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Shoots homing torp-e-darts at nearby Bloons. Must be placed in water.
~ In-game description

Monkey Sub is a Military-class tower in Bloons TD 6. The tower retains its name and role from the Bloons TD 5 Generation, with significant additions. It received a select few teasers prior to the game's release, one of them being an in-game showcase of a 2-0-0 Sub on Spice Islands and Streambed interacting with Line of Sight.

Monkey Subs shoot homing darts with moderate seeking every 0.75s, popping up to two bloons each by default. It can gain unique benefits that greatly assist its overall cost-effective power, including a unique extensible range upgrade, the option to submerge, and unstoppable missile-launching at incoming blimps. It is also one of two fully aquatic non-hero water towers in the game, the other being Monkey Buccaneer.

It costs $275 on Easy, $325 on Medium, $350 on Hard, and $390 on Impoppable by default.


The Monkey Sub makes a return in BTD6. It can be upgraded as a support tower or as an attack tower. It has also received a substantially greater choice of support/attack capabilities, including an upgrade that supports other Subs.

Path 1 focuses on range & support. Starting off with it gaining longer range & capability to shoot at bloons within the range of other towers, before converting itself into a support tower (which can still unsubmerge and attack using its guns), capable of decamoing bloons, popping bloons and reducing nearby water tower cooldowns. With its Tier 5, it has the capability to reduce all cooldowns, and can even affect a hero's levelling speed.

Path 2 focuses on Pierce & later on, dealing huge damage to MOAB Class bloons, starting off with an upgrade to the Sub's pierce & an upgrade that makes all darts pop frozen and lead bloons. Later on it becomes a submarine, capable of shooting missiles that deal extra damage to Ceramics & MOAB Class bloons, with the subs range increasing noticeably. It then gains an ability that can deal massive damage to a target bloon, plus deals splash damage to all bloons in its explosion radius. The Tier 5 retains said ability, can launch it with a shorter cooldown, with its missile attacks being launched at a much faster pace, dealing nearly twice the damage compared to what they did before, and gaining another attack which is passively launches hugely damaging missiles when a MOAB Class bloon enters the screen.

Path 3 focuses on attack speed. Starting off with the Sub gaining another gun, and gaining darts that can split into multiple projectiles. It then gains a third gun, before gaining special darts that can deal extra damage to MOAB Class & Ceramic bloons, much like the middle path does, except with their darts instead of using another projectile. Its Tier 5 further improves its own attack speed, damage, and gives extra damage and pierce to all other subs in its radius.

Target Priorities[]

Monkey Subs use the four basic target priorities (First, Last, Close, Strong) to target at bloons, and can gain access to the Submerge target priority once the Submerge and Support upgrade is bought. The following are a list of target priorities a Sub can use:

  • Submerge: Submerges the submarine, letting it create only submersible attacks instead of its other attacks. Initially gains only decamo, but can also gain additional benefits upon upgrading. When given Bloontonium Reactor or Energizer, the submarine gains an AoE effect that decamos and pops bloons.
  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.

Monkey Sub's upgrades interact with target priorities in different ways:

  • Advanced Intel extends its range to see the range of other towers, which modifies how its target priorities would aim as if the extensive range is part of the Sub's range.
  • Ballistic Missile's missiles trigger when bloons are detected within range and each missile subsequently targets a bloon based on the Sub's target priority at the time of launch.
  • First Strike Capability's ability is locked on Strong and affects any bloon on screen no matter where it is.
  • Pre-Emptive Strike's passive ability always targets incoming blimps spawned from the entrance(s).
  • Sub Commander's buff affects all Monkey Subs within range, or all with "Sub Admiral" MK.


Path 1[]

Longer Range
COST: $110 / $130 / $140 / $155

Description: Increases attack range.
Effect: Gains +10 range.
Advanced Intel
COST: $425 / $500 / $540 / $600

Description: Allows long range targeting of Bloons in radius of your other towers.
Effect: Allows the Monkey Sub to target any bloon within the range of any tower on screen. Can target Camo Bloons detected in the range of any tower with direct camo detection.
Submerge and Support
COST: $595 / $700 / $755 / $840
UNLOCK: 2,250 XP

Description: Adds Submerge targeting option that permanently reveals Camo bloons in its radius but does not attack while submerged.
Effect: Gains the Submerge targeting option. When active, it produces a non-damaging decamo wave every 1.5s that hits up to 100 affected bloons within range, but the Sub cannot use other attacks while submerged.
Bloontonium Reactor
COST: $1,955 / $2,300 / $2,485 / $2,760
UNLOCK: 11,000 XP

