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I come from the shadows
~ Quote from Ninja Monkey
Ninja hang

Ninja Monkey hanging around

Ninja Monkey is a monkey that appears in Bloons Pop!. Once released, the Ninja Monkey moves around and will try to find a bloon to hit. Once it contacts a bloon, it will immediately pop the bloon and sweep around to random bloons on screen for up to 5 (?) times, dealing 2 damage per hit and another 2 damage upon moving to a new location. It can pop Camo Bloons but cannot affect Leads and does poorly versus Ceramics. Ninja Monkey is unlocked at Level 10.


The accuracy of the Ninja Monkey means it can reliably catch bloons that are scattered around on the screen. Use Ninja Monkey whenever there are few scattered bloons on screen, for the best results.

This is notably one of the most powerful towers for the golden bloon minigame at the end of a level.

Merging two Ninja Monkeys to form a Mega Ninja Monkey is more effective against bloon groups, on the other hand, but consumes only one move when using a Mega Ninja instead of two separate Ninjas.


  • Having a Ninja Monkey target a specific Shielded Bloon will both break the shield and deal 2 damage to that bloon. This is because this counts as two hits on the same bloon.
  • Ninja Monkey can have a bit of RNG involved, but careful targeting should help make it target more of the favorable targets.


When releasing Ninja Monkey:

When Ninja Monkey dashes:


  • Ninja Monkey's attack is based on the Crouching Monkey epic ability from Bloons Super Monkey 2 and Bloons Supermonkey 2 Mobile, albeit moving much slower due to Bloons Pop! being a puzzle game, rather than a fast-paced action game.