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For tower in Bloons TD 3 and Bloons TD 4, see Monkey Beacon (Tower).
For the Unit Building in Bloons Monkey City, see Monkey Village (BMC).
Hub of Monkey industry, has a number of different benefits to aid all of your Monkeys. Increases range of all Monkeys in its radius by 10%.
~ Bloons TD 6 description

Monkey Village (BTD5) is a tower that first debuted in Bloons TD 5 that helps nearby towers along the way, replacing the Monkey Beacon.

In BTD5, it lowers the price of all towers and their upgrade prices by 10% as long as the tower is within range of the Monkey Village. This tower was only a support tower and did not attack until it was updated on 22 March 2012 with a new upgrade - High Energy Beacon. The Monkey Village (BTD5) can give the player a good advantage if it's combined with expensive towers such as the Super Monkey. The effects of Monkey Village (BTD5) do not stack if a tower is within the radius of more than one village of the same path. A Monkey Village (BTD5) will only help towers within its radius.

In BTD6, this tower returns but initially functions in a similar way to the original Monkey Beacon tower by increasing the range of nearby towers by 10%.

Game appearances[]

Monkey Village makes up to 8 appearances:

Bloons TD 5[]

Main article: Monkey Village (BTD5)

Bloons TD 6[]

Main article: Monkey Village (BTD6)

Tower Costs[]

Game Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Bloons TD 5 $1,360 $1,600 $1,730 -
Bloons TD 5 Mobile $1,360 $1,600 $1,730 $1,920
Bloons TD Battles $1,250
Bloons TD Battles Mobile $1,250
Bloons Monkey City $TBA
Bloons Monkey City Mobile $TBA
Bloons TD 6 $1,020 $1,200 $1,300 $1,440


Bloons TD 5[]

These are the upgrades for the Monkey Village (BTD5). The Monkey Village (BTD5) will have increased radius and advances towers by increasing attack speed or attack range. 3+4 x adds village range and the x 2+3+4 adds village range

Path 1[]

Monkey Beacon
COST: $425 / $500 / $540 / $600

Description: Increases attack range of all towers within Monkey Village radius by 15%.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Jungle Drums
COST: $1,275 / $1,500 / $1,620 / $1,800

Description: Inspire nearby towers to attack faster, increasing attack rate by 15%.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Monkey Town
COST: $8,500 / $10,000 / $10,800 / $12,000

Description: All bloons popped by towers within the radius of the Monkey Town get 50% more cash per pop.
Effect: Self-explanatory
High Energy Beacon
COST: $10,200 / $12,000 / $12,960 / $14,400

Description: All nearby towers with Abilities have their cooldowns reduced by 20% (50% on iOS) and adds a powerful energy beam attack.
Effect: Self-explanatory

Path 2[]

Monkey Fort
COST: $765 / $900 / $970 / $1,080

Description: Increases the popping power of all nearby towers by 1.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Radar Scanner
COST: $1,700 / $2,000 / $2,160 / $2,400

Description: Allows all towers within its radius to be able to detect and target camo bloons.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Monkey Intelligence Bureau
COST: $3,655 / $4,300 / $4,645 / $5,160

Description: Grants special bloon popping knowledge to all nearby towers, allowing them to pop all bloon types.
Effect: Self-explanatory
M.I.B. Call to Arms
COST: $20,400 / $24,000 / $25,920 / $28,800

Description: Ability: Doubles the attack speed and popping power of all nearby towers for 10 seconds.
Effect: Self-explanatory

Total Costs[]

Bloons TD 6[]

The Monkey Village returns in BTD 6, and it functions similarly to the Monkey Beacon back in BTD3 and BTD4. Its discount function now becomes upgrades on the third path and includes new upgrades such as Grow Blocker, which allows the Village to prevent Regrowth Bloons from regenerating when in range.

The paths are now split into new paths. Path 1 focuses mostly on expanding bonus support for other towers, particularly towards support for Primary towers, starting with Primary Training. Path 2 retains focus on adding defensive countermeasures, with completely new upgrades such as Grow Blocker and Homeland Defense. Path 3 is a completely new upgrade that specializes in money-saving, with new discount upgrades being added to compensate for the change of the Monkey Village mechanics, as well as completely new upgrades that save money in the long-term.

