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This page contains tips/strategies for Monkey Meadow.


Monkey Meadow is one of the easiest maps in the game, along with Cubism, Frozen Over and Logs, so pretty much anything goes. However, there are some towers the player can use to make their life easier:



(Note that the Hard Mode strategy should work for all easier modes (excluding deflation).

  • An early game (3-40) strategy for normal hard mode is to place a free Dart Monkey (if BonusMonkeyIcon Bonus Monkey! MK is enabled) to begin, then place Gwendolyn as soon as possible. The player will leak some lives, but not enough to put the player in immediate danger. When possible, place a Spike Factory. When possible, upgrade it to 0-2-3. A Banana Farm is recommended to have the money to purchase this. A Wizard Monkey (0-2-2) should be placed before round 30 for additional popping power. Soon after, upgrade the Wizard Monkey to 0-2-4 for even more popping power!
  • Around midgame (40-60) the player can start saving up cash for stronger upgrades. Placing 1 or two more Banana Farms is recommended. At round 57 or 58, the player should have enough money to purchase a Crossbow Master.
  • By round 67 the player should have enough money to purchase a second Crossbow Master (if MasterDoubleCrossIcon Master Double Cross MK is enabled), and that will leave the player with Hard mode completed on Monkey Meadow!

Magic Monkeys Only[]

Obyn's Army strategy

  • To start, place down Obyn Greenfoot in the curve farther from the entrance that has LoS (Line of Sight) with the entrance. When possible, place a Druid down opposite from Obyn. Upgrade the Druid to 2-0-2 as soon as possible (should be possible around the start of round 14). At the end of round 20, upgrade the Druid to 3-0-2. On round 24, place a Ninja Monkey next to Obyn to deal with Camo Bloons. On round 29, upgrade the Ninja to 2-0-2, and continue upgrading until the Ninja is 4-0-2. Placing an Alchemist is a good idea around the early game, as a 1-0-4 Alchemist will help the player gain a lot with money.
  • After the M.O.A.B. on round 40, focus on getting a |4-0-2 druid to help with the clusters of Bloons to come. For round 51, placing a Wizard Monkey and upgrading it to 0-2-2 is a minimum, as there are a lot of Camo Ceramics and Wall of Fire is amazing at dealing with these. After this, placing a bunch of Druids of Wrath within Obyn's radius is a good idea, as it is a strong tower for relatively cheap cost, and if saving for a while the player should certainly have the money for it! At the end of round 58, buy Shimmer on the 0-2-2 Wizard Monkey that was placed earlier to help deal with Camo Leads. In the middle of Round 69 the player should be able to buy a Bloon Master Alchemist. Congratulations! This single tower will carry for the rest of Magic Monkeys Only.
  • Before round 76, Upgrade the 0-2-3 Wizard Monkey into a 0-2-4 so that the player does not get overwhelmed by the Regrow rush.