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NK Coins (short for Ninja Kiwi Coins) is the currency used by Ninja Kiwi that you purchase with real-world money or earn by doing tasks. They are used in Ninja Kiwi games to purchase premium upgrades, or simply more in-game currency. They are used in Bloons TD Battles Flash to buy Medallions and to increase Battle Energy, used in Bloons TD 4 and Bloons TD 5 Flash to purchase Premium Upgrades such as Healthy Bananas, or in Bloons Monkey City Flash to purchase premium buildings.

The exchange for NK coins is as following. Keep in mind this is up to date as of April 19th, 2021. This info was also taken right out of the Ninja Kiwi Archives Store (the Ninja Kiwi Buy Coins page no longer works as of January 1st, 2021). Note that the following is costing in US Dollars.

Cost (in USD) NK Coins Bonus Coins/USD (rounded down)
$1.99 CoinsIcon50 (+0%) 25.125
$3.99 CoinsIcon105 (+5%) 26.315
$9.99 CoinsIcon220 (+10%) 22.002
$24.99 CoinsIcon575 (+15%) 23.009
$49.99 CoinsIcon1,200 (+20%) 24.004
$99.99 CoinsIcon2,500 (+25%) 25.002

The price of Ninja Kiwi Coins has presumably been permanently lowered after 2021 as a result of the Adobe Flash Player being unsupported. Strangely, despite there being a label on the most expensive option indicating "Best Value", the highest value of NK Coins per US Dollar is actually the $3.99 USD option (26.25 NK/USD) rather than 22 NK/USD for the other option.

Prior to the change, the amounts of NK Coins costed as follows:

Cost (in USD) NK Coins Bonus Coins/USD (rounded down)
$5.00 CoinsIcon50 (+0%) 10
$10.00 CoinsIcon105 (+5%) 10.5
$20.00 CoinsIcon220 (+10%) 11
$50.00 CoinsIcon575 (+15%) 11.5
$100.00 CoinsIcon1,200 (+20%) 12
$200.00 CoinsIcon2,500 (+25%) 12.5

More money paid results in more bonus coins rewarded. Also, MochiGames no longer uses MochiCoins; they can be traded in for Ninja Kiwi coins at the exchange rate of 80 MochiCoins to CoinsIcon1.

As of March 21st, 2014, users are no longer able to earn free NK Coins (except through the Wheel of Fate) after admins shut it down due to a mishap, scam, viruses, phishing, and as well as an odd complaint that has occurred. The Wheel of Fate (aka the level spin) gives between CoinsIcon10 andCoinsIcon120.

As of December 13th, 2020, users were no longer able to purchase NK coins with real life money, to prepare for the Adobe Flash end of life event in January 11th, 2021. Users can still earn NK coins by the wheel of fate. You can read the Ninja Kiwi Flash End of Life article here. But in mid-March 2021, at least reportedly certainly does so as of March 18th 2021, they are purchasable again, because Ninja Kiwi has managed to allow all of their Flash games to operate in a stable, playable state again.

Additionally, the Wheel of Fate was discontinued after the beginning of 2021 due to the Flash unsupport, and there are no plans to add it into the Ninja Kiwi Archive.

Ninja Kiwi Coins are no longer purchasable after Ninja Kiwi discontinued online Ninja Kiwi accounts for their Flash games in August 2022.