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Uncover riches and pop bloons at the same time! Melee attacks get extra cash per pop!
~ BATTD description

The Mystery Cave Pick is a Super Rare Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It can be equipped by Jake, Finn, Dungeon Finn, Marceline and Warrior Bubblegum.




An item that should have been a weaker version of the Epic trinket Banana Replicator for melee characters, with less gamebreaking potential in cash generation, used to not let your melee characters earn less than double cash. Unfortunately, it currently has a glitch that makes it earn $1 for every melee attack, making it an even worse version of the Rare trinket Thief King's Dagger and giving only 1 pierce to compensate for its troubles, which is not enough.

Until this bug is fixed, the Mystery Cave Pick is inefficient. See Thief King's Dagger instead, it currenrtly works like bug makes this items work, but gives double the cash, even though it doesn't give pierce, it's better. Still, this can be used in combination with it, to make $3 for each attack.


  • The Mystery Cave Pick seems to be a reference to "Diamonds and Lemons", an Adventure Time-Minecraft spin off episode. The pickaxe is one of the most recognizable tools used in Minecraft series to mine ores.