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The Monkey Lab

Monkey Lab is a feature in Bloons TD 5 Mobile and Bloons TD 5 Steam. It was released on Version TBA. The Monkey Lab allows permanent upgrades to be bought with Tokens (Token.png) to enhance gameplay of each game.

It is available in the main menu, accessible by scrolling though and found between the "Social" building and the "Settings" building.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

In the Monkey Lab, the user can access 7 non-tower specific upgrades:

Upgrades Boosts (Level 1-8) Token.png Cost (Level 1-8) Boosts (Level 9-13) Token.png Cost (Level 9-13)
Popping Power
(increases pierce)
2%/4%/6%/8%/10%/12%/15%/20% 2/3/4/7/10/12/18/25 24%/28%/32%/36%/40% 35/40/45/50/60
Attack Speed
(faster firing)
2%/3%/4%/5%/7%/9%/12%/15% 2/3/4/5/10/12/18/25 18%/20%/22%/24%/26% 32/40/45/50/60
Starting Cash
(more cash at the beginning)
$10/$20/$40/$60/$90/$120/$160/$200 extra cash 1/2/4/6/10/12/20/25 $240/$280/$320/$360/$400 32/40/45/50/60
Starting Lives
(more lives at the beginning)
10/20/40/60/90/120/160/200 extra lives 1/2/4/6/10/12/20/25 240/280/320/360/400 32/40/45/50/60
Sell price
(sell towers for more refunds)
82%/83%/85%/87%/89%/91%/93%/95% of buy price as sell price 2/2/5/6/8/12/20/25 96%/97%/98%/98.5%/99% 32/40/45/50/60
Big Bloon Sabotage
(MOAB class bloons enter with less health)
2%/4%/6%/8%/10%/12%/15%/20% less HP for MOAB class bloons 2/3/4/5/7/10/17/35 22%/24%/26%/28%/30% 40/45/50/60/70
Hotter Cooldown
(abilities charge faster)
2%/4%/6%/8%/10%/12%/15%/20% less charge times 1/2/3/5/7/10/17/35 22%/24%/26%/28%/30% 40/45/50/60/70

Each of the above can be upgraded 8 times (13 times with Extreme Mastery unlocked), costing more tokens the higher the upgrade tier.

In total to max out all sections it would cost Token.png2209 (Token.png541 without Mastery upgrades), with each section being about Token.png315 each (Token.png77 without Mastery upgrades).

Mastery upgrades[edit | edit source]

Normally, the upgrades max out at Level 8. However, unlocking particular Mastery Modes will unlock more upgrades. The requirements of each consecutive Monkey Lab slot continually increase, requiring more and more different tracks to require full sets of medals.

Mastery unlocked Monkey Lab
slot unlocked
Requirements for unlocking
Master Mode &
Beginner Mastery
9th slot
Intermediate Mastery 10th slot
Advanced Mastery 11th slot
Expert Mastery 12th slot
Extreme Mastery 13th slot

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All upgrades cost the same when upgraded to the max level. This does not apply to mastery upgrades.

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