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Monkey Town Hall is an Upgrade Building in Bloons Monkey City. It is among the first buildings available for purchase to the player when they first build their city and is used to purchase upgrades for the Monkey Village.



It appears to be a tan shelter with a green door frame, a chimney and two stair steps at the front. The roof is made out of hay and on the front, there is a clock.

With a tier 1 upgrade[]

Same as the default appearance, except that a part of the roof is green instead of yellow.

With a tier 2 upgrade[]

The roof is now hardened and the color of a clay pot. On mobile, it gains a satellite dish.

With a tier 3 upgrade[]

A church bell is added along with an even more modern look. On mobile, it gains an additional satellite dish and it's roof is grey.

With a tier 4 upgrade[]

The appearance has modified significantly. There is a purple door with two white stair steps and the front is white. The rooftops are purple. It also gains a gold floor which doesn't appear in mobile. On mobile, it's made of marble and retains the previous features.


Path 1[]

Upgrade Cost Time XP Level Required
Monkey Beacon $2,000 45 minutes 70 5
Jungle Drums $6,000 6 hours 100 TBA
Monkey Town $20,000 ($27,000 on mobile) 2 days 600 TBA
High Energy Beacon TBA TBA 1,200 TBA

Path 2[]

Upgrade Cost Time XP Level Required
Monkey Fort $2,000 45 minutes 150 3
Radar Scanner $7,500 3 hours 150 12
Monkey Intelligence Bureau $18,000 1 day, 12 hours 300 TBA
M.I.B. Call to Arms TBA TBA 2,000 TBA


  • The Monkey Town Hall in the BMC Mobile tells the time, similarly to the Monkey Town Hall as seen in the start menu of the Flash version.
  • In both BMC and its mobile counterpart, the player always unlocks the Monkey Town Hall when the player starts.
  • This is the only building that does not have a description provided by the game.