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All bloons popped by towers within the radius of the Monkey Town get 50% more cash per pop.
~ BTD5 Flash description
All bloon groups sent against will give 20% more income change.
~ BTDB Steam description

Monkey Town is the 3rd upgrade (formerly 4th upgrade) of Path 1 for the Monkey Village in BTD5. It costs $8,500 on Easy, $10,000 on Medium, $10,800 on Hard. However, because of an update on March 22, 2012, it became the 3rd upgrade on Path 1, getting its base price decreased to $10000 and High Energy Beacon taking its place as the 4th tier path 1 upgrade.

In BTD6, this upgrade makes a return as the third upgrade of Path 3. See further information at this link.

This upgrade in most games allows towers within its radius to earn 50% cash per pop.


The effect of this upgrade varies depending on the game.

BTD5 and BMC[]

In BTD5, this upgrade allows all bloons popped by towers in its radius earn 50% more cash per pop. This includes when the tower is upgraded to High Energy Beacon, and even happens to the High Energy Beacon upgrade's pops. This upgrade also increases the range of the Monkey Village.

In Bloons Monkey City, this upgrade works the same way. One difference that BTD5 lacks is that the Monkey Town upgrade can be further upgraded with Monkey Knowledge Packs. Upgrading the Monkey Knowledge rank for the Monkey Village allows it to earn more cash for towers within its radius. Rank 4 adds +10% to the original income bonus, Rank 9 adds +20% to the original income bonus, and Rank 14 adds +30% to the original income bonus.

BTD Battles[]

Due to the fact that popping bloons won't award you money in Bloons TD Battles, its effect was altered and it will instead allow all bloon groups to give you back 20% more income (reduce income penalty by 20% if MOAB-class bloons or Fast Cooldown Ceramics). However, in Defend mode, it will not give the 20% bonus to the income boosts, so it's not recommended to be used there.



Gains a decent chunk of money just by popping bloons. While somewhat expensive of an investment, there is no need to micro its income generation. Place as many towers within range for the best results. Also comes with more range so that more towers can be fit within range.


  • Combining this with Double Cash would allow towers within the Monkey Village's range to generate the maximum amount of cash possible in BTD5 (3 times more cash earned per pop).

Update History (Bloons TD Battles Mobile)[]


BUFF Monkey Town price decreased ($10000 → $7000).



  • This upgrade can be bought on Deflation Mode: however, the only effect it has is increases range (BTD5 Flash only).
  • In the BTD5 generation, when a Radar Scanner is also bought, a Monkey Town will have radar signals coming out of its beacon.
  • Since cash is displayed as an integer but in reality is stored as a floating-point real number (computer term: a number that can handle decimals values that is displayed as an integer), Monkey Town income bonuses are immediately determined after each pop as a decimal number (e.g. +$0.5 per one $1 pop or +$0.25 per one $0.5 pop).
  • It appears in the middle (also upgraded to Monkey Fort) in the Protect Monkey Town Special Mission.
  • Before the Monkey Town upgrade was changed to a Tier 3 upgrade, it used to cost $25500 on Easy, $30000 on Medium, and $32400 on Hard.