No Ceiling is the third level of Even More Bloons.


To complete this level, all you have to do is pop the bloons normally, but it is not recommended to pop the bloons that are above the Helium Bloons, because if they were popped, the Helium Bloons would fly off the screen, making it impossible to pop afterwards, unless if you restart the level. However, there is at least a chance of being able to pop them for a few seconds, so while they are floating, pop as many as you can as soon as possible. If you have leftover bloons, just pop them normally without worrying, but keep an eye on the dart count, though.


  • Despite its name, almost all of the levels in the entire franchise do not include ceilings.
    • However, it is based on a 8X8 square with some Helium Bloons on it. They can escape and then fly off the screen, and there is nothing to stop them (as the name suggests: no ceiling). Popping 58 bloons results in the completion of the level.
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