NK Coins (Ninja Kiwi Coins) are the currency used by Ninja Kiwi that you purchase with real-world money or earn by doing tasks. They are used in Ninja Kiwi games to purchase premium upgrades, or simply more in-game currency. They are used in Bloons TD Battles to buy Medallions and to increase Battle Energy, or used in Bloons TD 4 and Bloons TD 5 to purchase upgrades such as Healthy Bananas.

Up to 120 free NK Coins may be earned in the Wheel of Fate, which is available every time the player earns enough Awesome Points.

The exchange for NK coins are as following. Keep in mind this is up to date as of April 26th, 2012. This info was also taken right out of the Ninja Kiwi Buy Coins page.

  • $5.00 = CoinsIcon50
  • $10.00 = CoinsIcon105 (+5%)
  • $20.00 = CoinsIcon220 (+10%)
  • $50.00 = CoinsIcon575 (+15%)
  • $100.00 = CoinsIcon1,200 (+20%)
  • $200.00 = CoinsIcon2,500 (+25%)

More money paid results in more bonus coins rewarded. Also, MochiGames no longer uses MochiCoins; they can be traded in for Ninja Kiwi coins at the exchange rate of 80 MochiCoins to CoinsIcon1.

As of March 21st 2014, users are no longer able to earn free NK Coins (except through the wheel of fate) after admins shut it down due to a mishap as well as an odd complaint that has occured. The wheel of fate(aka the level spin) can actually give you between CoinsIcon10 up to CoinsIcon120. The coins are not nessecesary but is very helpful.


You may be able to use nk coins to test out upgrades in bloons td 5 such as healthy bananas, and afterwards, get your coins back! How you do it is start playing bloons td 5, and disconnect from your internet connection, and then buy some upgrades from the premium store. Note that you must have enough money to buy the upgrades. Once you are done trying it, refresh your browser and you will have all your nk coins back, and no upgrades. Very useful for testing out upgrades. 

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