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OK so now that a few people have worked out the secret, here's a video of it all revealed in it's glory. Apologies for the sound, I don't know what happened there
~ Chris, Ninjakiwi blog post: The secret is out! – How to unlock...

Monkey Temple is the Advanced Difficulty track in Bloons TD 4. The MochiCoins description of this track calls it "Temple Track".

Monkey Temple is a feature added in Bloons TD 4 Expansion and is the advanced track. The Bloons go up the temple, around the head, and down the temple. Unlike other tracks, this one has a secret. If the player has at least $30,000 money and at least 40 towers, they'll pay $30,000 to replace 40 towers for the secret without a refund. The secret is enough to pop a B.F.B without towers! It can pop a M.O.A.B in a second or two. This is because it shoots twice as many shots at almost the same rate as the Sun God, its shot is larger, and each shot has 100 pierce.

Even if no towers are helping it, it will still complete any round from round 1 through 74. It cannot complete Round 75 alone although the same feat can be achieved on Round 76. Strong supporting towers are recommended for tougher rounds.

However, while the Monkey Temple can pop a M.O.A.B in just a second or two, it needs a little bit more time to pop a B.F.B. What the Monkey Temple shoots is similar to both the Sun Gods sun rays and the Super Monkey's Plasma Vision.


  • In the iOS version, activating the temple completes the hidden 17th achievement.
  • In the iOS version, the temple seems to be nerfed as many Bloons are capable of getting past it without much harm. You still need towers to fend off the Bloons.
  • Oddly, in the online version, the face is facing right, but in the portable version, the face faces left. However, this has a reason: most bloons aren't even able to get to the head, and it makes more sense for the temple to be shooting the bloons from the front instead of from the side.
  • This track, despite being advanced difficulty, is probably the easiest Advanced track in the BTD series due to its powerful secret and it has one path.
  • The temple is far stronger than a Sun God (due to firing more shots overall and having 100 pierce) and has virtually infinite range, making it superior to any standard tower.
  • On the Android Version, the Jungle Drums upgrade for the Monkey Beacon, which allows towers to shoot faster, seems to affect the Temple, allowing it to complete up to Round 85 without assistance.
  • Towers cannot be placed onto the Monkey Temple's head.
  • The Temple itself reappears as a Super Monkey upgrade, from BTD5 and onwards.
  • Unlike in future games, the Monkey Temple in BTD4 Expansion only pops one layer at a time.