Description: Submerge to detect Camo, pop Bloons and reduce ability cooldowns of nearby water-based Monkeys by 15%.
Effect: When submerged, creates a radioactive damage zone that pops up to 50 bloons every cycle, decamos much faster, and reduces ability cooldowns of nearby water-based towers by 15%. Unsubmerged dart deals 2 damage instead of 1.
COST: $24,650 / $29,000 / $31,320 / $34,800
UNLOCK: 33,000 XP

Description: Reduces ability cooldowns everywhere by 20%. While in radius, heroes earn XP 50% faster and water Monkey ability cooldowns are halved.
Effect: Submerging allows its damage zone to deal 5 damage per cycle instead of 1, +5 versus Ceramics, reduces ability cooldowns of all towers on screen by 20%, gives nearby heroes with 50% more XP, and nearby water-based towers gain 50% reduced ability cooldowns instead of 15%. Main dart and airburst attack damage increased from 1 to 5.

Path 2[]

Barbed Darts
COST: $380 / $450 / $485 / $540

Description: Sub's darts can pop an additional 3 bloons each. Enhances pierce of other weapons.
Effect: Darts pop 5 bloons per shot instead of 2. Also gives Reactors and Submerge Sub decamo pulses +50 pierce.
Heat-tipped Darts
COST: $255 / $300 / $325 / $360

Description: Heat tipped darts allow the Monkey Sub to pop Frozen and Lead Bloons.
Effect: Darts can pop Frozen and Lead Bloons, and Reactors can pop Lead Bloons and allow the radiation to inflict bonus damage to Leads.
Ballistic Missile
COST: $1,145 / $1,350 / $1,460 / $1,620
UNLOCK: 3,000 XP

Description: Missile seeks target within range and does extra MOAB and Ceramic damage.
Effect: Gains a ballistic missile attack. Missiles fly in the sky and crash onto the target bloon. Missile explosions deal 6 damage to MOAB-class and Ceramics, and pop up to 60 bloons. Also gains +8 range.
First Strike Capability
COST: $11,050 / $13,000 / $14,040 / $15,600
UNLOCK: 20,000 XP

Description: First Strike Ability: A devastating missile strike targeting the largest bloon on screen, plus splash damage.
Effect: Ability shoots a large missile that deals 10,000 damage onto the strongest bloon on screen plus a splash with 350 damage onto up to 80 bloons.
Pre-Emptive Strike
COST: $24,650 / $29,000 / $31,320 / $34,800
UNLOCK: 45,000 XP

Description: Automatically triggers a powerful missile attack whenever MOAB-Class Bloon spawns from the Bloon entrance.
Effect: Every time a MOAB-class bloon enters the screen, it will automatically inflict 750 damage to them. In addition, it gains even stronger and faster ballistic missiles and a faster ability cooldown.

Path 3[]

Twin Guns
COST: $380 / $450 / $485 / $540

Description: Added twin gun doubles attack speed, and enhances attack speed of other weapons.
Effect: Dart gains 2x attack speed, and the attack speed of alternate attacks increases.
Airburst Darts
COST: $850 / $1,000 / $1,080 / $1,200
UNLOCK: 1,000 XP

Description: Airburst darts split into 3 on impact for massively increased popping power.
Effect: Main dart now splits into 3 darts on impact.
Triple Guns
COST: $935 / $1,100 / $1,190 / $1,320
UNLOCK: 2,750 XP

Description: Adds a third gun for even faster firing.
Effect: Increases attack speed by 1.5x. Retains the Airburst Darts attack.
Armor Piercing Darts
COST: $2,550 / $3,000 / $3,240 / $3,600
UNLOCK: 10,000 XP

Description: Special AP darts gain increased damage and popping power, plus additional damage to MOAB class Bloons.
Effect: Main dart deals 2 damage on-hit, 4 versus MOAB-class, while airburst darts have 5 pierce per dart instead of 2 and deal 2 damage versus MOAB-class.
Sub Commander
COST: $21,250 / $25,000 / $27,000 / $30,000
UNLOCK: 25,000 XP

Description: Adds extra pierce and damage to Commander and all Subs in its radius.
Effect: All Subs within range, including itself, deal double damage and gain +4 pierce. Also, the Sub Commander gains 2x attack speed.


