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Commanding powers of nature, Obyn can shoot through solid obstacles with his spirit wolf attack.
~ Bloons TD6

Obyn Greenfoot is a Hero in the game Bloons TD 6. He was one of the four original heroes in the initial release of the game (alongside Quincy, Gwendolin and Striker Jones). Obyn specializes in nature-based attacks and weapons.

His main attack launches "spirit wolves" at Bloons. This attack homes in on Bloons, can travel through obstacles, and pierces up to 4 bloons before disappearing, initially dealing 2 damage every time it hits a bloon. He is capable of popping Lead Bloons, but he cannot pop Camo Bloons or pop Purple Bloons outside of his abilities. Brambles are placed based on Obyn's targeting option; if no bloons are nearby, they will be placed randomly. On the other hand, Wall of Trees can be manually targeted and will have a default location. In addition, starting at level 4, Obyn will regularly place totems that slow down bloons randomly around nearby track within range.

Obyn Greenfoot additionally comes with sets of local-ranged buffs towards mostly Druids, with a few global-ranged buffs for exclusively higher-tier Druids. Starting at level 2, he grants all nearby Druids with +1 pierce. Levels 5 and 9 start buffing the range of Tier 3+ Path 2 Druids, and MOAB damage and projectile sizes of Tier 3+ Path 1 Druids, respectively. Starting at level 11, he grants all nearby Magic Monkeys +2 pierce and +5 range, on top of any other buffs, in turn buffing Druids to +3 pierce, instead of +2. Level 12 adds a new buff that reduces Magic Monkey ability cooldowns by 5%. Starting at level 18, his final buff allows all Druids of Wrath to immediately start with full wrath for maximum attack speed.

Obyn costs $550 on Easy, $650 on Medium, $700 on Hard, and $780 on Impoppable. If Hero Favors is enabled, he will cost $495 on Easy, $585 on Medium, $630 on Hard, $730 on Impoppable. Obyn is unlocked at level 28 in BTD6.


Obyn Greenfoot will start upgrading himself every round upon placement. He earns more XP each round to unlock his next upgrade irrespective of how many bloons he pops. His upgrades can also be immediately bought with cash, though the amount of cash required to purchase the next upgrade will typically increase as the upgrades get higher, making self-upgrading an important element for his overall power.

He levels at 1x leveling speed, like all base heroes (Quincy, Gwendolin, Striker Jones, Obyn Greenfoot) and Etienne

Level 1
COST: $550 / $650 / $700 / $780

Description: Sends wolf spirits to attack the Bloons.
Effect: Shoots wolf spirits every 1.35s that do moderate seeking. Deals 2 damage and has 4 pierce. Obyn starts with 43 range.
Level 2
COST: $180

Description: Nature's Wrath - all Druids in range get +1 pierce.
Effect: Gains the Nature's Wrath buff; all Druids within range gain +1 pierce.
Level 3
COST: $460

Description: Brambles: Creates a spiked bush on the track that can pop 50 bloons. Lasts multiple rounds if not destroyed.
Effect: Unlocks Brambles ability. When activated, creates a bramble bush on nearby track randomly, or directly based on target priority if bloons are within range. Can pop Camo but not Lead unless given support. Lasts up to 120 seconds or 6 rounds (carries over up to 5 rounds), whichever goes first. Cooldown is 30 seconds.
Level 4
COST: $1,000
UNLOCK: 1,000 XP

Description: Every 18 seconds creates a totem that slows all bloons near the totem by 30%. Less effective vs MOAB-class Bloons.
Effect: Places a Nature's Ward Totem onto nearby track randomly that slows all bloons within 32 range by 30%, or 15% against MOAB-class. Lasts up to 15 seconds. Always places on active lanes. Can place up to 5 active totems per Obyn. Can't place another totem if that limit is reached.
Level 5
COST: $1,860
UNLOCK: 1,860 XP

Description: Increased attack speed. Druids of the Jungle have increased range.
Effect: Attack cooldown for main attack reduced from 1.35s to 1.1s, for +22.7% attack speed, or 0.814x attack cooldown. All x-3-x and above Druids on screen have +40% longer attack range.
Level 6
COST: $3,280
UNLOCK: 3,280 XP

