Mortar Emplacement

Mortar Emplacement is a Specialty Building for the Mortar Tower added in an update to Bloons Tower Defense 5 on the 21st of June, 2012. It costs Monkey Dollar750 to purchase initially and it increases the cost of Dartling Gun by 5%.

Bloons TD 5 UpgradesEdit


  • The initial upgrade reduces the cost of Mortar Towers and their upgrades by 5%, costing Monkey Dollar750
  • The second upgrade costs Monkey Dollar750 and increases Mortar attack speed by 10%.
  • The third upgrade costs Monkey Dollar1000 and briefly stuns all bloons hit.
  • The fourth upgrade is exclusive to Bloons TD 5 Mobile, costing Monkey Dollar1000. It allows the Mortar Tower to auto-aim and shoot like a regular tower. (Note: This upgrade will still allow a Set Target option; on the First setting, tap the left priority button and it will use the normal Mortar targeting option)



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