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Monkey Teams: Stick to the chosen team to earn extra rewards! To mix things up with an alternative to the Golden Bloon, Monkey teams will be assigned to a random map in each category similar to the Golden Bloon, however for this event players have the option of beating the map using only their hero along with 3 randomly selected towers. If the game is completed without breaking this team rule then a small monkey money bonus will be awarded. Monkey Teams and Golden Bloon will alternate for variety, and both can be running while Collection Events are on.
~ Ninja Kiwi, Version 26.0 patch notes

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Monkey Teams are a gameplay mechanic in Bloons TD 6, returning from Bloons Monkey City, introduced in update 26.0. The player is awarded slightly extra Monkey Money if the player beats a game placing only three random types of Towers and a hero of the player's choice. The Monkey Teams bonus spawns on a random map on each map difficulty. Winning a Monkey Teams will shift the location of the Monkey Teams onto another map of the same difficulty tier. All players receive the same Monkey Teams every 3 hours. To be exact, it changes every 8th, 11th, 2nd, and 5th hours in terms of NZST.

Monkey Teams alternate, mutually exclusively, with the Golden Bloon. Monkey Teams runs from Monday through Thursday, while Golden Bloons runs from Friday through Sunday. Monkey Teams may also appear on Co-Op Mode, including public Co-Op matches.


In Bloons TD 6, Monkey Teams is an event where the main goal is to win a map with only a pre-defined selection of three tower types plus any selected hero. All four map difficulty tiers will each receive one map with the Monkey Teams tag. Players can receive Monkey Teams rewards by playing on maps tagged with Monkey Teams, and can play on any game difficulty including CHIMPS. The event will continually run every day but switch three-tower combos every 3 hours. Powers are allowed in every game and will not disqualify Monkey Teams. Any combination of the allowed towers, whether or not all three types are used or not, will meet the criteria required to win Monkey Teams. The main gameplay of Monkey Teams is almost completely just like the Monkey Teams featured in Bloons Monkey City, with a few major exceptions as aforementioned before.

Every time the player wins Monkey Teams, they will receive a small quantity of extra Monkey Money once they win. Afterwards, the Monkey Teams will switch to another map of the same difficulty tier. It will also automatically switch to a new map if it has been more than three hours since the last switch. This three-hour switch cycle is separate for each difficulty tier, and is also separate from the global fixed three-hour tower rotation cycle, meaning that the tower rotation and the map switches can all occur at different times.

Current eligibility for the bonus reward within an active game is indicated by Monkey Teams icons appearing on the three featured towers in the tower selection menu. Normally, placing a non-featured tower other than a hero will immediately disqualify the game and remove the icons. However, as of Version 31.0, there is a bug that allows players to exit and reenter the match with Monkey Teams eligibility preserved, even if other towers were already present.

Leaving a game and resuming will only preserve eligibility if the appropriate Monkey Teams icon is still present at time of reentry. If it has switched to a different map, the saved game will no longer qualify. If it stayed on the same map but the tower selection rotated, eligibility is based on whether the saved game meets the new selection criteria; for example, if it only used a hero so far, or if it only used a tower that happens to be repeated in the new rotation, then it will still qualify for the bonus.


Rewards appear to be based on both map difficulty and game difficulty. The rewards for Monkey Teams will be earned once the game is beaten while following the requirements for the Monkey Teams challenge.

Continuing beyond the required round to win the Monkey Teams (i.e. Round 40 for Easy, 60 for Medium or Deflation, 80 for Hard, 100 for Impoppable / C.H.I.M.P.S.) while not following Monkey Teams will not revoke the reward; the player is free to place whatever towers they would like after they win a game and still keep their Monkey Teams reward.

Map Difficulty Easy Medium Hard Impoppable / C.H.I.M.P.S.
Beginner 3 5 8 12
Intermediate 4 8 12 17
Advanced 6 12 17 23
Expert 8 17 23 30


Specific Strategies[]

Main article: Monkey Teams (BTD6)/Strategies

Specific strategies for specific combos and such will be featured above.


  • Pick a hero that covers the weaknesses of the team, especially if the team lacks easily-affordable Camo Detection.
    • For instance, Etienne is a valuable hero for providing camo detection to all towers on screen, and can detect early Camo Bloons himself at level 5.
    • If all three tower types are expensive to start off with, such as the Mortar-Heli-Spactory combo, try adding a low-cost hero such as Quincy or Sauda to start off the game.
  • Some maps are completely incompatible with a currently running Monkey Teams. An example of this is Bomb-Village-Farm on Flooded Valley without Powers, or even with limited numbers of Powers. Play smart and do not play on maps where the given Monkey Teams is obviously impossible without Powers, since the Monkey Teams reward is too small to pay back for the use of powers.
  • Certain three-tower combos may completely lack an income option. Therefore, Impoppable may be too difficult to achieve without proper preparation.
  • Try taking advantage of harder game difficulties if the Monkey Teams lands on a map that is easy in comparison to its map difficulty tier. An example would be taking a greater challenge for Monkey Teams on Streambed or Downstream rather than Bazaar or Chutes on Intermediate Maps.
  • Please note that the Monkey Teams rewards for sub-modes of Easy, Medium, or Hard are no different from their Standard Mode counterparts, regardless of special game modifiers or completion status. An exception can be made for Impoppable, as a Monkey Teams played on either Impoppable or CHIMPS rewards more Monkey Money compared to Hard, and holding a decision between Impoppable and CHIMPS can be made on easier maps.
  • On CHIMPS, the Retry Last Round functionality allows players to retry from the last round without backing out of the game, which avoids needing to exit the game or paying extra Monkey Money to retry the last round. Exiting the game risks the current Monkey Teams from changing rotation.


Specific Rewards[]

Specific Rewards (Beginner)[]

Specific Rewards (Intermediate)[]

Specific Rewards (Advanced)[]

Specific Rewards (Expert)[]

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  • When Version 26.0 was first released, the first event running on the first day of Version 26.0 was Monkey Teams. Two days later, the beginning of the alternation between Monkey Teams and Golden Bloon every two days began.
  • Acccording to Ninja Kiwi's August 20th 2021 blog, Ninja Kiwi states that Monkey Teams is completely random, with exceptions being "totally pants combos".
  • If the Mortar Monkey is available on the map Frozen Over, and it's used to get the Cave Monkey, it will not affect Monkey Teams.
  • Even though Monkey Teams centers around placing a team of up to three pre-determined tower types, it is possible to win Monkey Teams with only the Hero and/or Powers. This is because the game only really considers the breaking of rules when non-qualifying tower types are added.