The Monkey Village is a Support class tower.

Path 1[]

Bigger Radius
COST: $340 / $400 / $430 / $480

Description: Increases influence radius of the village.
Effect: Influence radius of the Monkey Village increases by +8.
Jungle Drums
COST: $1,275 / $1,500 / $1,620 / $1,800
UNLOCK: 1,000 XP

Description: Increases attack speed of all Monkeys in the radius.
Effect: All towers in the radius of the Village attack +18% faster (0.85x attack cooldown).
Primary Training
COST: $680 / $800 / $865 / $960
UNLOCK: 2,000 XP

Description: All Primary Monkeys in radius get more range, pierce and projectile speed.
Effect: All Primary Monkeys in the radius of the Village gain +10% further range, +1 pierce, and around +25% projectile speed.
Primary Mentoring
COST: $2,125 / $2,500 / $2,700 / $3,000
UNLOCK: 12,000 XP

Description: All Primary Monkeys in radius get tier 1 upgrades for free, increased range and reduced ability cooldowns.
Effect: In addition to Primary Training buffs, all Primary Monkeys in the radius of the Village gain a further +5 additive range on top, 10% faster ability cooldowns, and free Tier 1 upgrades.
Primary Expertise
COST: $21,250 / $25,000 / $27,000 / $30,000
UNLOCK: 32,000 XP

Description: Adds Mega Ballista attack, plus all Primary Monkeys in radius get more popping power and tier 1 and 2 upgrades for free.
Effect: In addition to Primary Mentoring buffs, all Primary Monkeys in the radius of the Village gain +3 pierce instead of +1 pierce plus free Tier 1 and 2 upgrades. Main Village gains a further +8 influence range and now regularly shoots homing Mega Ballista blades that deal 10 damage or 200 versus Ceramics and MOAB-class.

Path 2[]

Grow Blocker
COST: $210 / $250 / $270 / $300

Description: Prevents Regrow Bloons from working while in the radius of the Village.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Radar Scanner
COST: $1,700 / $2,000 / $2,160 / $2,400
UNLOCK: 2,500 XP

Description: Allows all Monkeys in the radius to attack Camo Bloons.
Effect: Self-explanatory
Monkey Intelligence Bureau
COST: $6,375 / $7,500 / $8,100 / $9,000
UNLOCK: 3,500 XP

Description: The Bureau grants special Bloon popping knowledge, allowing nearby Monkeys to pop all Bloon types.
Effect: Allows towers in radius to pop any bloon.
Call To Arms
COST: $17,000 / $20,000 / $21,600 / $24,000
UNLOCK: 20,000 XP

Description: Call to Arms ability: Gives nearby Monkeys +50% attack speed and pops for a short time.
Effect: Adds an ability that causes all towers in the radius of the Village to temporarily gain +50% attack speed and +50% pierce for up to 15 seconds.
Homeland Defense
COST: $34,000 / $40,000 / $43,200 / $48,000
UNLOCK: 30,000 XP

Description: Ability now increases attack speed and pops by 100% for all Monkeys for 20 seconds.
Effect: Ability now affects the whole screen and increases attack speed by +100% and pierce by +100% for 20 seconds.

Path 3[]

Monkey Business
COST: $425 / $500 / $540 / $600

Description: Provides 10% discount on all Monkeys and upgrades tier 3 or less purchased in the radius of the Village.
Effect: Discounts all towers and upgrades up to Tier 3 by 10%, provided they are within range of the Village. Does not affect hero leveling costs.
Monkey Commerce
COST: $425 / $500 / $540 / $600

Description: An additional 5% discount that can stack with up to 2 other Villages with this upgrade.
Effect: Discounts all towers and upgrades up to Tier 3 by 15%. This stacks with additional 5% with up to 2 other Villages with this upgrade for maximum of 25% discount.
Monkey Town
COST: $8,500 / $10,000 / $10,800 / $12,000
UNLOCK: 3,000 XP

Description: All Monkeys within the radius of the Monkey Town get extra cash per Bloon pop.
Effect: All towers within range of the Village gain +50% more cash per pop.
Monkey City
COST: $2,550 / $3,000 / $3,240 / $3,600
UNLOCK: 15,000 XP

Description: Increases influence radius, cash generation in radius, and gives you a free Dart Monkey every round.
Effect: Increases influence radius by +10, direct cash generation by +15%, and gives a free Dart Monkey every round.
COST: $5,000 / Banana Farm
UNLOCK: 28,000 XP

Description: Absorbs all nearby Banana Farms and their income, freeing up space for new Monkeys.
Effect: All Banana Farms within range up to Tier 4 are sacrificed to generate more income based on the monetary cost of the Banana Farm sacrifices. Cost of the upgrade increases per Banana Farm within range.

