Hub of Monkey trades earns colossal income each round.
~ BTD6 Description

Monkey Wall Street is the fifth upgrade of Path 3 for the Banana Farm in BTD6. While it still produces as much as a Central Market during a round, upon clearing a round it will generate an additional +$4,000. It costs $51,000 on Easy, $60,000 on Medium, $64,800 on Hard, and $72,000 on Impoppable.


As the final upgrade of Path 3 Banana Farm, Monkey Wall Street retains all of its income methods and benefits from the previous upgrade, including the increase to Path 3 Buccaneers. The only major improvement is the bonus $4,000 provided at the end of a round. This means that Monkey Wall Street provides the single greatest source of income without any form of player input, trailed behind by the Trade Empire at maximum capacity when compared on a single tower basis.

Just like its preceding upgrade, the optimal cross-path varies depending on whether Monkey Knowledge is enabled or not. It is worth noting that the end-of-round-income is not affected by cross-pathing.

Version History (BTD6)Edit


Buff Cost of Monkey Wall Street reduced ($75,000 --> $60,000)


Buff Monkey Wall Street's Central Market Merchantmen buff now stacks up to 10 times.
Buff New MK "Healthy Bananas" allows Monkey Wall Streets to gain +3 lives per round.


Buff Monkey Wall Street produces 4 more bananas
Buff Monkey Wall Street produces more income per banana ($20 —> $70)
Nerf Monkey Wall Street produces less end-of-round income ($4900 —> $4000)



  • For a time, the 10% income increase of Merchantmen, Favored Trades and Trade Empire was bugged and did not function in the slightest. This was fixed in Version 5.0.
  • Wall Street is a real-life street in New York, where most of the world's stocks are traded.

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