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Monkeys are the main attacking force in Bloons Pop!. They shoot projectiles such as Darts, Arrows and Bombs etc. Each use of a Monkey consumes one shot after they stop attacking/projectiles disappear.


  • Dart Monkey: Dart Monkey throws three darts that each deal 3 damage each. Darts bounce around 10 times before disappearing. It is unlocked at Level 1.
  • Bomb Shooter: Shoots a bomb that bounces 4 times and explodes in an area when it bounces, dealing 2 damage.
  • Boomerang Monkey: Bounces 5 times, shoots 2 boomerangs every time it bounces.
  • Super Monkey: Throws 15 darts that deal 1 damage each. Bounces up to 15 times.
  • Acid Gunner: Deals 1 damage with every shot, twice and soaks every bloon in the line slowing them down by 50%.
  • Ice Monkey: Freezes bloons causing them to not move up at all for 2 turn.
  • Ninja Monkey: Pops bloons with a random dash attack 4*(Times)
  • Sniper Monkey: Fires a single bullet that deals 6 damage each and penetrates up to ~20 different bloons, includes bloons rehit by the bullet.
  • Mortar Monkey: Fires a powerful shell at a targeted location that deals damage based on how close the bloons are to the center of the explosion, plus stun. Deals up to 3 damage with the explosion.
  • Wizard Monkey: Shoot 5 homing projectiles every second.