Total Costs[]

Differences Between BTD5 Flash and BTD5 Mobile[]

Like the Ice Tower, the Monkey Village has more differences between its Flash and Mobile counterparts compared to other towers.

  • Buff If 2 Monkey Villages are under the influence of each others' radii and one of them is sold, the remaining village will retain the 10% price reductions to its upgrades.
  • Buff Monkey Fort now duplicates explosive projectiles and several other types of projectiles. Examples of following projectiles affected are: Glue Splatter, Cannon Ship bombs, Flash Bombs, Glaive Ricochet, Hydra Rocket Pods, Apprentice Fireball, Spectre bombs, Apache Dartship rockets, MOAB Assassin missiles
  • Buff Radar Scanner allows Blade Maelstrom and Arctic Wind to pop and slow down Camo Bloons respectively.
  • Buff High Energy Beacon reduces ability cooldowns by 50% instead of 20%.
  • Buff Monkey Beacon can influence other Villages' radii. This cannot stack, however.
  • Nerf Radar Scanner no longer adds extra range to the Village itself. However, Monkey Intelligence Bureau, MIB Call to Arms, Monkey Town, and High Energy Beacon still retain the extra range bonus.
  • Nerf The Monkey Intelligence Bureau unintentionally does not grant Ice Towers the ability to freeze White Bloons and Zebra Bloons, though they can still pop them with Snap Freeze, effectively ruining the tower's late-game viability without said upgrade.

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)[]

The Monkey Village is one of the least used towers throughout Bloons TD Battles Mobile, with only 2 notable strategies that used it (Boomerang-COBRA-Village and Dartling-Farm-Village), and both popular strategies are falling out of use, probably due to the nerf to the Monkey Fort. This is because it's too expensive for what benefits it gives.

For starters, giving towers a range bonus is not as useful compared to BTD5 or BMC due to how the tracks in Battles are laid out. 15% faster attack speed can be somewhat useful but due to how expensive it is (2/0 village costs $3050) it's generally not worth it. Monkey Town is only useful if you rely on Bloon Income and as stated before, is simply just not worth the amount of money you're investing (one would only be able to realistically afford it in the late game). High Energy Beacon is the only upgrade that allows the Monkey Village to attack Bloons, but it costs a whopping $22050 ($24400 with path 2 upgrades) and by the time a player can afford to buy it, they'll generally be able to afford more viable options to defend bloons compared to the 4/x village.

As for the right side upgrades Monkey Fort used to be good for helping out with defending rushes due to how the mechanics of it worked (duplicating projectiles such as Hydra Rocket Pods or Glaive Riccochet drastically increased their effectiveness), but since Version 4.3.1, more and more towers began to stop duplicating projectiles. While Radar Scanner is arguably the most reliable way to grant towers camo detection, it's outclassed by the x/3 Mortar Tower as the latter is cheaper (0/3 Mortar costs $2250 while a 0/2 village costs $3600) and can attack bloons. Additionally, most of the towers in Battles can already detect camo bloons by themselves without the need for the x/2 village, with a few exceptions such as the Tack Shooter, Ice Tower, Bomb Tower, and Glue Gunner (it should be noted that said towers are generally not the most popular ones). For the Monkey Intelligence Bureau, again most towers in the game can already handle most types of bloons by themselves without the need for the x/3 village, so once again it's not worth it (the Super Monkey may be an exception to this but it's way too expensive to be put to good use in the early game, unless in Bananza Mode). Lastly, the MIB Call to Arms ability is useful, but like most of the upgrades for the village it's very expensive ($27600, $29400 with path 1 upgrades) so like the Monkey Town and High Energy Beacon players would only be able to afford this in very late game (beyond round 32).

