Non-Stop (Auto Round Start in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile) is a "speed option" that debuted in Bloons Monkey City and was later released for Bloons TD 5 Mobile. Unlike Apopalypse Mode and Monkey vs. Monkey, all bloons in a round have to be popped before the next round can automatically commence, so it is actually a nerfed version of it. An example includes the fact that Road Spikes and deployed spikes from the Spike Factory will disappear at each of the end of the round.

Bloons Monkey CityEdit


The new Non-Stop button


The old non-stop button.

Non-stop in Bloons Monkey City was originally a extension of the fast forward button which made rounds both a little faster and non-stop. This is still in effect for Bloons Monkey City Mobile.

It is now a little box next to the "Go" button that, when ticked, rounds go non-stop, and when not, rounds go normally. This is better because you can go non-stop at normal speed. There is currently no hotkey to tick the box.

Bloons TD 5 MobileEdit

Auto round start ipad

The message seen when turning on the auto round start option for the first time in Bloons TD 5 Mobile.

The option to turn on the non-stop in Bloons TD 5 Mobile can be found by opening the settings menu by tapping the gear icon on the bottom right.

Bloons TD 6Edit

The option variant returns from Bloons TD 5 in a heavily similar fashion. However if you are selecting a tower, the sub-menu for the tower will not go away unlike in past games except for Bloons Monkey City.

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