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Ninja Kiwi Europe, formerly Digital Goldfish Ltd is the publisher/developer of these smartphone and tablet games:

These iPhone / iPod Touch games:

These iPad games:

These PSN games:

These DSi games:

Established in 2005, Digital Goldfish is an independent games development studio, formed to create original content for mobile platforms. Based at the heart of games development in Dundee, Scotland, the company is determined to provide only the highest quality games across iPhone, iPod Touch, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, and mobile J2ME platforms. With an ever-expanding portfolio of original IP and licensed content, combined with a network of key relationships with publishing partners and other development studios, the team is perfectly positioned to fully take advantage of the rapid growth of the handheld market. In 12 November 2012, Ninja Kiwi had acquired the company for an undisclosed sum, and renamed the company as Ninja Kiwi Europe. [1]

Company Info[]

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Digital Goldfish


Digital Goldfish Ltd
Lothian House
31 South Tay Street


+44(0)1382 526400

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Loading Screens[]

Note that only games they worked on as Digital Goldfish have their loading screen. By the time of Bloons TD 5 Mobile, their separate logo would not show up, as they have been renamed to Ninja Kiwi Europe.

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