Overall, because of its weaknesses, many of the game updates have buffed the Monkey Village, albeit not enough to increase its popularity by much.

  • Buff MIB Call to Arms price decreased ($24000 → $20000).
  • Buff Tower price decreased ($1600 → $1500).
  • Buff Radar Scanner price decreased ($2000 → $1750).
The Monkey Village rarely gets an outing in the higher arenas and we tend to only see it in certain Club rulesets. We've lowered a whole bunch of prices across the board to make it a little less of a commitment for players to place and upgrade. As well as that, the MIB ability has been changed so that it no longer stacks. We found that it was easy to exploit and simply too powerful!
~ "BTD Battles Update 4.3.1 Balance Changes"
  • Buff Tower price decreased ($1500 → $1250).
  • Nerf MIB Call to Arms no longer stacks.
  • Buff Jungle Drums price decreased ($1500 → $1300).
  • Buff Monkey Fort price decreased ($900 → $600).
  • Nerf Monkey Fort no longer causes Glaive Ricochet to spawn multiple glaives; only one Glaive is thrown at a time per tower.
  • Buff Monkey Intelligence Bureau price decreased ($4300 → $4000).
Again, the Monkey Town upgrade felt overpriced for what you get, so we've dropped the cost to help make that choice between the two upgrade paths that bit more difficult!
~ "BTD Battles Update 4.9 Balance Changes"
  • Buff Monkey Town price decreased ($10000 → $7000).
  • Nerf Monkey Fort no longer duplicates Flash Bombs, Cannon Ship bombs, or Glue Gunner projectiles.
  • Buff Monkey Intelligence Bureau price decreased ($4000 → $3500).
  • Nerf MIB Call to Arms price increased ($20000 → $20500).
  • Nerf Energy Beacon cooldown reduced (50% → 30%)
  • Buff Energy Beacon deals 2x damage.

Version History (BTD6)[]

Balance Changes[]

Initial release
  • Buff Cost of Monkey Village decreased ($1,600 → $1,200)
  • Nerf Monkey Village no longer discounts nearby towers by 10%, and now requires the Monkey Business upgrade in order to do so. Additionally, discount benefits no longer affect Tier 4 or above.
  • Buff Monkey Village now buffs nearby tower range by 10%.
  • Change Several adjustments to crosspathing, including Jungle Drums, Monkey Town, and Radar Scanner. As such, some of these upgrades are now mutually exclusive.
  • Nerf Call to Arms (former M.I.B. Call to Arms) now only adds +50% attack speed and +50% pierce instead of +100% for both.
  • Nerf Monkey Intelligence Bureau now costs more ($4,300 → $7,500).
  • Buff Alchemist's Acidic Mixture Dip and Berserker Brew upgrades (and by extension Stronger Stimulant) will now target Primary Expertise.
  • Buff Alchemist's Acidic Mixture Dip no longer targets Villages without Primary Expertise.
  • Buff Primary Expertise now increases pierce of Primary Monkeys even more (+1 → +3).
  • Buff Primary Expertise's ballista attack increased damage to MOAB-class (100 → 200) and now deals more damage to Ceramics (10 → 200).
  • Buff Call to Arms price reduced ($24,000 → $20,000).
  • Buff Homeland Defense duration increased (15s → 20s).
  • Buff Homeland Defense attack speed bonus from ability increased (+50% → +100%).
  • Buff Monkeyopolis no longer deducts the counter total in Daily Challenges.
  • Change x-x-5 Monkeyopolis will now produce a maximum of 10 crates per round, and each of these crates will produce a scaling amount of cash based on the farms consumed.
  • Buff When placing a village, towers that are in its radius will now highlight.
  • Buff Primary Mentoring now reduces ability cooldowns of primary monkeys in radius by 10%.
  • Buff Primary Mentoring now adds +5 range to primary towers in range.
  • Buff Monkey City now increases all income generated from towers within radius by +10%.
  • Buff Primary Expertise now (correctly) receives the new Primary Mentoring buff benefits.
Call to Arms has never had enough uptime for the small amount of space that it benefits.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Call to Arms ability cooldown reduced from 60 to 45s. Also affects Homeland Defense.
Call to Arms didn't last enough in some critical situations where it could have made the difference, so this duration has been increased slightly.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Call To Arms duration increased (10s → 12s). Does not affect Homeland Defense.
Monkey Village's range at Primary Expertise has been increased slightly to open up downstream strategies by fitting additional Primary towers within range.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Village influence radius increased from 48 → 55.
As currently it doesn't feel as valuable to use the City buff versus other cash producing towers, the buff Monkey City applies to other cash producing towers in radius has been increased.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Monkey City cash production bonus to towers in radius increased from 10% to 15%.

