For the BTD5 counterpart, see Monkey Town (BTD5).
All Monkeys within the radius of the Monkey Town get extra cash per Bloon pop.
~ BTD6

Monkey Town is the third upgrade of Path 3 for the Monkey Village in BTD6. It grants all nearby towers to earn +50% cash per pop. It also comes with the benefits of Monkey Business and Monkey Commerce, allowing it to discount nearby towers and upgrades up to Tier 3 by at least 15% (up to 25%) from the aforementioned upgrades. Unlike in BTD5, it is not possible to get both Jungle Drums and Radar Scanner for the same Monkey Town due to those two upgrades being on separate paths.

It costs $8,500 on Easy, $10,000 on Medium, $10,800 on Hard, and $12,000 on Impoppable.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Use the 2-0-3 Monkey Town, as it usually provides the best support for its income production benefits. Bigger Radius allows more more towers to cram within range of its income-generating benefits, while Jungle Drums can be added to boost the performances of nearby towers even further, allowing for much faster income production and make it less likely for other towers out of range to "steal" income production.
  • Some of the best upgrades to pair with the Monkey Town are those that have high pierce, high damage, and have homing projectiles, such as Arcane Spike, M.O.A.R. Glaives, and Sub Commander, due to the fact that those towers' projectiles are able to chase any bloons that may be out of reach of their main range. In this way, they will be able to seize more income easier.
    • It is important to pair towers within the range of Monkey Town to become buffed by Berserker Brew or Stronger Stimulant. With Stronger Stimulant, a large group of 2-0-3 Triple Guns or 2-0-4 Armor Piercing Darts can be used to wipe out regular bloons with ease, and such a combo can optimize the income-generating benefits of Monkey Town if the towers are within range of said village.
  • Monkey Town can grant 60% more cash per pop if the player unlocks and enables a Monkey Knowledge called "Inland Revenue Streams".
  • Monkey Town also affects certain income related abilities and upgrades, including Obyn's Wall of Trees, Monkey Pirates' MOAB Takedown, Bloon Traps, and XXXL Traps. It doesn't, however, affect Lead to Gold or Benjamin's Bloon Trojan attack.
  • Similar to all income-gaining towers, Monkey Town cannot provide extra income on CHIMPS Mode (although it could before Version 1.5). As such, avoid using this upgrade on CHIMPS Mode.
  • Pair with multiple Monkey Commerce upgrades to gain a sizable discount prior to the Monkey Town upgrade while also discounting other nearby towers too. But note that using one Monkey Commerce discount will not necessarily save more than the cost of a single 0-0-2 Monkey Commerce.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Monkey Town has a rather interesting income generation change compared to BTD5. Unlike most income-producing upgrades, especially compared to most Banana Farm upgrades (most Banana Farm upgrades have become less efficient than their respective upgrade predecessors), Monkey Town per-pop income generation mechanic has remained unchanged compared to BTD5, which grants +50% income per pop for all towers in range. As a result, Monkey Town has become a competitor in terms of efficient income generation, though Banana Farms are still generally the more efficient form of income generation overall due to their independence from bloon pop income.

Similar to BTD5, the best way to maximize Monkey Town income is to bunch as many towers within the radius of the Monkey Town as possible, particularly the ones that pop the most amount of standard bloons. Standard bloons become the sole dependent staple of income for any form of Monkey Town income generation, which consist of almost all of the income that a Monkey Town generates. Monkey Towns are highly affected by later rounds that decrease per-pop income, though several anomaly rounds occasionally may allow unusually increased income to be gained in spite of late-round income penalties.

Income Production[edit | edit source]

Understanding the amount of income gained from pops per round is important to consider before determining the efficiency of a Monkey Town compared to other methods of income, which can be obtained through the following steps:

  1. Understanding the amount of bloons that come out, in terms of the sum of bloons up to Ceramic, including the sum of Ceramics that spawn from MOAB-class, plus the total number of MOAB-class bloons.
    a. The amount of income produced by a Ceramic or a Fortified Lead is equal to its RBE minus the shell health
    b. The amount of income produced by a MOAB is equal to $1 + 4*Ceramic_Income
    c. The amount of income produced by a BFB is equal to $1 + 4*MOAB_Income
    d. The amount of income produced by a ZOMG is equal to $1 + 4*BFB_Income
    e. The amount of income produced by a DDT is equal to $1 + 4*Ceramic_Income
    f. The amount of income produced by a BAD is equal to $1 + 2*ZOMG_Income + 3*DDT_Income
  2. Consider the round points whereby income penalty per pop begins, so multiply the income per pop by the amount of income generated from popping bloons normally, then add in Monkey Town bonuses on top:
    a. From Rounds 1-49, the rounds give $1 per pop by default, plus Monkey Town bonuses on top ($0.50 or $0.60 per pop)
    b. From Rounds 50-59, the rounds give $0.5 per pop by default, plus Monkey Town bonuses on top ($0.25 or $0.30 per pop)
    c. From Rounds 60-84, the rounds give $0.2 per pop by default, plus Monkey Town bonuses on top ($0.1 or $0.12 per pop)
    d. From Rounds 85+, the rounds give $0.1 per pop by default, plus Monkey Town bonuses on top ($0.05 or $0.06 per pop)
  3. After calculating the amount of bonus income gained for each round, compare the efficiency of a Monkey Town to the cost of similar-priced per-round income generators, particularly Banana Farms or Merchantmen, by comparing the amount of income generated within a specific round boundary to the percentage of the cost that the Monkey Town would pay off.

Efficiency (BTD6)[edit | edit source]

The general trend is that the income per round increases with later rounds, although the rate of increased income generation stays relatively stagnant starting from Round 51 until Round 75. Across all rounds, there are periods with unexpectedly low income generation per round compared to the general rising income-per-round trend, most notably Round 90, although other income methods such as Lead to Gold may be used to gain larger quantities of income during those rounds.

On earlier rounds, the one round where Monkey Town can produce substantially high income is Round 49, generating up to $2386 ($2863 with "Inland Revenue Streams") when all bloons are popped in the round.

The highest income gained from a round possible is Round 96, generating up to $4978 ($5973 with "Inland Revenue Streams") when all bloons are popped in the round.

Generally speaking, Monkey Town starts paying off faster than 5 2-0-0 Farms of similar price starting from Rounds 45, although the first round where Monkey Town generates more income than the equivalent number of 2-0-0 Farms is on Round 39.

Note: The following files incorrectly display the values for Round 50's income and efficiency, but otherwise treat below as 100% correct.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In BTD6, the Monkey Town upgrade icon consists of a golden explosion from a bloon that bursts out cash in the form of coins. Interestingly, the coins on the Monkey Town upgrade icon are based upon the same icon as that of the Starting Cash icon.
  • Since cash is displayed as an integer but in reality is stored as a floating-point real number (computer term: a number that can handle decimals values that is displayed as an integer), Monkey Town income bonuses are immediately determined after each pop as a decimal number (e.g. +$0.5 per one $1 pop or +$0.25 per one $0.5 pop).
  • Even though Version 19.0 added a separate money counter for almost all towers, it has not been yet implemented for Monkey Town. Other income-producing towers currently affected include: Lead to Gold, Rubber to Gold, Monkey City, or Sun Temple and True Sun God /Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey with Support sacrifices.
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