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Hub of Monkey trades earns colossal income, generates lives each round and collects income in radius.
~ In-game description

Monkey Wall Street is the fifth upgrade of Path 3 for the Banana Farm in Bloons TD 6. While it still produces as much as a Central Market during a round, upon clearing a round it will generate an additional +$4,000 and gain 15 lives per round. Additionally, it collects all nearby collectables, such as bananas, traps, and crates, within a default range of 75, collecting them like a Banana Farmer would. In Bloons TD 6, Monkey Wall Street is the only non-power tower to universally autocollect anything.

Monkey Wall Street also increases its range by 35 (from 40 to 75). This has no effect on the Farm itself; aside from increasing Advanced Intel range, the range increase is purely a visual aid to depict the autocollection range.

This upgrade costs $59,500 on Easy, $70,000 on Medium, $75,600 on Hard, and $84,000 on Impoppable.



Wall street 4000

Monkey Wall Street gaining $4000 at the end of the round

Monkey Wall Street is a massive marble building with several white columns supporting a large triangular roof, all over a grey stone foundation and absolutely overflowing with bananas. It has palm trees in the corners alongside the entrance, and at its back are three yellow flags, two on the corners and one at the apex of the roof at the very end. These yellow flag patterns are nearly identical to those found on the XXXL Trap, with two darker yellow triangles at the bottom corners, a dark yellow stripe down the center, and lighter yellow everywhere else.

Monkey Wall Street rewards extra cash and lives per round, in addition to autocollecting all collectables within range, like a Banana Farmer. Also gains more range.

Targeting Priorities[]

Monkey Wall Street produces bananas that are each produced in a spawn. Monkey Wall Street has the Central Market's Merchantmen buff, which is a tower buff that targets all Merchantmen and their higher upgrades in the whole screen. Monkey Wall Street's end-of-round cash is produced in a spawn. Monkey Wall Street also targets nearby collectables and targets collectable "projectiles" in an extended range. Like most Banana Farm upgrades, Monkey Wall Street lacks any real targeting priority.


Updated as of Version 35.1
Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade Cost (x-x-4) $51,000 $60,000 $64,800 $72,000
Total Cost (0-0-5) $67,665 $79,600 $85,965 $95,520
Total Cost (1-0-5) $TBA $80,100 $86,505 $TBA
Total Cost (2-0-5) $TBA $80,700 $TBA $TBA
Total Cost (0-1-5) $TBA $79,900 $TBA $TBA
Total Cost (0-2-5) $TBA $80,700 $TBA $TBA



As the final upgrade of Path 3 Banana Farm, Monkey Wall Street retains all of its income methods and benefits from the previous upgrade, including the increase to Path 3 Buccaneers. The only major improvement is the bonus $4,000 provided and 10 lives at the end of a round. This means that Monkey Wall Street provides the single greatest source of income without any form of player input, trailed behind by the Trade Empire at maximum capacity when compared on a single tower basis.

Just like its preceding upgrade, the optimal crosspath varies depending on whether Monkey Knowledge is enabled or not. It is worth noting that the end-of-round-income is not affected by crosspathing.

What makes the Monkey Wall Street stand out is its extreme space-versus-income ratio, because for just one 2-0-5 Monkey Wall Street break even within 14.944 rounds. Compared to a 0-0-0 Banana Farm, which pays off within 15.625 rounds, a 2-0-5 Monkey Wall Street will single-handedly outweigh the efficiency of most Banana Farms except 4-2-0 Banana Research Facilities.

One final touch in addition to Monkey Wall Street's huge income per footprint is its life regeneration. While somewhat minor, it makes a noticeable difference on certain situations. For example, the Lych boss since the Lych-Soul drains lives when alive.

With the capability to auto-collect nearby bananas and crates, Monkey Wall Street helps reduce micromanagement for Top Path Farm and Monkeyopolis builds, without requiring spending Monkey Money for a Banana Farmer. It also helps XXXL Trap farming too by autocollecting full traps.


  • The auto-collect feature of the Monkey Wall Street is not affected by the Fit Farmers Monkey Knowledge.
  • The best crosspath for Monkey Wall Street depends on that for Central Market. In that case, 2-0-5 is better without "More Valuable Bananas" MK but 0-2-5 is still better with that MK. Monkey Wall Street only adds a large end-of-round cash on top of the Central Market benefit, and its end-of-round cash is not affected by any crosspath. The autocollection range is also unaffected by crosspathing.
  • Monkey Wall Street produces a lot of income per unit footprint, but it is less efficient at income generation compared to spamming Banks, for instance.
  • Place a Monkey Wall Street nearby the area with the most amount of Farms or at least nearby a Monkeyopolis. One can also place it in a different position to divert crates and bananas to a specified location; this can be taken advantage of to reduce chances for Vortex to delete the crates and bananas.
  • Since the central hitbox of a Banana Farm or Monkeyopolis is where collectables are spawned from, ensuring that the Monkey Wall Street covers the these central hitboxes guarantees all nearby collectables from those income producers are collected.
  • While the Monkey Wall Street cannot attack, it can assist XXXL Trap by autocollecting traps quickly without user interaction, allowing the traps to maximize redeployment.
  • Monkey Wall Street's money counter takes into account its own income production and its autocollected income. The money counter currently has no true in-game purposes other than marking the effectiveness of the autocollection functionalities, but would work well for the theoretical Farm Paragon.
  • The life regeneration from Wall Street is compatible with Heart of Oak Druids but not Heart of Vengeance. Additionally, the extra lives made by Wall Street is handy against Lych’s Lych-Soul.