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

  • Change Monkeytropolis upgrade button will display "Requires Banana Farm" if there are no Banana Farms in range instead of simply displaying "Upgrade Locked".
  • Nerf Monkey Commerce no longer occasionally makes itself cheaper.
  • Change Monkey City description modification.
  • Change Homeland Defense description has been upgraded to reflect the new duration.
  • Change Resolved an issue with placing multiple Villages nearby each other that could cancel out the Jungle Drums bonus with certain crosspaths.
  • Buff Monkeyopolis can no longer be given so little investment that it does not ever produce any cash.
  • 0-0-0 Village fire asset updated.
  • Radar Scanner should no longer block the Energizer from applying buff icons.
  • Primary Expertise Slingshot now rotates correctly again.
  • Primary Training, Mentoring and Expertise now all have different buff icons.
  • Primary Mentoring/Expertise should no longer fail to apply their buffs sometimes when towers in range are on lower heights.
  • x-x-4 Monkey City description updated to include increased cash production in radius.
  • x-x-5 Monkeyopolis no longer takes buffs from Alchemist.
  • x-1-x Regrow Blocker should work more reliably.
  • Nerf x1x Regrow Blocker has had some inconsistencies fixed.
  • x-4-x Call to Arms description has been corrected.
  • 1-0-1 and higher upgrades should correctly play sound again.


Monkey Villages provide valuable improvements to nearby towers. Helpful later in the game and to fend off MvM attacks. Powerful upgrades include: Monkey Fort, Jungle Drums, Radar Scanner.
~ BMC Flash description



