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Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense. We can earn more City Cash by taking it from other Monkey Cities. Show them that you are not to be messed with.
~ "Raid someone!" Quest description
Don't wait around after you have been raided by someone else. If you want to get them back, you get one chance at revenge. Gather all of your Bloontonium and give them everything you've got.
~ "Revenge is best served hot" goal description in BMC
Beware! Incoming Monkey vs Monkey attacks work differently to attacking normal tiles around our city. In MvM the Bloons will not stop between rounds and each wave will follow right behind the previous wave.
~ Advice from the Army Monkey in BMC Mobile when defending for the first time
MvM intro

Introducing MvM after being unlocked at Level 9

Monkey vs. Monkey (or MvM), is a feature in Bloons Monkey City that allows players to attack other players with bloons assaults which players will have to defend their city from. The attacker will receive City Cash, XP, and Honor for successful raids, but they will lose honor for lost attacks. Players can choose not to participate by not attacking any player for 72 consecutive hours; this is called "pacifist mode". This will prevent any attacks from coming to the player. However, players who have over 1000 honor or attack someone during Pacifist Mode will be susceptible to attacks. (the latter will break out and have to wait for 72 more hours again or lose his/her honor to make it below 1000).

Attacking Players[]

To participate in Monkey vs Monkey, the player's city is required to be at least level 9. Also, the player needs several buildings to raid and defend against other players:

  • Bloon Inflation and Deployment Facility: This is required to send an attack against other players. In BMCM, This structure has a different look, takes 2x2 tile, generates and stores its own Bloontonium, and players can only launch attacks when their Bloontonium supply is at 100%.
  • Bloontonium Storage Tank (Flash Only): This building is necessary for the player to store Bloontonium, which can then be used to assault other players.
  • Bloontonium Generator (Flash Only): This facility generates Bloontonium at the rate of a Banana Farm building. It is one of many ways to generate Bloontonium; the player also can fill their tanks by defending other players' raids, capturing MOABs Graveyard tiles, or using Bloonstones. (As a bonus, their tanks will be filled up on their first attack)
  • Bloon Research Lab: This laboratory is required to research and send bloon types stronger than green bloons.

The first time you attack someone while below max bloontonium, the game sends a message allowing you to top-up your storage for free. By reloading the page you can save it for another time.

When attacking a random player (a Quick Match) or a friend (Attack Friend feature), the player will have the option to choose the highest bloon type and amount of Bloontonium spent. If using Quick Match, it can only match with active players of a similar level, and if this is not possible, a message saying "no matched opponent can be found" will be displayed, typically on Flash. Also, the player will be given the option to add attributes to an attack, based on the version played:


Attackers with higher city levels will require having higher-ranked bloon types to attack, as well as a higher Bloontonium requirement. On later levels, you would need less bloontonium relative to your capacity, and it cannot go higher than your capacity unless a MOAB Graveyard special mission tile is captured. Extra Regrow, Camo, lead, and MOAB-Class Bloons can be selected for the price of BloonstoneIcon10 for each extra option chosen, except for regrow which is BloonstoneIcon15. The more Bloontonium the player sends, the more higher the attack difficulty will be (assaults do not increase the difficulty pips, unlike normal assault tiles, and the actual difficulty can be higher depending on the map it lands on). At the highest levels, the highest and lowest ranks will range from all MOAB-Class Bloons. However, the rounds will be computer-generated, and the defense rules for the other player will apply.

In addition, matchmaking is much tighter in the Flash version, as only player cities 2 levels above or below the player's city level (seems to be a 1 level difference after level 20) at most can be attacked. The required bloon level is also seemingly more lenient, as it is possible to send a Rainbow Bloon attack at level 22.


Unlike Flash, you always need to have full bloontonium tanks (at least 100%, and can overflow to 200% max) to send an attack, unless the player is revenging and has the revenge stick. Instead of assaults there are bloon strategies, and you have to choose one of three random strategies which can be rerolled with BloonstoneIcon10 (However, you can re-roll for free once by exiting and re-entering the MvM menu and rematching with the same person). In addition, sending an extra strong version of the attack costs BloonstoneIcon10. BloonstoneIcon 5 is earned upon sending the first attack each day, and BloonstoneIcon 2 for every attack sent thereafter.

Required level to send attacks:
Need Fast Bloons by: 10
Need Thermal Bloons by: 12
Need Lead by: 14
Need Regen by: 15
Need Camo by: 16
Need Rainbow by: 17
Need Ceramic by: 18
Need MOAB by: 22
Need BFB by: 28
Need ZOMG by: 34

Defending an Attack[]


An example of a timed-out attack. Time-outs occur when a defender does not respond to your attack within 24 hours of logging in after your attack was sent.

