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Increase range slightly and allows the Wizard to hit Camo Bloons.
~ In-game description

Monkey Sense is the second upgrade on the third path for the Wizard Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It increases range of the Wizard Monkey by +10 (by default, a +25% increase), allow detection of Camo Bloons, and gains access to the Camo Prioritization targeting option. Unlike BTD5, this upgrade is along a different path to Fireball and all other fire-related upgrades.

This upgrade costs $255 on Easy, $300 on Medium, $325 on Hard, and $360 on Impoppable.



Potter wizard monkey

Monkey Sense detecting Camo Pinks and hurling bolts from further range

Monkey Sense upgrades the Wizard to see Camo Bloons. Visually, the monkey gains a pair of large thin black spectacles, along with a wide-brimmed wizard hat with purple crescents and a large purple gem on the front. The wizard hat has a light black base color. On crosspaths, Monkey Sense's spectacles do not appear for Tier 3 or above crosspaths nor Path 1 crosspaths, while the purple gem only disappears for exactly the 0-1-2 crosspath and all Tier 5 crosspaths.

The Monkey Sense in the upgrade portrait is holding a bolt gleefully.

The Wizard itself can detect and attack Camo Bloons, in addition to adding Camo Prioritization and +10 range. Besides that, there are no other differences.

Targeting Priorities[]

Monkey Sense targets bloons using the standard targeting priorities. It shoots straight movement projectiles.

  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.

Monkey Sense can access Camo Prioritization, allowing all its attacks to prioritize Camo Bloons over other types when this secondary targeting option is active.


Updated as of Version 43.0. Listed prices exclude external buffs, any sacrifices, and Monkey Knowledge.
[Module | Data] Purchase Sell
Costs Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade (X-X-2) $255 $300 $325 $360 -
Total (0-0-2) $785 $925 $1,000 $1,110 $550 $648 $700 $777
Crosspath (1-0-2) $910 $1,075 $1,160 $1,290 $637 $753 $812 $903
Crosspath (2-0-2) $1,290 $1,525 $1,645 $1,830 $903 $1,068 $1,152 $1,281
Crosspath (0-1-2) $1,040 $1,225 $1,325 $1,470 $728 $858 $928 $1,029
Crosspath (0-2-2) $1,720 $2,025 $2,190 $2,430 $1,204 $1,418 $1,533 $1,701

This upgrade's prices (or included crosspath's prices) are affected by the following MK: MagicTricksIcon Magic Tricks, BetterSellDealsIcon Better Sell Deals



In combination with the extra range, this upgrade gives the Wizard Monkey camo detection. In practice, Monkey Sense is useful with Path 2 for cheap Camo Lead popping power, or with Path 1 to pass walls and home energy at bloons. It is also useful for Arcane Spike to detect DDTs. Also, the capability to reach further can allow the Wizard to gain more opportunity to hit its targets from its wider range.


  • Buy this upgrade once there is an abundance of Camo Bloons or in preparations for Camo Bloons.
  • The extra range from Monkey Sense can be very helpful, even without the intention of going for camo detection. This is particularly the case with increasing coverage of Dragon's Breath's breath attack, as well as for Arcane Mastery and above upgrades.

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Mostly inherits buffs from Intense Magic and the base Wizard. However, Version 28.0 changed Monkey Sense to work as a camo specializer, gaining a Camo Prioritization target option that specifically targets Camos first. Also, Version 35.0 buffed the Monkey Sense to increase range, to allow more crosspathing interactions other than camo detection.

  • BUFF Main bolt has more pierce (7 → 8, from base Wizard buff and inherited from Intense Magic).
Instead of saying the same thing each time; many specific crosspaths that add a 'camo specialty' to a tower end up being viewed as rather inferior crosspaths due to camo being quite available to pick up through other methods. To give these upgrades more use even with other forms of camo reveal in play, we have added a brand new Camo Prioritization option that is added to the towers when taking this crosspath. When enabled this filter combines the selected target method with Camo Prioritization (e.g. Strong Camo would work through all Camos in strength order, then revert to normal Strong until any new Camos show up).
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Camo Prioritization
[...] but now xx2 crosspath will also improve range and can bring it back to what it was.[...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Monkey Sense now gain increases range from 40 → 50. This range buff does not affect other Path 3 upgrades.
  • NERF Monkey Sense is now required for Summon Phoenix's Phoenix to pop Camo Bloons

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

  • Change Description now partially changed from "Allows the Wizard to hit Camo Bloons. to ""Increase range slightly and allows the Wizard to hit Camo Bloons."

Extra Notes (Version History)[]


Official artwork[]


  • In BTD5, gaining a pair of large thin black spectacles was for the Tier 1 upgrades for the Monkey Apprentice, but in BTD6 only the 0-0-2, 0-1-2, and 0-2-2 upgrades wear similar glasses.
  • The Version 35.0 update giving more range for Monkey Sense makes this upgrade now more similar to the Crystal Ball premium upgrade from BTD4.