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The Bloons are using decorpsinator serum to terrorize the Candy Kingdom.
~ Adventure description

Necro Candy is an adventure in Bloons Adventure Time TD, located in the Candy Kingdom. It requires the adventure Winter is Coming to be completed on any difficulty. It is represented by Starchy the gravedigger sitting on a gravestone with a shovel in his hand. It contains 3 maps: Candy Fountain, Candy Forest, and Candy Graveyard. Completing this adventure on Hard Difficulty only will unlock Warrior Bubblegum.


These are rewarded upon completing Candy Fountain, Candy Forest, and Candy Graveyard on their respective difficulties.

  • Normal: TBA
  • Hard: TBA
  • Extreme: TBA
  • Impoppable: TBA


There is no intro or outro for this adventure.


  • TBA