Nautic Siege Core
COST: $340,000 / $400,000 / $432,000/ $480,000
UNLOCK: 1,000,000 XP
Description: Unfathomable range, power, and synergies with other Monkey Towers and Heroes put all Bloons under assault.
Effect: Incredibly fast-attacking cruise missiles that explode on contact and create airburst darts, and utilizes Advanced Intel to gain unfathomable range. Pre-emptively shoots missiles at every incoming target on screen. Can submerge to provide Energizer buffs plus exclusive benefits: 10% reduced Paragon ability cooldowns, heroes gain 7x damage and 3x pierce but attack 33% slower, nearby Monkey Subs except First Strike missiles gain 7x damage and 3x pierce. Final Strike Ability: Stops attacking during a 15-second countdown before firing three devastating nuclear missiles that produce enormous double-blasting explosions that also burst out radioactive fallout that hurt bloons that pass by.

Total Costs[]


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Path 1
Base Cost 110 425 425 2,125 24,650
Cumulative Cost 385 810 1,235 3,360 28,010
Base Sell 77 297.5 297.5 1,487.5 17,255
Cumulative Sell 269.5 567 864.5 2,352 19,607
Path 2
Base Cost 380 255 1,190 11,050 27,200
Cumulative Cost 655 910 2,100 13,150 40,350
Base Sell 266 178.5 833 7,735 19,040
Cumulative Sell 458.5 637 1,470 9,205 28,245
Path 3
Base Cost 380 850 935 2,550 21,250
Cumulative Cost 655 1,505 2,440 4,990 26,240
Base Sell 266 595 654.5 1,785 14,875
Cumulative Sell 458.5 1,053.5 1,708 3,493 18,368


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Path 1
Base Cost 130 500 500 2,500 29,000
Cumulative Cost 455 955 1,455 3,955 32,955
Base Sell 91 350 350 1,750 20,300
Cumulative Sell 318.5 668.5 1,018.5 2,768.5 23,068.5
Path 2
Base Cost 450 300 1,400 13,000 32,000
Cumulative Cost 775 1,075 2,475 15,475 47,475
Base Sell 315 210 980 9,100 22,400
Cumulative Sell 542.5 752.5 1,732.5 10,832.5 33,233.5
Path 3
Base Cost 450 1,000 1,100 3,000 25,000
Cumulative Cost 775 1,775 2,875 5,875 30,875
Base Sell 315 700 770 2,100 17,500
Cumulative Sell 542.5 1,242.5 2,012.5 4,112.5 21,612.5


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Path 1
Base Cost 140 540 540 2,700 31,320
Cumulative Cost 490 1,030 1,570 4,270 35,590
Base Sell 98 378 378 1,890 21,924
Cumulative Sell 343 721 1,099 2,989 24,913
Path 2
Base Cost 485 325 1,510 14,040 34,560
Cumulative Cost 835 1,160 2,670 16,680 51,240
Base Sell 340 227 1,057 9,807 24,192
Cumulative Sell 584.5 812 1,869 11,697 35,889
Path 3
Base Cost 485 1,080 1,190 3,240 27,000
Cumulative Cost 835 1,915 3,105 6,345 33,345
Base Sell 340 756 833 2,268 18,900
Cumulative Sell 584.5 1,340.5 2,173.5 4,441.5 23,341.5


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Path 1
Base Cost 155 600 600 3,000 34,800
Cumulative Cost 545 1,145 1,745 4,745 39,545
Base Sell 109 420 420 2,100 24,360
Cumulative Sell 381.5 801.5 1,221.5 3,321.5 27,681.5
Path 2
Base Cost 540 360 1,680 15,600 38,400
Cumulative Cost 930 1,290 2,970 18,570 56,970
Base Sell 378 252 1,176 10,920 26,880
Cumulative Sell 651 903 2,079 12,999 39,879
Path 3
Base Cost 540 1,200 1,320 3,600 30,000
Cumulative Cost 930 2,130 3,450 7,050 37,050
Base Sell 378 840 924 2,520 21,000
Cumulative Sell 651 1,491 2,415 4,935 25,935


See also: Monkey Sub (BTD6)/Strategies


Monkey Subs are versatile support-oriented water units with a well-rounded amount of DPS and accuracy. They possess cheap utility and have many options for dealing with grouped and single-target bloons from a wide range. However, as they are limited to water and generally have only moderate pierce, their true potential requires considerably high synergies.


  • 0-0-0 Sub and 0-0-0 Dart are great partners to start off CHIMPS, as the Sub deals with stronger bloons and accurately hitting them, while Dart provides the extra popping power needed to beat Rounds 6-8.
  • Base Subs are good at catching stray bloons. Base Sub is also quite cost-effective for its attack speed and rather good range.

