For the specific set of Bloons Monkey City upgrades that supports money-related business, see Monkey Knowledge Packs #Monkey Tycoon.
It's not about what you know, it's about who you know! Now you can sell all of your towers for 100% of what you paid for them, including upgrades
~ Description in NK Store.

The Monkey Tycoon icon in BTD4

The Monkey Tycoon icon in BTD5

Monkey Tycoon is a Premium Upgrade in Bloons Tower Defense 4 and Bloons Tower Defense 5 that allows a full refund for a tower. When selling without Monkey Tycoon, the player will only get an 80% refund. It costs CoinsIcon.png12 in BTD4, CoinsIcon.png18 in BTD5 or Monkey Dollar.png4400 in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • This upgrade is very useful in Deflation Mode, Daily Challenges that have a tower limit, and in Clock, Switch, The Eye, Country Road, Banana Factory and Floating Islands, because the player can keep changing their towers without losing any money if are not satisfied.
  • A second "strategy" associated with Monkey Tycoon is to sell your towers and then re-purchase them within the radius of a Monkey Village. The necessity of Monkey Tycoon is to ensure that you do not lose money when selling.
  • The Monkey Tycoon icon in Bloons Monkey City

    A similar strategy requires towers which have abilities to be sold and re-purchased for the ability to be used straight away again.
  • You can also sell the towers you don't need (example: MOAB Maulers and MOAB-SHREDR Spikes at round 63) and buy banana farms with that money, then sell the banana farms and buy these towers again.
  • Allows Abilities to be used over and over again, like Ground Zero. However, it will not make Supply Drop be used over and over again, because it has a cooldown after a Sniper Monkey is upgraded to Supply Drop.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Monkey Tycoon icon depicts Mr. Monopoly.
  • In Bloons TD5 Mobile, this can only be "obtained" via the Monkey Lab, by upgrading Sell Price, even though at max level the percent of refund is not 100%
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