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==Upgrades (BTD6) (unreleased)==
{{spoiler1|Mortar Monkey upgrades (BTD6)}}
Path 1:
*Bigger Blast: Bigger shells deliver a bigger blast radius.
*Bloon Buster: Smash through 2 layers of Bloons at once!
*Shockwave: Each blast creates a shockwave that stuns Bloons at impact point and pops Bloons further out.
*The Big One Devastating explosions pop 5 layers of Bloon.
*The Biggest One: Smashes through 10 layers of Bloon over a huge area.
Path 2:
*Mortar Faster Reload: Increases the attack speed of the Mortar.
*Mortar Rapid Reload: Even faster reload.
*Heavy Shell: Heavy shells do extra damage to Ceramic, Lead and all Fortified Bloons. Can also pop Black Bloons.
*Artillery Battery: Artillery battery has 3 barrels for triple the pain.
*Pop and Awe: "Pop and Awe ability: Rains explosions over the whole screen, popping and immobilizing all Bloons for a few seconds."
Path 3:
*Increased Accuracy: Makes the shots more accurate.
*Burny Stuff: Sets Bloons on fire with each hit.
*Signal Flare: Camo Bloons popped by flares lose their camouflage permanently.
*Shattering Shells: All special Bloon properties are destroyed off each Bloon struck by the shattering shells.
*Blooncineration: Superhot burny stuff burns through 5 layers of Bloon each time, and can also burn up MOAB-Class Bloons.

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Mortar Tower.png
Targets a specific bit of ground anywhere on the screen. Launches explosive mortar shells to that spot. Useful for placing far away from the track to make room for other towers.
~ Bloons TD 5 Description
Targets a specific area of ground over any distance with an explosive attack.
~ Bloons TD 4 Description

Mortar Tower is a tower operated by a monkey that attacks slowly by shooting mortar shells at a pre-selected target on the map. It is one of the few towers with infinite attack range. Its target area can be selected by first clicking on the Mortar Tower before clicking on any area on the map you want it to attack. On the Mobile/Steam version, the target can be re-aimed by tapping the tower once, tapping TARGET and then tapping where you want it to aim. It will continue to attack the selected target area every 4-5 seconds.

This tower is effective at bombarding the beginning area to thin out bloons and also when shooting at areas such as U-shaped tracks and in between two close tracks due to its area effect. Once it has its Bloon Buster upgrade, it can destroy two layers of bloons, although it is still ineffective against Black Bloons and Zebra Bloons until it is upgraded to The Big One or Burny Stuff.

Upgrades (Bloons TD 4)


Easy Medium Hard

Tower Cost

$700 $825 $890

Greater Accuracy
Increases the mortar's accuracy.

$170 $200 $215

Rapid Reload
Increases the mortar's firing rate.

$170 $200 $215

Bloon Buster
Smashes through 2 layers of bloons.

$680 $800 $865

Mortar Battery
Triple the pain.

$1700 $2000 $2160

Total Sell Amount

$2736 $3220 $3472

Total Cost

$3420 $4025 $4345

Upgrades (Bloons TD 5)

Tower Cost:

  • Easy $640
  • Medium $750
  • Hard $810
  • Impoppable (iOS only) $900


Path 1


Easy Medium Hard Impoppable

Increased Accuracy
Makes your mortar shots more accurate. (Reticle becomes 60% smaller)

$170 $200 $215 $240Increased Accuracy.png

Bigger Blast
Heavy ordinance(sic) delivers a bigger explosion radius. (Explosions are bigger) Pierce increase from 40 to 50.

$510 $600 $650 $720Bigger Blast.png

Bloon Buster
Bloon Buster Mortars smash through 2 layers of bloons at once! (Breaks through 2 layers at once. Cannot damage Black/Zebra Bloons)

$680 $800 $865 $960Bloon Buster.png

The Big One
Devastatingly large explosions, and each pops through 5 layers of bloon. (Can pop black and zebra bloons) Pierce increase from 50 to 100.

$8500 $10000 $10800 $12000The Big One.png
Total Sell Amount $8432 $9879 $10716 $11856 ($12576 with path 2 upgrades)
Total Cost $10500 $11600 $13395 $14820 ($15720 with path 2 upgrades)

Path 2


Easy Medium Hard Impoppable

Rapid Reload
Increases the attack speed of the Mortar. (Reloads faster)

$215 $250 $270 $300Rapid Reload.png

Burny Stuff
A touch of Monkey napalm pops additional bloons every 2 seconds after impact for 6 seconds. (The fire will burn black/zebra bloons, making this upgrade very useful)

$425 $500 $540 $600Burny Stuff.png

Signal Flare
Camo Bloons popped by the tower permanently lose their camo status, and can be attacked by towers without camo detection. (Can remove the Camo Status from Camo Bloons. Does remove the Camo Status from DDTs, though the appearance stays the same)

$425 $500 $540 $600Signal Flare.png

Artillery Battery
Shoots mortar shells 3x as fast.
Pop And Awe Ability: bombards the screen for 5 seconds, popping every bloon 1 time per second, and immobilizes all bloons during that time. Does not affect MOAB-class bloons. (Can stun MOAB Class bloons, but cannot be harmed)

$7650 $9000 $9720 $10800Artillery Battery.png
Total Sell Amount $7484 $8800 $9504 $10560 ($11328 with path 1 upgrades)
Total Cost $9355 $11000 $11880 $13200 ($14160 with path 1 upgrades)


  • In BTD5, you can hold the mouse on set target, which will make the mortar do shots whenever you hold the mouse!

Differences Between BTD5 Flash and BTD5 Mobile

Explosions are generally nerfed in mobile, and like the Bomb Tower the Mortar Tower is no exception to this.

