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Monkey Buccaneer flanking, attacking two darts from each side. This is an example of Multiple Targeting.

Multiple Targeting (also referred as Multi-Targeting) is an attack style characterized by having multiple of the same type of attack. This style can be independent (e.g. Robo Monkey) or dependent on another of the same application of the attack (e.g. Buccaneer's simultaneous 180° flanking with its main attacks). It is part of the damage types family.

Multiple Targeting is represented on Bloons Wiki as Multiple Targeting (unspecified variants and style of multiple targeting), the upgrade icon for Robo Monkey in Bloons TD 6, which depicts a pair of technologically advanced guns. It is distinct from Spray Spray (unspecified quantity and quality) and its subsets because they consume Alch buff per-shots based on the multiplicative product of the attacks rather than from each shot with multiple projectiles, at least if these attacks come from the main tower and do not come from its sub-towers (Alch buffs cannot affect sub-towers). Additionally, Multiple Targeting can have independent targeting for multiple projectiles, but Spray Spray (unspecified quantity and quality) and its subsets rely on where the initial attack aims at to determine where the multiple projectiles move. This is also why Robo Monkeys consume Alch buffs twice as fast as non-Robo Super Monkeys.

Note that creating multiple projectiles and each of them hitting a different target is not necessarily considered Multiple Targeting. As in the case, the Tower originally aimed at a target and the first projectile popped it, thereby causing all other projectiles to choose a different bloon to target. But that one tower still only targeted one originally.

Typical examples of Multiple Targeting are the BTD6 Robo Monkey, BTD6 Monkey Buccaneer. Other examples of this include Aircraft Carrier and Comanche Defense, which both utilize multiple permanent sub-towers as part of their respective attacks.

Most attacks require an upgrade to have the attack style Multiple Targeting. BTD6 Monkey Buccaneer is unique in that it automatically has this by default, except dependent on whether or not its back cannon can hit the bloons.

List of Towers with Multiple Targeting[]