Additional Strategies[]

Monkey Knowledge[]

This section displays Monkey Knowledge that has effects on a Monkey Sub and its changes when compared to one by default:

  • NavalUpgradesIcon Naval Upgrades: All Monkey Subs get +1 pierce.
    • Base pierce increased from 2 → 3.
  • EliteMilitaryTrainingIcon Elite Military Training: All Military Monkeys get a one-off +1000 XP and earn XP in-game 5% faster permanently.
  • BreakingBallisticIcon Breaking Ballistic: Ballistic Missiles do +1 damage to Ceramic Bloons.
    • Base Ballistic Missile attack will deal 6 damage instead of 5 versus Ceramic Bloons.
  • QuadBurstIcon Quad Burst: Airburst Darts split into 4 instead of 3.
  • FlankingManeuversIcon Flanking Maneuvers: Attacks 10% faster when set targeting priority to "Last".
  • BeneathTheWavesIcon Sub Admiral: Sub Commander affects all Monkey Subs on screen.
  • MilitaryConscriptionIcon Military Conscription: First military tower costs only ⅔ of the original cost.
    • Monkey Sub base cost from $275, $325, $350, and $390 → $185, $220, $235, and $260 on Easy, Medium, Hard, and Impoppable, respectively.
  • AdvancedLogisticsIcon Advanced Logistics: All Military Monkeys base costs reduced by 5%.
    • Monkey Sub base cost from $275, $325, $350, and $390 → $260, $310, $335, and $370 on Easy, Medium, Hard, and Impoppable, respectively.
      • If Military Conscription is also enabled, the final cost will be $170, $200, $220, and $240.
  • MonkeyEducationIcon Monkey Education: All Monkeys XP earn rate increased by 8%.
  • BetterSellDealsIcon Better Sell Deals: All Monkeys sell for 5% more.
    • Increases sell potency from 70% to 75%.
  • VeteranMonkeyTrainingIcon Veteran Monkey Training: All Monkeys reload time reduced by 3%.
  • GlobalAbilityCooldownsIcon Global Ability Cooldowns: All Ability cooldowns for all Monkeys reduced by 3%.

Version History[]

Differences Between BTD5 and BTD6[]

Listed are comparisons of the Monkey Sub in BTD6 compared to BTD5. Takes into account Flash and Mobile versions.

  • Change Various upgrade adjustments throughout the Monkey Sub's upgrades, including letting Barbed Darts, Ballistic Missile, and First Strike Capability be placed onto Path 2, and putting Twin Guns and Airburst Darts on the new Path 3.
  • BUFF Barbed Darts now has more pierce (3 → 4)
  • NERF Barbed Darts costs more ($300 → $450)
  • NERF Airburst Darts costs more ($750 → $1000)
  • NERF Bloontonium Reactor pierce decreased (infinite → 50)
  • BUFF Bloontonium Reactor can receive faster attack speed or increased pierce with crosspaths
  • Change Ballistic Missile now uses infinite-ranged lobbed missile launch instead of infinite-ranged projectile-based missiles.
  • NERF First Strike Capability now requires an initial cooldown before initial activation.

Balance Changes[]

Initial release (compared to BTD5)

Note: Lists all balance changes implemented for the Monkey Sub when it was first released in Bloons TD 6 (June 14th 2018) in comparison to Bloons TD 5. Takes into account Flash and Mobile versions of Bloons TD 5.

