. The author of the challenge "Skye" is apparently the name of a moderator who appears in the official Ninja Kiwi Discord server (see this Reddit link for some discussion), whose Discord username is Skye#1315 and featured a profile picture of Skye at the time. Skye in Paw Patrol operates a helicopter to transport team members and save people. When she appears on her normal helicopter, she in her helicopter resembles the Heli Pilot.
    • Despite having a different alias, both the week 45 and 52 Odysseys are made by the same user. Likewise is the case with with weeks 110 and 112.
  • Week 49's Odyssey "Air and Sea" references two Bloons TD 5 Daily Challenges, specifically February 19, 2012, and February 27, 2012.
  • Week 71's Odyssey "Mageical Journey" makes references to the Kirby game Kirby Star Allies. The description references the "Song of Supplication" from the aforementioned game, and the towers and upgrades available (Ice Monkey, Mortar Monkey, Druid with top path upgrades, and Wizard Monkey with Shimmer) bears resemblance towards the Three Mage-Sisters and Hyness.
  • Week 96's "Sauda 63; The Crucible Swords" references the Kirby game Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. The description also references the plot of the game, with Sauda "gathering ceramic and blue shards" akin to Ribbon having to recollect crystal shards.
  • Week 97's "To the Moon" might be a reference to SpaceX, and also mentions Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, with the latter also being the reference to a common meme that has grown popular over recent months and Dogecoin.
  • Week 112 references to BTD5 "Fast Track" mode.
  • Week 114's "The Legend of Sauda" is a reference to the game series The Legend of Zelda.
  • Week 115's "Land of Forgotten Carmobiles" references the Kirby game Kirby and the Forgotten Land, particularly with the maps being focused on cars in ala to Car Mouth Kirby. The description is also reference to the song "Welcome to the New World" from the aforementioned game.
  • Week 149's Odyssey "Mini Luck" references to race event #197, a BTD6 race event with the same name.