Description: Increased popping power and projectiles move faster.
Effect: Pierce of wolf spirit attack increased from 4 to 9, plus extra projectile speed.
Level 7
COST: $5,180
UNLOCK: 5,180 XP

Description: Brambles can pop 100 Bloons.
Effect: Pierce of newly placed Brambles increased from 50 to 100.
Level 8
COST: $8,320
UNLOCK: 8,320 XP

Description: Nature's ward totems slow Bloons 40%. All Druids in range get camo detection.
Effect: Nature's Ward Totems slow down bloons by 40%, 20% against MOAB-class. Obyn also gives all Druids in range a Radar Scanner buff.
Level 9
COST: $9,380
UNLOCK: 9,380 XP

Description: Obyn deals more damage. Druids of the Storm create larger storms more frequently.
Effect: Spirit wolves deal 4 damage instead of 2. All 3-x-x and above Druids on screen shoot +20% larger projectiles, including tornadoes, and the tornado attack gains +42.8% attack speed.
Level 10
COST: $13,620
UNLOCK: 13,620 XP

Description: Wall of Trees: Summons a wall of trees across the track that destroy all Bloons that enter. When full, the trees burst into money.
Effect: Unlocks Wall of Trees ability. When activated, places a forest of trees onto nearby track based on a selected point. Absorbs up to 3000 RBE, including Camo Bloons, and blimps if RBE limit is not reached, and rewards +100% income via bursted bananas once forest depletes. Can absorb Rock Bloons. Cooldown of 90 seconds.
Level 11
COST: $16,380
UNLOCK: 16,380 XP

Description: Nature's Clarity - all Magic Monkeys in range get +5 range and +2 pierce, and Druids get an additional +1 pierce.
Effect: Gains Nature's Clarity buff; all Magic Monkeys within range of Obyn receive +5 range and +2 pierce. Stacks on top of Nature's Wrath buff, which totals Druid pierce bonus to +3. Range buffs apply after all other range multipliers.
Level 12
COST: $14,400
UNLOCK: 14,400 XP

Description: Increased attack speed and Magic Monkeys cooldowns reduced by 5%.
Effect: Attack cooldown for main attack reduced from 1.1s to 0.8s, for +37.5% attack speed, or 0.727x attack cooldown. Activated abilities for all Magic Monkeys on screen reload 5% faster.
Level 13
COST: $16,650
UNLOCK: 16,650 XP

Description: Further increased popping power and projectile speed.
Effect: Pierce of wolf spirit attack increased from 9 to 14, plus even more projectile speed.
Level 14
COST: $14,940
UNLOCK: 14,940 XP

Description: Attack pops extra layers.
Effect: Spirit wolves deal 6 damage instead of 4.
Level 15
COST: $16,380
UNLOCK: 16,380 XP

Description: Nature's Ward slows Bloons by 60%, and has reduced cooldown.
Effect: Cooldown for Nature's Ward Totem reduced from 18s to 12s, and slows down bloons by 60%, or 30% against MOAB-class.
Level 16
COST: $17,820
UNLOCK: 17,820 XP

Description: Brambles pop 500 bloons each and can damage all Bloon types.
Effect: Pierce of newly placed Brambles increased from 100 to 500, and damages all bloon types.
Level 17
COST: $19,260
UNLOCK: 19,260 XP

Description: Increased attack speed.
Effect: Attack cooldown for main attack reduced from 0.8s to 0.5s, for +60% attack speed, or 0.625x attack cooldown.
Level 18
COST: $20,700
UNLOCK: 20,700 XP

Description: Improved Wrath - all Druid of Wrath pops start each round at 200.
Effect: At the start of each round, all x-x-3 and above Druids receive maximum wrath buffs. These Druids will retain this bonus until they stop attacking after making an attack.
Level 19
COST: $16,470
UNLOCK: 16,470 XP

Description: Attack pops extra layers.
Effect: Spirit wolves deal 8 damage instead of 6.
Level 20
COST: $17,280
UNLOCK: 17,280 XP

Description: Wall of Trees can hold a lot more Bloons, and has shorter cooldown.
Effect: Wall of Trees can now absorb up to 9001 RBE instead of 3000. Cooldown of Wall of Trees reduced from 90s to 75s.

