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By popular demand, More Bloons is here. Play 50 all-new challenging levels, and a new special balloon type! Some of these levels are very hard, and should keep most of you busy for a while!
~ Official Description

More Bloons is the second Bloons game ever to be introduced, and is the first sequel to the original Bloons game. It features 50 more levels; the game is harder than the original Bloons. The Lightsabre Bloon also debuts in this game. It also appears on Kongregate with 2 badges. The easy badge is named Merry Poppins where you need to pop 200 bloons without using unlimited darts mode, the medium badge is named Mass Deflation where you need to complete the game with or without unlimited darts.



More Bloons All Levels

More bloons select levels

levels menu in the game.

More bloons win screen

winning level 50 and pressing next level.

  1. The Bells, the bells
  2. Use the Force
  3. Waffle
  4. Ghost
  5. Triangle
  6. Bouncy Castle
  7. Fire and Ice
  8. Mirror
  9. Safe Cracker
  10. Landing Bay
  11. Death Star
  12. Bingo
  13. In the Clouds
  14. Lions Share
  15. Soup
  16. Minefield
  17. Filing Cabinet
  18. Tumbledown
  19. Shockwave
  20. Sniper
  21. E
  22. Can o Beans
  23. Oh No!
  24. Boomerangutan
  25. To Bounce Or?
  26. Nope
  27. Equalizer
  28. Tick Tock Toe
  29. Dagobah
  30. Zig
  31. 3 way
  32. Crafty Devil
  33. 2Tempting
  34. Bunkabusta
  35. Mining
  36. Brimstone
  37. Eliminator
  38. Broken Lollipop
  39. Pipe
  40. Flower Pot
  41. Mouse Trap
  42. Pinata
  43. Peek a Boo
  44. Hare vs Tortoise
  45. Well, well
  46. Tin Box
  47. Unsure
  48. Bait and Switch
  49. Throwaway
  50. On the Clock