For the BTD5 counterpart, see Monkey Pirates (BTD5).
Adds 2 cannons to the ship and cannon attacks do more damage. MOAB Takedown Ability: harpoons a MOAB class Bloon and brings it down.
~ BTD6 descripton

Monkey Pirates is the fourth upgrade of Path 2 for the Monkey Buccaneer in BTD6. It is a returning upgrade from BTD5. Along with gaining the MOAB Takedown ability, which allows it to instakill the strongest MOAB-class bloon (up to BFBs and DDTs) with a single hook, this upgrade will now shoot a spray of three bombs per shot instead of just one, and all of its Cannon Ship bombs deal +1 damage. The ability can only be used for MOAB-class bloons, and the amount of money gained is exactly the same amount as if the entire blimp was popped manually ($381 for MOABs and DDTs, $1524 for BFBs, refer to the money table for further information on income per-pop penalties). Note that this amount can be enhanced with cash-per-pop generators such as Rubber to Gold and Monkey Town. There is a cooldown of 50 seconds before using the ability again.

This upgrade costs $3,825 on Easy, $4,500 on Medium, $4,860 on Hard, and $5,400 on Impoppable.

MOAB Takedown Ability[edit | edit source]

MOAB Takedown Ability is the Special Ability for the Monkey Pirates upgrade, an upgrade for the Monkey Buccaneer. It takes hold of the strongest MOAB-Class Bloon on the screen with a harpoon and destroys it completely (including its children). Z.O.M.Gs and BADs are immune to this. The player is rewarded an equivalent amount of money as if the whole blimp was destroyed in its individual parts. Adding Monkey Town adds +50% more income per dollar earned, and it can be enhanced further to +60% with Monkey City. Adding the Alchemist's Rubber to Gold does work on MOAB-class bloons, allowing a profit of 3x as much cash if the hooked blimp was affected.

In general, the player earns $381 for MOABs and DDTs hooked in this manner, or $1524 for BFBs. But, due to per-pop income penalties, the cash reward decreases at certain rounds. The following is a table of cash earnings for hooking in blimps at certain rounds:

Blimp Type Rounds
MOAB $381 $190.5 $76.2 $38.1
BFB $1,524 $762 $304.8 $152.4
DDT $381 $190.5 $76.2 $38.1

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Monkey Pirates is very much a jack-of-all-trades tower, dealing decent damage while offering the ability to take down a single MOAB, BFB, or DDT whenever most necessary. It deals decent grouped bloon damage with its improved extra damage three-cannon attacks, allowing it to deal good damage against regular bloons. Usually, Monkey Pirates is purchased for its ability to instakill early MOABs and early BFBs, but it can serve helpful bloon damage on later rounds.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Monkey Pirates does not require Crow's Nest to pull down DDTs, as the ability can pull blimps independent of camo detection.
  • Generally, Monkey Pirates is too much of a jack-of-all-trades tower, dealing decent damage while offering the ability to take down a single MOAB, BFB, or DDT. This makes it hard to fit into minmaxed strategies, as it would be difficult to juggle between maximizing the use of its instakill ability versus utilizing its relatively high bloon popping power.
    • What makes it worse is that its long ability cooldown means the ability will only be activated only every once in a while.
  • Just as with all Monkey Buccaneers, if it can shoot on both sides, its DPS will be effectively doubled.
  • By using MOAB Takedown, if acquired before round 40, it can be a way around having to defeat a MOAB, and can also be used on the round 60 BFB. It can easily be upgraded to Pirate Lord before round 80, easily taking down the ZOMG.
  • Unless there are Camo Bloons, use the 2-4-0 crosspath over the 0-4-2, in order to make its improved bomb attacks shoot much faster and to double the amounts of grapes per shot at a faster rate.
  • Try adding Bloontonium Reactor to decrease cooldown for the Monkey Pirates ability, for much faster hook-in rates.

Version History (BTD6)[edit | edit source]

Initial release


  • Buff.png Monkey Pirates cooldown reduced from 60 to 50
  • Buff.png Bomb attack damage increased from 1 to 2
  • Buff.png Monkey Pirates now shoots 3 bombs per shot instead of 1.
  • Buff.png [bug fix] Extra bombs now can (correctly) pop Camo Bloons when given camo detection
  • Buff.png [bug fix] x4x MOAB Takedown abilities from 2 seperate buccaneer should no longer sometimes target the same target when activated at the same time

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Monkey Pirates' MOAB Takedown Ability can actually add to the damage count, unlike BTD5.
  • In BTD5, the description says that it takes down MOAB-Class Bloons, but can hook normal Bloons instead if no MOAB-Class Bloons are present. While in BTD6, it can only hook MOAB-Class Bloons, similiar to the description.
  • In Version 17.0, the three-bomb buff now matches the visual artwork of the Monkey Pirates, which always had three rows of cannons per side.
  • A few hours after Version 17.0 was released, Monkey Pirates became the 69th unique 2MPC tower upgrade listed on the fan-official 2MPC spreadsheet.
  • On Version 17.0, there was a bug where the outer bombs did not hit camo bloons even with Crow's Nest crosspath.
    • This was fixed on Version 17.1.
  • On Version 18.0, the description was changed to mention the extra bombs and extra damage from bombs. Whereas Version 17.0 only modified the description such that they mention the extra amounts of bombs but without mention of extra damage of bombs: "[...] Main attack adds two more cannons."
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