Activated Abilities[]

See also: Activated Abilities (BTD6)#Obyn Greenfoot

Obyn Greenfoot has two activated abilities: Brambles (Level 3+), and Wall of Trees (Level 10+).

Brambles Ability[]


Brambles Ability

His first ability, Brambles, allows him to create a spike bush on the track that can pop a lot of bloons, lasting for up to 120s or 5 rounds, whichever comes first. Brambles use Dynamic Targeting if bloons are in range, or on Normal (like a base Spike Factory) if no bloons are within range.

Each bramble bush pops up to 50 bloons when first unlocked. Level 7-15 Brambles pop up to 100, and Level 16+ pops up to 500 and damage all bloon types.

Brambles has an ability cooldown of 30 seconds.

Wall of Trees Ability[]


Wall of Trees Ability

Wall of Trees summons a wall of trees on a specific location in his radius (defaults on Close on nearby track, can be adjusted with Manual Targeting) that destroy bloons that enter, including MOAB-class bloons and Rock Bloons. If a regular bloon will make the tree go over its capacity, the bloon will get destroyed, but if it is a MOAB-class, it will be ignored. When full, the trees burst into 10 bananas, giving +100% cash from the destroyed bloons. Holds up to 3000 RBE worth of bloons, or 9001 at level 20.

Wall of Trees has an activated ability cooldown of 90 seconds, 75 seconds if Level 20.

Leveling up[]

Level Cost / XP Cumulative   
1 Base Base
2 180 180
3 460 640
4 1000 1640
5 1860 3500
6 3280 6780
7 5180 11,960
8 8320 20,280
9 9380 29,660
10 13,620 43,280
11 16,380 59,660
12 14,400 74,060
13 16,650 90,710
14 14,940 105,650
15 16,380 122,030
16 17,820 139,850
17 19,260 159,110
18 20,700 179,810
19 16,470 196,280
20 17,280 213,560



Obyn Greenfoot is a somewhat easy hero to use, as his early-game damage helps excel the first few rounds with little trouble and his later levels make Avatar of Wrath + Poplusts strategies excel the later stages of the game. However, he has a very limited synergy with other towers, possesses generally poor DPS in the later rounds, and tends to sway heavily towards RNG. On the bright side, an Avatar of Wrath + Poplusts + Obyn + strategy is relatively easy to do on easier maps, although Sauda excels better on easier maps due to her better late-game, flexibility, and synergy potential.

In terms of best aspects to offer with Obyn, certain levels of Obyn can prove to be significant. Obyn at mid-game onward tend to fall behind on his own, but once he has reached at least Level 11 his supportive potential is enhanced to affect all Magic Monkeys in his range. In later levels, his Level 18+ benefit to all Druids of Wrath and above greatly enhances Druids. In some of his earlier levels, the increased range to Druids of the Jungle at Level 5+ are beneficial mostly for Jungle's Bounty farming, and Level 9+ storm attack speed bonuses also improve the bloon control of Druids.


  • Obyn costs barely enough to be purchasable on the first round if the game mode is set on Easy and Medium, even without "More Cash" MK to provide bonus starting cash. However, on Hard and Impoppable, the aforementioned MK is required.
  • Try utilizing some of his exclusive benefits to Druids to assist with farming with Jungle's Bounty. In combination with his own Wall of Trees, he is the only base hero to offer some option of directly making money or directly buffing the income benefit of other towers.
  • Wall of Trees is able to absorb Rock Bloons, although this has limited usefulness, as Rock Bloon RBE quickly outpaces the pierce of Wall of Trees, and do not award any cash for Wall of Trees to double.
  • Make use of his targeting priorities to specifically target bloons with his Brambles ability, as his brambles utilize Dynamic Targeting. His Dynamic Targeting for Brambles can actually backfire on multi-lane maps such as Balance, however, which limits control over where his brambles are placed.
  • Because the detectless Brambles uses the same erraticness algorithm (and hence "RNG") that Spike Factory utilizes, do not rely purely on Obyn Brambles for early Camos, particularly on multi-lane maps.
  • Level 8's Druid-specific camo detection allows for Druids to be able to suffice as reliable camo detection on most rounds beyond Round 24, particularly on Expert Maps. Druid of the Jungle is a good candidate to be used in combination with that source of camo detection. Before then, Obyn will need to rely on his Brambles and/or other forms of camo detection (e.g. 1-1-0 Sniper) to counter the earlier Camos.
    • On Advanced Maps, Obyn should naturally get at least Level 8 before Round 42.

