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Increase starting cash by 200.
~ In-game description

More Cash is a Primary Monkey Knowledge point in Bloons TD 6. The player starts with $200 more cash, increasing the starting amount on most game modes from $650 to $850 ($325 to $425 on Half Cash, or $20,000 to $20,200 on Deflation). In Co-Op, however, it is distributed evenly among all players, and only one instance of the MK point is given. It requires 10 primary knowledge points invested in the primary tree, Bonus Monkey!, Bonus Glue Gunner, and a one-time purchase of BloonjaminsIcon1,000.



The player will start with $850 cash ($20,200 in Deflation and $425 in Half Cash) with this knowledge enabled. In custom challenges with a set starting cash and Monkey Knowledge enabled, the starting cash will also be added with $200 when this knowledge is unlocked by the player.

Overall, this MK Point is essential for purchasing more expensive towers on the get-go, promoting early growth of income (via Banana Farms or similar), and simply just give more wiggle room during the early stages of the game.


  • More Cash is universally useful on all non-CHIMPS game modes, as it gives more room to start a game.
  • This knowledge, when combined with other knowledges that save money, can allow the player to afford some more expensive towers at the beginning of the game. For example, one can afford Gwendolin on Medium Difficulty with this knowledge and Hero Favors (which reduces her price to $810 from $900, and the player starts with $850), or a Heli Pilot on Easy Difficulty with this knowledge + Advanced Logistics + Military Conscription.

Version History[]


Note: People who already have unlocked more cash prior to 30.0 are unaffected by the nerf, since the MK point is kept even with another MK point being added.