  • The upgrade discount is applied before the difficulty modifier and then rounded to the nearest $5. For instance, the Dart Monkey's Long Range Darts upgrade on Easy is NOT 75 times .9 = 63.75, rounded to 65 as you'd expect, but calculated thus: 90 times .9 is 81, times .85 is 68.85, which is then rounded to 70. However, it would seem the costs in older versions of Bloons TD 5 and the Flash version of Bloons Monkey City are rounded to the nearest whole number. Hence, the discount stacks multiplicatively
  • As long as the entire cost of all of the towers and/or upgrades that are in the range of the village is higher in monetary value than $16000, then the players save more money than it is to buy the towers and/or upgrades initially.
  • If this tower is placed near a Bloonberry Bush it will unintentionally reset the number of spikes it has.
  • The image for the Monkey Village (BTD5) on the Tower Select screen shows the Monkey Village with the Jungle Drums upgrade, although it is not immediately given with the tower.
  • You can save money on a purchase use by placing 0/0 village next to a tower you are going to upgrade and then sell the village after you got the upgrade. In BTD battles mobile, you lose $250 when placing and selling a village. This means spending $2500 and then selling it will make you not lose any money. So when making a purchase greater than $2500, you should place a 0/0 village next to it and sell it afterward.
  • Upgrading Radar Scanner, High Energy Beacon, Monkey Intelligence Bureau (M.I.B), Monkey Town, and M.I.B Call to Arms will increase the Monkey Village's Effect Radius.
    • In the iOS version, Radar Scanner doesn't increase the Effect Radius. The other upgrades will, but in the case of the path 2 upgrades and Monkey Town the effect radius will not show an increase in size, but it is still there. (This is a visual bug. It's been fixed in BTD5 but not in BTD Battles or BMC.)
  • In the Special Mission Protect Monkey Town, the Monkey Town cannot be sacrificed by the Temple of the Monkey God, just like the Wizard Lord.
  • This tower was updated, with Monkey Town becoming the 3rd upgrade of the first path (replacing Energy Beacon) and High Energy Beacon replacing where Monkey Town used to be (4th upgrade of the first path)
  • The High Energy Beacon upgrade is the only upgrade that lets the Monkey Village attack.
  • In BTD3 and BTD4, it was simply called a "Monkey Beacon". In BTD5, the Monkey Beacon is an upgrade for this tower instead.
  • In BTD5, the Radar Scanner allows camo detection for all towers, and this upgrade looks like the Sonar Beacon in BTD4. However, Radar Scanner also increases range, while the Sonar Beacon doesn't.
    • The increased range of a Radar Scanner does not apply in mobile games.
  • The High-Energy beacon "eye" is a homage to the Eye of Sauron In The Lord of the Rings.
  • If Monkey Village is upgraded to 2-3 or 2-4, the jungle drums' music is represented with musical notes, specifically quavers (eighth-notes).
  • If Monkey Village is upgraded to 3-2 or 4-2 , the radar is represented by green pulsating waves.
  • The 3rd and 4th upgrades on Path 2 change the Monkey Village to a modern building.
  • Placing two Monkey Villages within each other's range will decrease the upgrade costs of both towers. Oddly, in at least the iOS version, the lowered prices will be retained even when one is sold unless the player saves and quit. This is not true for any other tower. A good strategy would be to place a first Monkey Village close to the desired position of the second Monkey Village. After the second Monkey Village is placed, the first can be sold.
  • A High Energy Beacon does 2 or 3 damage, also to MOAB-Class Bloons. It can destroy a MOAB and a B.F.B. with Bigger Beacons*.
    • (*Bigger Beacons is a premium item and must be bought in the store in-game)
  • After extensive testing, it has been shown that the high energy beacon reduces tower ability cooldowns by 50% on bloons TD5 iOS, despite what the description says.
  • In Bloons Monkey City, this can also stack with the favored tower, but it will make the price of the tower topsy-turvy.
  • The Monkey Intelligence Bureau and the M.I.B Call to Arms upgrades look alike, but the upgrade screen for M.I.B Call To Arms has a yellow glow around it.
  • Using a premium upgrade like Monkey Tycoon or the Monkey Lab upgrade Sell Price means that it might be beneficial to sell towers placed earlier in the game and replace them to receive the Monkey Village's price reduction.
  • Monkey Villages can influence each other. This can be evidenced through the Monkey Beacon upgrade's influence on the size of the other Monkey Village's radius.
  • Even though the Monkey Village is one of the towers that are available upon starting a new city in Bloons Monkey City, none of its upgrades can be researched until reaching City Level 3, despite the fact that the Monkey Town Hall is always built when the city is first created. This was likely used to prevent some players from leveling up quickly early on.
  • It is possible to lower the cost of tower upgrades by placing a Monkey Village beside the tower then selling the village immediately. Selling the village will cost $320. As long as the upgrade costs more than $3200, doing this will still net a lower upgrade cost.
    • However, the influence of each other and to other towers does not stack, except Monkey Fort's extra pierce granting.[Verify]
    • However, they do not grant camo detection to each other.
  • Super Monkeys and Monkey Villages have the same footprint size.
    • This is interesting because a building takes up the same space as a monkey.
  • An overclocked Village will provide a much larger range. However, the effect radius will not actually increase, so the only beneficial way this could be used is if you overclock a 4/x Village to allow it to attack bloons on a part of the track it could not previously reach.
  • In BTD6, the 4th tier "High Energy Beacon" weapon was replaced with a 5th tier "Mega Balista". This upgrade gives the Monkey Village a very sharp blade with incredible popping power.
  • In German, the Monkey Village is called "Affendorf".

Specific to BTD5[]


Specific to BTD6[]

  • The Monkey Knowledge point Flat Pack Buildings, reducing the cost of Banana Farms and Monkey Villages by 2% and increasing their sell prices by 2% is disabled if a player leaves the game and returns at a later point, increasing the cost of each tower by $25 as a result. This was introduced as a bug in a later game, but has been fixed in Version 18.0.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 19th March 2021 blog, the Monkey Village was the most difficult tower to implement before the original release of BTD6, although most towers were worked at the same time.
  • In BTD6, if two Monkey Villages are placed barely out of each other's range, then temporarily upgrading the range of one tower will make them affect each other, and the effect will last even after the range buff expires.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's August 6th 2021 blog, Villages get packed up and shipped home once they get sold.