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Obyn received many buffs in earlier versions of BTD6 due to being outclassed by other heroes in both support and damage. On Version 8.0, he received some significant buffs to his main attack damage and pierce bonus for Magic Monkeys, but later received a series of nerfs that later made him less versatile in the early mid-game, although he is still an effective early-game hero and remains the best hero option for Avatar of Wrath + Poplust strategies. Later on, he received a few buffs dedicated to making his abilities more reliable.

Version 29.0 overhauled him with buffs yet again to make him compete as a Druid-buffing expert, as well as expand specialty for Magic Monkeys and make his Wall of Trees smarter.

  • BUFF Brambles pops more bloons (20/30/100 → 50/100/500)
  • Change Wall of Trees can no longer be placed in places further from the visible entrance or exit.
  • Change Obyn's Totems are now placed on the track instead of on the land.
  • BUFF Obyn's Totems slows bloons down further (15%/25%/35% → 30%/40%/60%)
  • BUFF Obyn pops more layers (1 → 2)
  • BUFF Obyn Level 9+ pops more layers (2 → 4)
  • BUFF Obyn Level 14+ pops more layers (3 → 6)
  • BUFF Obyn Level 19+ pops more layers (4 → 8)
  • BUFF Obyn's Level 2+ Nature's Wrath gives additional pierce to Magic Monkeys (+1 → +2)
  • NERF Obyn's totems no longer act as Camo detection for 2/x/x Monkey Subs.
  • Change New Skin: Ocean Guardian
  • NERF Obyn Greenfoot's price increased ($600 → $650)
  • NERF Obyn's level 2 Nature's Wrath pierce buff reduced (+2 total pierce → +1 total pierce)
  • BUFF Obyn's level 11 now also increases Nature's Wrath pierce (+2 total pierce → +3 total pierce)
  • NERF Obyn's level 11 Nature's Clarity no longer applies range to all tower types.
  • BUFF Obyn's totems now have 0 footprint and will not interfere with placement of towers near them
  • BUFF Multiple Obyn's in co-op can now all use Wall of Trees.
  • NERF Obyn's totems slowdown effect on MOAB-class Bloons is halved (30%/40%/60% → 15%/20%/30%)
  • BUFF Level 10 Wall of Trees hitbox increased so it can overlap at intersections
  • NERF Obyn's level 2 buff of +1 pierce now only applies to Druids.
  • NERF Obyn's level 11 buff decreased for Magic Monkeys other than Druids (+3 total pierce → +2 total pierce)
  • Change New Skin: Mountain Guardian
To cut down a little on the RNG aspect of Obyn strategies, his abilities will now be able to target Bloons in the same fashion as Gwendolin's Cocktail, and only place randomly while none are within radius (yay!).
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Obyn's level 3 Brambles will now target Bloons in radius unless there is none
  • BUFF Obyn's level 10 Wall of Trees will now target Bloons in radius unless there is none
As a 'druid buffing' hero, Obyn has in actuality been a bottom path druid buffing hero, so we've tweaked a couple extra levels to give more path specific bonuses to other druid paths that weren't benefiting as much from his wizened presence, regardless of whether your Obyn says "Fries" or "Clive". Also since we worked out how to do more advanced targeting for the engineer anyway, this has been applied to Wall of Trees too. We considered brambles as well but prefer the early game variety, didn't want brambles and WoT to appear at the same spot, and didn't want to overcomplicate with 2 targeted placements, and WoT is clearly the more important.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Level 5+ Obyn: All Druid of the Jungles and above gain +20% increased range
  • BUFF Level 9+ Obyn: All Druid of the Storm and above gain a +20% projectile radius bonus
  • BUFF Level 9+ Obyn: All Druid of the Storms gain +1 MOAB damage
  • Change Level 10+ Obyn: Wall of Trees now gains a Set Target option
  • BUFF Level 10+ Obyn: Wall of Trees defaults to Close until position changes with Set Target
  • BUFF Level 12+ Obyn: All Magic Monkey abilities cooldown 5% faster
Obyn’s Wall of Trees increase at level 20 feels like it can be a bit more of an increase, to assist him in his cleanup duty of end game super ceramics more effectively.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Level 20 Obyn Wall of Trees total RBE increased 5000 → 9001.
While powerful, Obyn's Totem can be quite unreliable so we're reducing that inconsistency by allowing more totems to exist at one time and preventing them targeting inactive lanes. Previously Obyn attempted to help Tornadoes against MOABs with a damage bonus, as we've now decided the best way to make them better against MOABs is simply to not target them this buff no longer serves a purpose, so it is instead being replaced with a rate buff to Tornadoes. Finally as Wall of Trees is one of the longer cooldowns in the game and lacks as much of a punch as other hero abilities we're buffing that cooldown a fair amount with the level 20 upgrade.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Obyn's Nature's Ward Totem max number summoned increased from 1 to 5
  • BUFF Obyn's Nature's Ward Totem will now only target paths with active Bloons
  • NERF Level 9+ Obyn no longer grants +1 MOAB-class damage to tornadoes
  • BUFF Level 9+ Obyn now reduces Tornado attack cooldown by 30%
  • BUFF Level 20 Wall of Trees cooldown reduced from 90s to 75s
Playing on ‘growth’ with his nature theme we’re allowing Obyn to sustain a long-lasting army of Brambles across multiple rounds, and we are doubling Obyn’s buff to Jungle Druid range to hopefully make it significant enough to enable druids much more power for a mid-late farming setup.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Level 3 Obyn's Brambles cooldown reduced from 35s to 30s
  • BUFF Level 3 Obyn's Brambles round carry-over duration increased from 1 to 5
  • BUFF Level 5 Obyn's range buff for x-3+-x Druids increased from +20% to +40%
Obyn isn’t necessarily the best support for every type of Druid to reach its highest DPS, but with his more easy reliable design it feels appropriate for him to solve Druid’s biggest weaknesses in a more laid back approach.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Level 8+ Obyn Greenfoot's "Nature’s Wrath" buff now additionally grants camo detection to Druids in radius