When a player gets an attack, it's placed on the lowest difficulty tile they have (random on mobile), and often appear closest to the 3x3 section of city where they started. Some tile types however, cannot be captured at all, such as caves, volcanoes, special mission tiles, or any tile with a treasure chest on it. The player has to defend the tile in apopalypse-style; if they lose, money and honor is stolen from their city and if the player doesn't have enough cash for it, random buildings are temporarily disabled (always one is disabled on mobile even if the player has the money) which can often be frustrating. Also, there is a 24-hour time limit which starts after a player logs in after an attack is sent. If the time limit expires before the player defends their city against the attack, then they automatically lose just as they would if they lost all their lives, but in the battle history, the track picture is replaced by an 'Attack Expired' picture on a wristwatch with a monkey pointing to it. If this occurs, defenders won't get salvaged bloontonium because they didn't attempt to defend their city in the first place.

If you don't have enough cash to be stolen, your buildings become damaged and the attacker will only receive the amount you lost.

Differences between Flash and Mobile[]

  • Change Less City Cash is lost when defeated a defense. However, less City Cash is earned when winning an attack.
  • BUFF MvM Defend Mode can now be restarted for free.
  • BUFF (Alongside normal games) MvM Defend Mode can now be paused at any time, provided that the game is not turned off.
  • NERF One Unit Building is guaranteed damaged regardless of City Cash loss being greater than current City Cash or not.
  • BUFF It is now impossible to have more than two Unit Buildings damaged for a failed Defend Mode.
  • NERF Research for Fast Bloons, Thermal Bloons, and Rainbow Bloons now requires their respective Special Buildings.
  • Change Bloontonium Generators, Bloontonium Storage Tanks, and Bloon Inflation and Deployment Facility are now just one building of 2x2, the Bloon Inflation Factory.
  • BUFF Bloonstones is now rewarded upon sending an attack.
  • Change Attacks can land on Bloon Beacons (rare).
  • BUFF Player can go to Pacifist Mode even if they have more than 1000 honor.



  • Change Exclusive in-game music is absent (uses tile music)
  • BUFF No bloonstone cost to retry defense upon loss. However, your opponent will receive more rewards upon doing so.
  • BUFF Can pause in-game
  • Change Attacked tiles are random, rather than always on the weakest tile
  • NERF Tiles are not captured regardless of battle outcome, no bloonstones or city cash is given for beating the attack either (just honor and bloontonium).
    • This also means successfully defending in MvM does not contribute to Mini Land Grab either. This also means it does not contribute to collecting maps in Replay Tracks.
  • NERF Bloon Inflation Factory takes 2x2 tiles; generates and stores Bloontonium, replacing storage tanks and generators; can only attack when 100% full.
  • NERF A Building is required for each: Fast Bloons, Thermal Bloons and Multilayer Tech.
  • Change D.D.T.s can't be sent in an attack, but can still appear in Z.O.M.G. attacks if its Bloon strategy is either Camo Craziness or Fast and Furious.
  • ChangeMoney stolen is based on the player's City Level, and is greatly reduced (to 75 x CityLevel). However, this is replaced with a building always being destroyed, even if the player has enough money.
  • Change Honor award amounts are fixed. Losses are -2 honor for losing, regardless of city level, difficulty of attack, or your opponent's honor (succeeding defended attack is always +10, succeeding an outgoing attack is +15, defending attack on first try is +2 honor, second and beyond is +5 honor and some cash).
  • Change Attack Types/strategies and are used instead of Assaults, and have an option to send extra strong attacks (for the price of BloonstoneIcon10, free during Warmonger).
  • BUFF No matter if you have 1000 honor or more, you are still able to enter Pacifist Mode on any honor count.
  • NERF The Bloon Inflation Factory must be built in order to participate in Monkey vs. Monkey, povided that the player's City is at least Level 8, otherwise the text on the Monkey vs. Monkey button gets replaced with "Requires Level 8."