  • Change Various upgrade adjustments throughout the Monkey Sub's upgrades, including letting Barbed Darts, Ballistic Missile, and First Strike Capability be placed onto Path 2, and putting Twin Guns and Airburst Darts on the new Path 3.
  • BUFF Barbed Darts now has more pierce (3 → 4)
  • NERF Barbed Darts costs more ($300 → $450)
  • NERF Airburst Darts costs more ($750 → $1000)
  • NERF Bloontonium Reactor pierce decreased (infinite → 30)
  • Change Ballistic Missile now uses infinite-ranged lobbed missile launch instead of infinite-ranged projectile-based missiles.
  • NERF First Strike Capability now requires an initial cooldown before initial activation.
  • BUFF 4-x-x Bloontonium Reactor pierce greatly increased (30 → 70).
  • BUFF 5-x-x Energizer pierce massively increased (30 → 1000).
  • BUFF 5-x-x Energizer now gives a cooldown bonus to all towers on screen, along with a higher bonus to any water towers within radius.
  • BUFF x-4-x First Strike Capability price decreased ($20,000 → $13,000).
  • BUFF x-x-2+ Airburst darts will now receive benefits from all external sources including the x-x-5 Sub Commander and top path Alchemist buffs.
  • BUFF x-5-x Pre-emptive Strike ballistic missile attack bonus damage increased from +4 to +10.
  • BUFF x-x-x Base Sub pierce increased from 1 to 2 (This is not added to Airburst darts).
  • BUFF 5-x-x Energizer zone radiation damage increased from 1 to 3.
  • BUFF x-x-4 Armor Piercing Darts main dart damage increased from 1 to 2, Main dart and Airbursts deal x2 to MOABs for a total of 4 damage on initial hit with 2 damage Airbursts.
  • BUFF x-3-x Ballistic Missile fire rate increased from 2s to 1.5s.
  • BUFF x-5-x Preemptive Strike's ballistic missile rate increased from 2s to 0.5s.
  • BUFF x-x-5 Sub Commander now also buffs itself.
  • BUFF x-x-5 Sub Commander now has double the attack rate.
  • BUFF x-5-x Pre-emptive Strike price reduced from $40,000 to $35,000.
  • BUFF 5-x-x Energizer price reduced from $40,000 to $32,000.
  • NERF x-4-x First Strike Capability ability damage reduced from 16,700 to 10,000.
  • NERF x-x-2 Airburst darts pierce of each burst projectile reduced from 3 to 2.
  • BUFF x-5-x Pre-emptive Strike price reduced from $35,000 to $32,000.
  • BUFF x-5-x Pre-emptive Strike ability cooldown reduced from 60s to 45s.
  • BUFF 1-x-x Longer Range range increased from 8 to 10.
  • BUFF 4-1-0 Bloontonium Reactor gains 20% increased pierce from 70 to 84.
  • BUFF 4-2-0 Bloontonium Reactor gains increased damage to Lead +1.
  • BUFF 3-0-1 Submerge and Support Sub gains increased pulse rate 1.5s to 1.275.
  • BUFF 3-0-2 Submerge and Support Sub gains increased pulse rate 1.5s to 0.95625.
  • BUFF 4-0-1 Bloontonium Reactor gains increased damage pulse rate 0.3s to 0.255.
  • BUFF 4-0-2 Bloontonium Reactor gains increased damage pulse rate 0.3s to 0.19125.
  • NERF x-3-x Ballistic Missile range reduced to 60, matching the regular sub attack.
  • BUFF 1-x-x Longer Range increases the range of Ballistic Missile.
  • BUFF x-3-x Ballistic Missile price reduced from $1,500 to 1,400.
  • BUFF x-3-x Ballistic Missile Ceramic+ damage increased from 5 to 6.
  • BUFF x-3-x Ballistic Missile range increased from 42 to 60.
  • BUFF 2-3-0 Ballistic Missile attack gains full map coverage.
  • BUFF 0-3-1 Ballistic Missile attack rate increased from 1.5s to 1.275.
  • BUFF 0-3-2 Ballistic Missile attack rate increased from 1.5s to 0.75.
  • BUFF x-x-5 Sub Commander now applies 2x damage to Energizer & Ballistic Missiles.
  • BUFF x-x-5 Sub Commander increases Lead bonus of 4-2-0 Bloontonium Reactor from 1 to 2.
  • BUFF x-x-5 Sub Commander increases Energizer damage by 2x.
  • BUFF x-x-5 Sub Commander increases Ballistic Missile Multi-HP Bloon damage from 6 to 12.
  • NERF Ballistic Missile range reduced (60 → 50, only +8 range).
  • NERF 0-3-1 Ballistic Missile crosspath's fire rate reduced from 1.275s to 1.3125s.
  • NERF 0-3-2 Ballistic Missile crosspath's fire rate reduced from 0.75s to 0.984375s.
  • NERF Ballistic Missile's splash should no longer hit Camo without Camo Detection.
The cost efficiency of Sub Commander's +5 pierce favored low tiers more than we'd like. Fortunately other paths of sub don't care so much about pierce, so as xx4 AP Darts gives its own large pierce increase we hope lowering the amount of this buff slightly will make driving to T4 more meaningful.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF x-x-5 Sub Commander pierce buff reduced from 5 to 4.
Ballistic Missile previously had far too much attack speed added into the crosspath and was rebalanced for parity, but the overall performance loss from this was too much. Better balance will come from the base rate of Ballistic Missile itself.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 0-3-0 Ballistic Missile missile reload time reduced from 1.5s to 1.3s. Also carries over crosspaths with Path 3. Doesn't affect Pre-Emptive Strike, left at 0.5s.
