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Monkey Buccaneer and Monkey Sub get +1 pierce per shot.
~ BTD6 description

Naval Upgrades' Icon

Naval Upgrades is an upgrade in the Military Monkey Knowledge Tree, first released on initial release. It increases the pierce of all Monkey Subs and Monkey Buccaneers by +1. It does not have a prerequisite Monkey Knowledge requirement.


  • This is very helpful for Grape Shot, as it now increases the pierce amount to 2 per grape, adding much more reliability to the Buccaneer's grouped popping power.
  • The +1 pierce to base Monkey Sub makes the Monkey Sub more reliable for the early-game in many scenarios, especially versus multiple spaced bloons.
  • Airburst Darts also gain +1 pierce per dart, making them more reliable early-game grouped popping power.



  • Adding Naval Tactics essentially restores original pierce for Monkey Buccaneer's dart and grape attacks, 5 pierce and 2 pierce respectively.