  • Change Honor gained/lost is based on opponent's honor, and that amount is higher than that on mobile. (30 honor on average, both for losing and gaining, and only 1 honor is gained between both players)
  • ChangeVariable Difficulties for attacks, minimum bloontonium amount is 250*OpponentLevel - 1000, and can range from Medium to Hard (below level 12), Very Hard (levels 12-32), Impoppable (level 33 and up). The maximum amount of bloontonium that can be used as part of an attack is 1.33x the minimum amount.
  • Change Can send multiple assaults in one attack.
  • BUFF City Cash is stolen is based on the level of the city's Monkey Banks.
    • For level 1, it's 50% of its capacity (750).
    • For level 2, it's 40% of its capacity (1800).
    • For level 3, it's 33% of its capacity (2970).
    • For level 4, it's 25% of its capacity (3750).
    • For level 5 and above, it's 20% of its capacity (so 5000, then 7000, 10000, and 15000).
  • BUFF Buildings only get damaged if you don't have enough city cash.
  • BUFF Bloontonium Generators, Bloontonium Storage Tanks, and Bloon Inflation and Deployment Facilities are three different buildings that only need a single tile for each. However, the bloontonium generators and tanks combined can take up quite a bit of space.


Main article: Monkey vs. Monkey/Strategies





  • The number of towers damaged is ambiguous when it comes to Road Spikes and Exploding Pineapples. The red text stands for the number of road spikes or pineapples that are unusable, while the white text stands for the total number of Road Spike or Pineapple towers, which give out road items in groups of 5.
  • Only towers that require Unit Buildings are eligible to get damaged.
    • Banana Farms will never get damaged regardless of how many other buildings damaged. This is because the Banana Farm buildings goes under the category "Resource", not "Unit".
    • Free Dart Monkeys and other free towers do not get damaged; the others are eligible to become damaged.
    • Banana Barns, despite being under the Monkey Buildings tab, also cannot get damaged. This is because they are Decoration Buildings bought with real money and unlock Monkey Farmers, whom are Special Agents, and increase the capacity of each Banana Farm by 10%.
  • Sometimes, when a city's buildings are damaged after losing a defense without sufficient City Cash, in-construction buildings can get damaged, adding up the damage time to the construction time. This can only apply to Unit Buildings, provided that one is currently in construction beforehand.
    • Warning: It is possible but very rare for the building's construction time to stop completely. Should this ever happen, the only two solutions are to either finish the building with Bloonstones or contact Ninja Kiwi.
  • In BMC Mobile, a damaged building is represented by a generic unconstructed building that is under repair by Firefighter Monkeys. One is angry (with similar anger to the Full Metal Jacket Sniper Monkey) and washing the fire with a hose (it has number 99 on its helmet), while the other appears sad with its hands behind its back (it has number 11 on its helmet). Both have "FOMC" written on their helmets.
  • Should all Unit Buildings get damaged, then only free Dart Monkeys and Banana Fams can be used for defense against the Bloons (does not work on Hills Terrain, Snow Terrain, and certain Special Missions, as Dart Monkeys are restricted), which means the only Lead popping power available is Juggernaut.
  • In BMC flash, the MvM button has two animal paws prints on it.
  • The monkey who appears in the "Try Again?" dialog box whenever the player loses a MvM defense in BMC Flash strongly resembles the Tutorial Monkey.
  • When a MvM attack is threatening somewhere around a player's city, the tile the attack is on cannot be played in normal mode. In BMC Mobile, the attack can be played in normal mode once again once the MvM defense is done on that attacked area.
  • City Honor was nonexistent in the closed beta version of Bloons Monkey City.
  • In BMC Flash, there are six monkey faces, depicting each difficulty. The Baby Monkey stands for the weakest attacks (down to Red Bloon attacks), the Engineer stands for somewhat weak attacks (up to about Thermal Bloon attacks), the Mortar Monkey with a cigar stands for moderate strength attacks (which at its point is strong Ceramic Bloon attacks), the Point Five Oh Sniper Monkey with a cigar stands for somewhat strong attacks (which here goes to about strong MOAB attacks or weak BFB attacks), the Robo-Monkey stands for moderately strong attacks (of about moderate-strength ZOMG or DDT attacks, or very strong BFB attacks), while the TOTMG or Sun God stands for very strong attacks (the strongest of strong attacks, of ZOMG or DDT attacks).
  • It is possible to earn bloon-related goals by defending attacks containing such bloons. This includes the "Dark Dirigible Titan" goal being able to be completed if successfully defended an attack containing DDTs.
  • By default, the player is not in Pacifist Mode. This is until the player accepts with the "Do you want Pacifist Mode" message, which only arrives after clicking on the Monkey vs Monkey menu.
  • In the closed beta version of Bloons Monkey City, it was possible to attack the same person that the player sends to in Monkey vs Monkey. This was only possible in early builds, however.
  • In BMC Mobile, the description for ZOMG Zuprise has a spelling mistake; it says "suprise" instead of "surprise".