    • BUFF 0-3-1: 1.3125s → 1.1375s
    • BUFF 0-3-2: 0.984375s → 0.853125s
As Bloontonium Reactor rarely uses up enough pierce that the pierce crosspath would ever matter, a large chunk of this has been moved into the middle crosspath.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF 4-0-0 Bloontonium Reactor pierce decreased (70 → 50).
  • NERF 4-1-0 Bloontonium Reactor pierce decreased (84 → 70).
  • BUFF 4-2-0 Bloontonium Reactor pierce increased (84 → 100).
  • NERF [Undocumented] 5-1-0 and 5-2-0 Energizer has less pierce (1,200 → 1,020 for 5-1-0, 1,200 → 1,050 for 5-2-0).
As Airburst Darts alone already gives a huge benefit to the tower regardless of not applying any crosspath buff, some of the attack speed benefit this upgrade gave to 032 Ballistic Missile has instead been moved into the base 030 Missile.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 0-3-0 Ballistic Missile missile attack delay reduced from 1.3s to 1.105s. Base delay decrease does not carry over to Pre-Emptive Strike.
  • NERF 0-3-2 Ballistic Missile missile rate buff reduced from 0.75x attack cooldown to 0.90x attack cooldown.
    • NERF Overall 0-3-2 attack cooldown increased (0.853s to 0.870s).
  • NERF 0-5-2 Pre-Emptive's Ballistic Missile missile rate buff reduced from 0.75x attack cooldown to 0.90x attack cooldown
    • i.e., attack rate reduced from 0.328125s to 0.39375s
Ballistic Missile’s 230 crosspath has been in a confusing spot for a while where it functioned different to Advanced Intel, so it has been converted to function with Advanced Intel in the same way that any other Sub upgrade would. Additionally First Strike's secondary explosion has had its target count reduced slightly.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Change 230 Ballistic Missile now benefits from Advanced Intel's targeting in the same way as all other sub attacks to instead seek the radius from other towers on the map.
    • NERF This means the 2-3-0 Ballistic Missile attack will no longer have purely infinite range and depends on other towers to build range.
    • BUFF However, Advanced Intel missiles can now detect Camo Bloons in the range of other towers with Camo Detection; previously, they could not detect camo this way.
  • NERF First Strike ability secondary AoE pierce lowered from infinite -> 80
The logic on a Lead crosspath not being required to give Lead popping to an attack based on something weak against Lead has never sat right, so we're finally sorting that out and making sub a little angrier.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Bloontonium Reactor damage type changed from Normal Normal Type (pops Black, White, Purple, Lead, Frozen) to Shatter Shatter Type (pops Black, White, Purple, Frozen). Bloontonium Reactor now requires Heat-Tipped Darts to regain Normal damage type.
Increasing the strength of the basic Ballistic Missile attack on the Pre-Emptive Strike sub, so that it can bring a little more to the table after the initial single hit on each spawn.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Pre-Emptive Strike missile damage increased from 1 → 10
  • BUFF Pre-Emptive Strike missile ceramic damage increased from +10 → +15
  • BUFF Pre-Emptive Strike missile MOAB damage increased from +10 → +15
Previously the rate increase to Ballistic Missile from crosspath was reduced due to Airburst having enough value on it’s own. This reason still applies as Airburst provides a significant power boost just on it’s own, so all rate increase has been removed from Airburst and applied directly to the base Ballistic Missile to help crosspath diversity slightly.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 0-3-0 Ballistic Missile attack rate increased (1.10s → 0.994s). Does not affect Pre-Emptive Strike.
  • BUFF 0-3-1 Ballistic Missile attack rate increased (0.995s → 0.86975s). Does not affect Pre-Emptive Strike.
  • NERF 0-3-2 Ballistic Missile no longer grants an attack speed buff to Ballistic Missiles.
  • NERF 0-5-2 Pre-Emptive Strike no longer grants an attack speed buff to Ballistic Missiles.
    • i.e., Ballistic Missile attack rate reduced from 0.39375s to 0.4375s
Energizer upgrade offers nothing extra to the reactor sub aside from niche utility buffs, so we have increased the lategame cleanup potential by a large amount to help deal with Super Ceramics..
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Energizer damage increased 3 -> 5
  • BUFF Energizer now adds bonus damage to ceramics +5
