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Just give me a target
~ Quote from Mortar Monkey
Mortar bloons pop

Mortar Monkey ready to make an attack

Mortar Monkey is a monkey that appears in Bloons Pop!. It can be targeted anywhere on screen to unleash an explosion at that point that deals up to 3 damage and slightly shocks all affected bloons. The explosion will deal less damage the further away the explosion radius is. It can pop everything other than blacks and zebras, and is effective for cracking open Powerups further down the screen. Mortar Monkey is unlocked at Level 17 (?).


Mortar Monkeys provide an aimable blast, which helps considering that the Bomb Shooter can struggle at blast damage on map scenarios where there is a lack of a basin-like bloon formation on the screen. Mortar Monkeys can on-demand make this happen and also deal with grouped bloons well. Mortar Monkeys also stun affected bloons, allowing for a stun of a particular region to force the screen to go upwards if all other affected bloons in the row are affected. However, Mortar Monkey explosions will not have the benefit of bouncy explosions as Bomb Shooters will have.

Merging two Mortar Monkeys to form a Mega Mortar Monkey. Mega Mortar Monkey creates an explosion of the same blast radius but also burns bloons hit by the blast, decamos bloons hit directly by the blast, spreads fire widely. Only one move is consumed when using a Mega Mortar instead of using two moves to use two separate Mortars.


  • Mortar Monkey's quote "Just give me a target" is exactly like one of two BTD6 Quincy's placement quotes.