This article is about the Bloons Adventure Time TD difficulty. For other similarly named game difficulties, see Medium Difficulty and Medium Difficulty (BMC).

Normal Difficulty is a difficulty in Bloons Adventure Time TD. There are 30 rounds to beat, and upon completing rewards a Bronze Medal and a Bronze Chest. Getting all Bronze Medals in an adventure awards a Bronze Adventure Chest.

Normal Difficulty is the easiest type of difficulty for any given map. For almost all maps, there are no difficulty modifiers, with some exceptions being Candy Graveyard (containing Zombie Bloons) and certain special events (such as Hall-Ooo-Ween event, containing Ghost Bloons). In addition to this, the maximum bloon type that will appear for most maps is Zebra and Lead, with only two exceptions: Candy Throne Room's highest bloon type is Pink due to only having 10 rounds, while Enchiridion's highest bloon type is Black (?) due to only having 12 rounds.

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