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Mystery Doors is the first track under the adventure Wizard Battle.


Mystery Doors BATTD paths.jpg

The routes the bloons take in this map are complicated, and the description will reference the diagram to the left. All paths exit via an arch on the right side of the map under a scoreboard. Regular bloons spawn in a vastly different manner to MOAB-Class Bloons.

Regular bloons spawn in one of three paths (marked red, blue, and green) that are used in a 3-round cycle, starting with the red path on round 1. On round 2, bloons will use the blue path, and on round 3 they will instead use the green path. After this, the bloons spawn again on the red path to repeat the cycle. Each of these three paths begin at one of three gates on the top wall of the arena.

MOAB-Class Bloons will always travel along the path marked in black on any round in which they spawn. They spawn through the entrance on the left side of the map, under the left scoreboard.




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