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Valuable Bananas upgrade increases to 30%.
~ In-game description

More Valuable Bananas is a Support Monkey Knowledge point in Bloons TD 6. It raises the value gain from Valuable Bananas from 25% to 30%. It requires Flat Pack Buildings.


This is a 5% increase from what Valuable Bananas usually provides, granting $26 per banana with this upgrade opposed to the usual $25. Banana Research Facility crates plus Valuable Bananas will earn $390 instead of $375. Banana Central's own crates plus Valuable Bananas will earn $1530 instead of $1500 ($1170 instead of $1125 before Version 11.0). Since Version 35.0, this also affects Monkey Banks, giving $233/$285/$338 per round instead of $225/$274/$325, minus the applied end-of-round interest.



A slight increase in income potential from Valuable Bananas, making that upgrade more viable at creating optimal income. Strategies dedicated to Valuable Bananas are altered with More Valuable Bananas; a notable example is the cost-efficiency of 0-2-3 Marketplaces over 2-0-3 Marketplaces, although 2-0-3 remains superior when considering crosspaths gathered from steady round progression.


  • With this MK, a 0-2-3 Marketplace gains more income than 2-0-3 Marketplace for exactly the same cost. When it comes to crosspathing a Marketplace while this MK is on, always go for 0-2-3 unless starting off with 2-0-0 Farms for early-game income, in which the 2-0-3 would perform better for the current 2-0-0 Farms.

Version History[]

  • BUFF More Valuable Bananas now affects income gained from Monkey Bank