Similar types of camo reveal like Shimmer/Signal Flare/Embrittlement are all pierce limited, but the Submerge sub has practically infinite pierce while also being extremely cheap with a very fast rate and a T4 that is far better at camo removal than those other towers can reach. Giving this upgrade a more reasonable pierce value brings these more in line and allows for the pierce crosspath to have some potential meaning.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Submerge and Support camo pulse pierce reduced from infinite to 100, with Barbed Darts increase to 120 and with Heat-tipped Darts increase to 150
  • NERF Energizer camo pulse reduced from infinite to 1000
You guys seem to think this would be nice, so here it is.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF First Strike main ballistic attack splash radius increased 18 -> 24
The use of Pre-emptive with power mostly limited to damage only to top-layer leaves it in a small niche that can’t totally function on its own, so we’re slightly improving its ceramic cleanup and lowering the upgrade cost to allow more leeway for combinations to pair with it.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Pre-Emptive Strike price reduced ($32,000 → $29,000)
  • BUFF Pre-Emptive Strike missile bonus to Ceramic increased (+15 → +20)
We have come back a number of times to add, fix & balance sub crosspathing, over years of learning though it currently feels messy and we'd like simplification. Heat-Tipped Darts doesn't increase base sub pierce, so it feels silly to require it for maximum pierce on Submerged subs. Likewise Airburst shouldn't be required to maximize the rate of submerged subs, instead we'd rather give people an easier way to work with the Airburst attack if they desire to upgrade to it so 'Submerge' is moving to a new Tower Special rather than target priority. Ballistic Missiles always had excessive pierce for what it is, so this is being cut back on.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Change Submerge and Support's "Submerge" targeting option is now a button activated by "Tower Special" instead of within the main targeting priorities
  • NERF Submerge and Support cost increased from $500 to $700
  • BUFF 3-1-0 Submerge and Support decamo pierce increased 120 to 150, matching 3-2-0.
  • BUFF 3-0-1 Submerge and Support decamo attack cooldown reduction multiplier increased from 0.85x to 0.70x. Total attack speed bonus increased from +17.6% to +42.9%.
  • NERF 3-0-2 Submerge and Support no longer reduces attack cooldown of the decamo by 0.75x. Total cumulative attack speed bonus reduced from +56.86% to +42.9%.
  • BUFF Bloontonium Reactor price reduced from $2500 to $2300
  • BUFF 4-1-0 Bloontonium Reactor radiation pierce increased 70 to 100, matching 4-2-0.
  • BUFF 4-0-1 Bloontonium Reactor radiation attack cooldown reduction multiplier increased from 0.85x to 0.70x. Total attack speed bonus increased from +17.6% to +42.9%.
  • NERF 4-0-2 Bloontonium Reactor no longer reduces attack cooldown of the radiation and decamo by 0.75x. Total cumulative attack speed bonus reduced from +56.86% to +42.9%.
  • BUFF Ballistic Missile price reduced from $1400 to $1350
  • NERF Ballistic Missile pierce reduced from 100 to 60
  • NERF 0-3-x Ballistic Missile reload time increased from 0.9945s to 1s
  • NERF 0-3-1 Ballistic Missile reload time increased from 0.870s to 0.875s
As currently nothing else ever happens with the main attack beyond T2 on the top path we want to give Energizer a little more power here to promote reason to un-submerge, although knowing how well this attack scales in terms of buffability we’re starting off with a careful amount to not take this too far.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Energizer main dart attack damage increased from 1 to 5
  • BUFF 5-0-2 Energizer airburst attack damage increased from 1 to 5
Bloontonium Reactor’s unsubmerged damage is increasing to encourage unsubmerged possibilities. The bonus to Lead on Reactor currently doesn't apply to T5, so this bonus is being carried up and improved along with a small price reduction to Energizer as strategies using it have fallen somewhat in viability. Nautic Siege Core’s hero buff is being improved as currently this is an under-utilized part of the tower.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Bloontonium Reactor dart and airburst damage increased from 1 to 2. Does not affect Energizer dart (5).
  • BUFF 5-2-0 Energizer now gains +5 bonus damage to Lead when submerged
  • BUFF Energizer cost reduced from $32,000 to $31,000
  • BUFF Nautic Siege Core's Hero attack cooldown penalty reduced from 1.5x to 1.3x
  • BUFF Nautic Siege Core's Hero damage multiplier increased from 5x to 6x
    • Note: Ninja Kiwi stated that the Hero damage multiplier increased from 4x to 5x. This is false; what is correct, however, is that the bonus percentage damage is raised from +400% to +500%.