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

  • Change Changed Level 9 description from "Attack pops extra layers. Druids of the Storm have larger storms that deal more damage to MOABs." to "Obyn deals more damage. Druids of the Storm create larger storms more frequently."
  • Change Changed Level 20 description to add ", and has shorter cooldown" to the end beside the period.
  • Change Added "Lasts multiple rounds if not destroyed." to the end of Level 3 description.
  • Change Added "All Druids in range get Camo detection." to the end of Level 8 description


Obyn Greenfoot has different cosmetics that can be bought to add visual flair to him. These are purely visual and do not influence how he performs in-game. Hero Skins for Obyn Greenfoot are available once he is unlocked.


Obyn Greenfoot has two additional skins that can be bought for a one-off purchase of BloonjaminsIcon2500 each. The first one, Ocean Guardian, transforms Obyn Greenfoot into the guardian of the oceans, featuring a cyan color scheme, oceanic them. The second one, Mountain Guardian, transforms Obyn Greenfoot into a guardian of the mountains.

Image Skin Description Added
ObynGreenFootPortrait Original Obyn Greenfoot Commanding powers of nature, Obyn can shoot through solid obstacles with his spirit wolf attack. 1.0
OceanObynPortrait Ocean Guardian Obyn We came from the Oceans, and we shall return to the Oceans. 10.0
MountainObynPortraitsLvl1 Mountain Guardian Obyn The spirits of the Mountain awaken. 22.0