Nerf Explosions from the Mortar Tower are smaller.

Nerf If a 3/x Mortar Tower attacks a Rainbow Bloon, it will not be popped down to Black and White Bloons. This happens even if the tower is under the influence of an x/3 Monkey Village.

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)

Previously, the Mortar Tower was not a popular tower. This was because compared to its flash counterpart, the Mortar Tower had a much smaller blast radius, which drastically hurt its reliability. Over the years, however, it has gained popularity through a set of buffs, particularly with Version 4.1's update, and has now become part of the meta. Even with a somewhat major nerf in Version 4.6, it still remains as one of many popular towers in the game. Popular loadouts include Ninja Farm Mortar, Tack Farm Mortar, and Bomb COBRA Mortar.

Initial Release

Nerf Artillery Battery's Pop and Awe ability cannot damage or stun MOAB-class Bloons.


Buff Bigger Blast radius size increased.

Buff Bloon Buster price decreased ($800 → $650).

Nerf Signal Flare price increased ($500 → $700).


Buff Artillery Battery's Pop and Awe ability now damages and stuns MOAB-class Bloons, causing them to receive 5 seconds of burning damage and stunning MOABs for 5 seconds, BFBs for 2 seconds, and ZOMGs for 0.5 seconds.


Buff Signal Flare price decreased ($700 → $550).


Buff Bigger Blast price decreased ($600 → $400).

Buff The Big One price decreased ($10000 → $6000).

Buff Artillery Battery price decreased ($9000 → $7000).

Buff Blast radius size increased by 15% (Both 0/0 and 2/0).


Nerf The Big One price increased ($6000 → $7500).


Nerf Signal Flare price increased ($550 → $750).

Nerf Artillery Battery price increased ($7000 → $8000).


Mortar Tower in Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion

  • The monkey next to the Mortar Tower when you upgrade to Bloon Buster and The Big One wears the same clothes as the Glue Striker and Glue Hose.
  • After upgrading to Bigger Blast, the explosion will not be heard.
  • In the towers fountain on the main menu, the picture of the Mortar Tower doesn't have smoke coming out of its cannon, but if you click it, the big picture has smoke coming out of its cannon.
  • In Bloons TD 4 this tower can detect camo bloons without upgrades. In BTD5, it won't be able to detect camo bloons without Signal Flare.
  • This is one of the three towers that can remove Camo status, with the other two being the Monkey Engineer and Monkey Sub.
  • Even with the bigger blast upgrade, sometimes the explosions won't be bigger. That's because the explosion reaches its popping limit before the animation ends.
  • The artwork of an unupgraded Mortar Tower and one with Signal Flare both show the monkey with his fingers in his ears.
  • Bloons with monkey napalm can be frozen and the flame still pops while they are frozen.
  • A 2/4 Mortar Tower under the influence of its specialty building fully upgraded can stun nearly every non-M.O.A.B. Class Bloon.
  • Due to the slow-mo in Battles, it is possible to stall MOAB class bloons forever by activating the ability as fast as possible.
  • The monkey with closed ears is the same in defense mode image in BTD Battles
  • In Bloons TD 5, on Co-op mode, you can aim it to be set to pop bloons on your ally's side.
  • Although it says that the Pop and Awe ability doesn't affect MOAB class bloons, It does stun them for a short amount of time.
  • Mortar Tower is much like the Dartling Gun as it shoots where the player wants it to, however unlike the Dartling Gun, it is not directly controlled by the player.
  • Oddly in BTD4, when upgraded to Bloon Buster, the Mortar Tower and the Monkey's helmet becomes red. When upgraded to Mortar Battery the monkey disappears and the 3 Mortars turn back into green. In Mortar Battery, the Bloon Buster upgrade is not suppressed.
  • In BTD5 mobile, with a tier 4 specialty building, the mortar can be prioritized to first, last, close, or strong like any other BTD tower.
    Mortar footprint.png
    Mortar footprint2.png
    Mortar runway.png
  • The Mortar Tower is one of only 2 towers to have its BTD4 3rd and 4th upgrades to be in completely separate paths in BTD5. A player could have Bloon Buster or Artillery Battery in BTD5, but not both. It shares this trait with the Tack Shooter.
  • The Mortar tower in BTD4 takes up much less space when placing it than in BTD5.
  • The Gundam.jr is almost same action and color as this.
    • Also, Gundam.jr's age is 17,the tower will unlocked at Rank 17.
  • In BTD5 and BMC, its footprint its the shape of its barrel before the tower have been placed.
    • This shows that the mortar in BTD5 only takes up the lower half of the space of the big square..
  • It could aim following mouse by clicking on the tower twice and hold to aim anywhere the mouse is. But this has been patched.
  • The Big One explosion sound is slightly different and has larger boom sound (not louder).
  • The circle in the middle of all "target circles" of the Mortar Tower represents the whole possible areas where the center of the explosion may hit. It may hit closer to or further away from the complete target center, but will not stray away from the target circle in the center. The Increased Accuracy upgrade allows the "target circle" to be smaller and therefore stay shooting around the center of the target.
  • Strangely in the flash version of BMC, it faces at the right side when you try placing it and same applies with the Dartling Gun in BMC Mobile.
  • In BMC, the tower is named Mortar Monkey.
  • In BTD5, the tower will try to pop Camo Bloons by aiming at the Camo Bloons, but in BMC it doesn't until it's upgraded to Signal Flare.
  • This tower is one of the 4 towers that were not reinstated in BTD 6. The other 3 are the Bloonchipper, Dartling Gun and Engineer.
  • Unused coding for the Mortar Monkey's upgrades are found in the Bloons Tower Defense 6 code.