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

  • Monkey Sub darts will now always home even without Advanced Intel.
  • 2-x-x Advanced Intel has been reworked considerably.
  • 2-3-0 Ballistic Missile now gains camo detection from advanced intel.
  • 2-0-2 Airburst Darts now mostly hit Camo Bloons when they should.
  • 0-0-2 Airburst darts will no longer split into the incorrect number of projectiles when the main dart expires because of the round ending.
  • 0-0-2 Airburst Darts are no longer capped to 1 pierce from Monkey Knowledge.
  • 0-5-0 Pre-Emptive Strike can now always hit targets that have been glued.
  • 2-0-0 Advanced Intel should now correctly hit DDT's while under an MIB.
  • 2-0-0 Advanced Intel should no longer fail to correctly home on the first shot fired each round.
  • 0-4-0 First Strike Capability will no longer lock up the game when hitting black bloons.
  • 2-3-0 Ballistic Missile should now correctly have unrestricted range.
  • 0-4-0 First Strike should no longer crash the game when destroying a BAD.
  • 5-0-0 Energizer Sub should correctly apply bonus XP to heroes.
  • 4+-0-0 buffs now apply correctly to other towers.
  • 2-x-x Advanced Intel no longer waits until the center pixel of blimps comes into radius before attacking.
  • 3+-x-x Monkey Subs can now be overclocked by Engineers.
  • Placing a Sub Commander within range of a Village will no longer cause the Sub Admiral Monkey Knowledge to fail.
  • 2-x-x Advanced Intel no longer permanently breaks after being placed back down from a Door Gunner. Note that intel itself still can not apply when used as a Door Gunner.
    • According to NK developer Rohan, this is due to performance issues.
  • 2-x-x Sub portrait has been corrected to fit the model better.
  • x-5-x Pre-Emptive Strike description "reworded as the effect is very different to 'MOAB Assassin'".
  • Sub Ducky Pet released.
  • Change x-4-x First Strike Capability Description changed to reflect the presence of splash damage in the ability.
    • [Undocumented] Changed from "First Strike ability: A devastating missile strike on the largest Bloon on screen." to "First Strike Ability: A devastating missile strike targeting the largest bloon on screen, plus splash damage."
  • x-5-x Pre-Emptive Strike corrected a typo for Pre-emptive Strike's description, where "missile" was mispelt as "missle".
  • Resolved some issues with x-x-5 Sub Commander not always correctly buffing the damage of x-5-x Pre-emptive Strike.
  • Monkey Sub x-x-1 animation states should no longer fall out of sync.
  • NERF 2-x-x Advanced Intel no longer gains camo detection from Lvl 1 Etienne or Dartling.
  • 3-x-x & 4-x-x Subs have had some optimizations to unnecessary code.
  • 4-x-x Sub correctly layers assets onto regrow Bloons again.
  • 5-x-x Sub inconsistencies resolved with how buffs were applying.
  • Change [Visual change] Submerge and Support should no longer be possible to disconnect tower location from visible model.
  • BUFF x4x First Strike Capability ability initial impact damage is now dealt before splash damage
  • BUFF 5xx Energizer should now correctly show it’s buff icon on Heroes below level 3
  • BUFF Resolved an issue where Retry Last Round removed the submerge option from Sub
  • BUFF Flanking Maneuvers MK now applies to the Sub Paragon
  • Change Submerge toggle now has cooldown art


When placed:

When changing to Submerge target priority:

When switching from Submerge to other priorities:

When activating First Strike Capability:


Official artwork[]


  • Monkey Sub has the lowest base cost of any Military Monkey in the game, at just $325 on Medium.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's November 12th 2021 blog, Monkey Subs and Monkey Buccaneers have disputes over what they both consider to be the best way to detect camo. Subs consider submersion as superior, while Buccaneers consider use of crow's nests to work better.
Two images of the Monkey Sub Tower with the missile port on the back of the sub open. The left image is an in-game screenshot of a 2-3-0 Monkey Sub, while the right image is a screenshot of a 2-4-0 Monkey Sub. Both subs feature missile ports with a low-resolution texture.

The missile port on a 2-3-0 sub and 2-4-0 sub

  • The hole on the sub from which the missiles emerge in X-3-X, X-4-X, and X-5-X subs is textured, but is a much lower resolution than most other textures in the game.