Shoots out 10 tacks instead of 8
~ BTD6 description

More Tacks is the first upgrade of Path 3 for the Tack Shooter in BTD6. It allows the Tack Shooter to shoot 10 tacks instead of 8. However, the arrangement of the tack formation will be different, preventing the Tack Shooter from shooting directly horizontally or directly below, until Even More Tacks is purchased.

It costs $85 on Easy, $100 on Medium, $110 on Hard, and $120 on Impoppable.


For a rather low price, More Tacks adds +2 bonus projectiles. The angles at which the Tack Shooter's tacks shoot will be modified slightly, preventing it from shooting directly from each side or from the bottom. As such, it is worth purchasing Even More Tacks as soon as possible, the upgrade after this upgrade.


  • This upgrade increases the pierce of the Inferno Ring by 10.



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