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

The cost-efficiency of Monkey Wall Street has been increased since it was first released. Its extreme space-versus-income efficiency is valued on maps with limited space for income-producing towers. Monkey Wall Street later received a series of buffs, including extra lives per round and autocollection of income. It has developed into a late-game Farm that excels at general support and convenience.

  • BUFF Cost of Monkey Wall Street reduced ($75,000 → $60,000).
  • BUFF New MK "Healthy Bananas" allows Monkey Wall Streets to gain +3 lives per round.
  • BUFF Monkey Wall Street's Central Market Merchantmen buff now stacks up to 10 times.
  • BUFF Monkey Wall Street produces 4 more bananas.
  • BUFF Monkey Wall Street produces more income per banana ($20 → $70).
  • NERF Monkey Wall Street produces less end-of-round income ($4900 → $4000).
    • Monkey Wall Street income is mostly the same, as even without crosspaths, Monkey Wall Street only generates $20 less post-18.0 than pre-18.0. As 025, it generates 244 more cash post-18.0 with MoreValuableBananasIcon More Valuable Bananas.
Banana Farm's xx2 upgrade is the inferior crosspath, so we've amped up the utility with the lazy aspect so that if it's going to be inferior for production, it's at least going to be extra lazy & less far behind. Additionally, as Monkey Wall Street is the least interesting T5 Banana Farm & doesn't benefit from the Healthy Bananas MK it will now produce a base amount of lives each round
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Monkey Wall Street now gains +10% sellback, due to Banana Salvage gaining +10% sellback.
  • BUFF Monkey Wall Street now also generates 5 lives per round
    • The patch notes erroneously state it generates 10 lives per round
  • BUFF Monkey Wall Street now gives more lives (5 → 10, 8 → 10 with MK)
  • NERF [undocumented] Monkey Wall Street is no longer affected by Healthy Bananas MK
Partially to help a little with tedious endgame farm collection in ranked boss events, or any other use you may desire for it, we have added a non-power form of easy banana collection. However we do not want to trivialize the intended downside of opting for a more micro intensive farm path too much, so this is still restricted behind a low-range tier 5 upgrade.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Monkey Wall Street now collects nearby bananas/crates as a Monkey Farmer would.
    • [Note]: Even though autocollection range is 60, this is not visually displayed in the tower's range.
  • Change [Undocumented bug] Autocollected income from xx2 and above farms do not add to the cash generated counter. Does not affect 032 and above farms. End-of round cash from xx5 still adds to the tower's cash counter.
  • BUFF Monkey Wall Street range increased from 40 → 60
    • [Note]: This change is primarily visual as autocollection range remains at 60. However, this is technically a buff, since it affects Advanced Intel as well.
  • BUFF Monkey Wall Street's autocollect range now scales with range buffs
Monkey Wall Street’s cost is being increased, but in return its special bonuses have been improved with more life generation and much more range for Banana collection.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Monkey Wall Street cost increased from $60,000 to $70,000
  • BUFF Monkey Wall Street range increased from 60 to 75
  • BUFF Monkey Wall Street lives per round increased from 10 to 15

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

  • Change Description changed from "Hub of Monkey trades earns colossal income each round." to "Hub of Monkey trades earns colossal income and generates lives each round."
  • Change Description changed from "Hub of Monkey trades earns colossal income and generates lives each round" to "Hub of Monkey trades earns colossal income, generates lives each round and collects income in radius.".
  • Change [Bug Fix] xx2 and above farms now have autocollected income added to the cash generated counter.

Extra Notes (Version History)[]



None (currently)

  • [35.0] Like all xx2 non-bank farms, autocollected cash did not add to Monkey Wall Street's cash generated counter. End-of round cash from xx5 still adds to the tower's cash counter. Patched in 35.1.


Official artwork[]



  • Wall Street is a real-life street in New York, where most of the world's stocks are traded at the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Monkey Wall Street is the only Banana Farm upgrade in BTD6 to have a depiction of a monkey on it.