Obyn Ghost Wolf Pet
  • Description: The spirits of the forest are always awake with Obyn's enchanting ghost wolf pup nearby. Original Obyn only
  • Added: 20.0
  • Additional notes:
    • Short name: Obyn Ghost Wolf
    • Adds a ghost wolf pup around nearby Obyn. He will howl from time to time. Only for default Obyn.
  • Trophies: Trophies 100
Obyn Bunny Pet
  • Description: This cute little bunny is one of Obyn's best friends. Original Obyn only. Limited Time Collector's Item!
  • Added: 24.0
  • Additional notes:
    • Short name: Obyn Bunny Pet
    • Limited to Easter 2021 and later
    • Adds a yellow bunny. Purchases limited to the Easter season. Default Obyn only.
  • Trophies: Trophies 75
Mountain Obyn Balfrog Pet
  • Description: Hailing from dark mines under misty mountains, this little frog really lights up any conversation with a burning desire to be your one true flame. Mountain Obyn only.
  • Added: 32.0
  • Additional notes:
    • Short name: Balfrog Pet
    • When given to Mountain Obyn, he has a lava frog.
  • Trophies: Trophies 110

Profile Pictures[]

Custom Avatar - Obyn's Eggs
  • Description: Protect these precious eggs with Obyn. Limited Time Collector's Item!
  • Added: 24.0
  • Additional notes:
    • Short name: Obyn's Eggs Avatar
    • Limited to Easter 2021 and later
    • Features Obyn with Easter eggs
  • Trophies: Trophies 10

Co-Op Emotes[]

Obyn Peace Emote
  • Description: Your choice - offer a zen greeting, get others to ease up on Player 3, or apologize goofing your activated. Obyn Peace is the answer. Limited Time Collector's Item!
  • Added: 30.0
  • Additional notes:
    • Short name: Obyn Peace
    • Limited to Easter 2022 and later
    • This emote depicts Obyn is in love with lots of flowers around him.
  • Trophies: Trophies 50

Profile Pictures[]

Spirit Wolf Profile Banner
  • Description: Awaken the spirits with the Obyn Wolf custom profile banner
  • Added: 27.0
  • Additional notes:
    • Short name: Spirit Wolf Banner
    • Features wolf spirits
  • Trophies: Trophies 150

In-Game Quotes[]

Original Obyn[]

When selected on the Heroes menu:

When placed on the map:

When selecting him:

When leveling up:

When MOAB Class Bloons appear:

When MOAB-class bloons are popped by him:

When activating abilities:

When leaking a bloon:

Ocean Guardian Obyn[]

When selected on the Heroes Menu:

When Placed:

When Selected:

When Leveling Up:

When MOAB Class Bloons Appear:

When MOAB-Class Bloons are popped:

When Activating Abilities:

When Bloons Leak:

Mountain Guardian Obyn[]

When Selected on Heroes Menu:

When Placed:

When Selected:

When Leveling Up:

When MOAB Class Bloons Appear:

When MOAB-Class Bloons are popped:

When Activating Abilities:

When Bloons Leak:


Other sound effects related to Obyn Greenfoot that are not specifically his voicelines are shown here.

When placing Brambles:

When placing a Nature's Ward Totem:

When placing a new Wall of Trees:

When Wall of Trees is deactivated or explodes:


See the Gallery Section!

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Balance changes[]

  • Strangely, when BTD6 was first launched, Obyn was the only Hero who did not say anything when M.O.A.B. Class Bloons appeared or were popped, or when Bloons escaped.
    • In Version 2.0, he received voice lines when MOAB-class Bloons appeared and when Bloons escaped.
    • In Version 10.0, he received voice lines for when MOAB-class Bloons were destroyed.
  • Before the 2.0 update, Brambles only popped just 20/30/100 bloons and dissolved much quicker. The community usually considered the old ability as one of the most underpowered abilities.
  • In older versions of the game, Brambles at Level 16+ actually do pop bloons of any type although not stated explicitly, but Obyn Level 16's description has since been clarified in later versions, and is confirmed since Version 18.0.
  • There was a bug in Version 18.0 where Obyn Greenfoot with the Ocean Guardian skin doesn't say Brambles quotes. In Version 18.1, this was partially fixed, because he will only say the Brambles quote upon first activation, but every other activation he will just stay mute. It has since been fixed in a few updates later.

Blog posts[]

See Obyn Greenfoot#Blog posts

Cultural references[]

For a list of cultural references not specific to this hero in the game Bloons TD 6, see Obyn Greenfoot#Cultural references
  • In version 34.0, Obyn's Wall of Trees RBE absorption was buffed to 9001, rather than 9000, referencing the "It's over 9000!" meme.