For Monkey Knowledge Packs from Bloons Monkey City, see Monkey Knowledge Packs.

Monkey Knowledge main menu as featured in Version 1.0.1, featuring 6 categories of upgrades

Monkey Knowledge is an upgrade system within Bloons TD 6. This menu has upgrade trees for Primary towers, Military towers, Magic towers, Support towers, Heroes, and Powers. Each tree features many upgrades for monkeys that can be unlocked with Knowledge Points.

After level 30, every level up will reward the player with 1 Knowledge Point to use. Some upgrades require a certain amount of points to be spent in the tree before taken and are lower on their tree. Previous upgrades have to be unlocked to unlock upgrades further down the tree that are more powerful. More knowledge points may be earned through achievements it takes (number) to get all have all the perks

It is possible to rank up straight to Rank 30 by going to the Monkey Knowledge menu and buying the purchase that unlocks Rank 30 immediately to start earning Monkey Knowledge. However, it costs $9.99 USD, and level 30 can often be reached very quickly so it is generally not advised. A single Monkey Knowledge point can also be purchased for $0.99 USD.

As of Version 2.0.0, Monkey Knowledge can also be toggled on or off. This can be helpful for testing towers or for practicing C.H.I.M.P.S. mode.

Version 3.0.0 has been the first version to add a new Monkey Knowledge, being the point There Can Be Only One, in the Magic Skill Tree.

As of version 4.0.0, a respec option has been added, allowing the player's Monkey Knowledge to be reset for a cost of Btd6monkeymoney2000. Using this will refund all of your Monkey Knowledge Points so you can assign them to other things you want.

As of version 15.0, a change was made where the fourth row of upgrades and further would also require Monkey Money to be purchased. This was done to allow for expansion into stronger and more powerful Monkey Knowledge as they are added to the game, and asks players to consider their choice through a resource that has value in other areas of the game.

The Monkey Money requirements for each knowledge point increases per row, with the fourth row of points costing Btd6monkeymoney250, the fifth costing Btd6monkeymoney500, and the sixth costing Btd6monkeymoney1000. Subsequent rows are fixed at the same price as the sixth row.

Knowledge RewardsEdit

The structure of the overall knowledge trees are difficult to understand at first, but with enough patience, it is possible to fully understand them.

It costs one Knowledge Point to access a new upgrade. For further upgrades, it may require a specific number of points in that tree before unlocking the upgrade, so note them in the tables.

(The "Requires X Points" statement can be ambiguous. However, what "Requires X Points" means is that a certain number of Monkey Knowledge must be invested in a specific Monkey Knowledge group in order to unlock the upgrade that requires X points, not that it can be unlocked upon the Xth investment into the specific Monkey Knowledge group. For example, "Requires 3 Points" means that there has to be at least 3 Monkey Knowledge Points invested above the displayed requirements line.)

Primary KnowledgeEdit

Name Prerequisites Description Other notes
Fast Tack Attacks No additional requirement Tack Shooter attack speed increased by 8%. -
Increased Lifespan No additional requirement Longer projectile lifespan for Dart Monkey, Bomb Shooter, Tack Shooter, and Glue Gunner. Does not apply to Ice Monkey's higher Path-3 upgrades, such as Cryo Cannon. (?)
Extra Dart Pops No additional requirement Dart Monkeys get +1 pierce to all shots. Base pierce increased to 3 from 2.
Poppy Blades Hard Tacks Blade Shooter upgrade gets +2 pierce. Blade Shooter pops 8 bloons per shot instead of 6.
Hard Tacks Fast Tack Attacks Tack Shooter tacks can pop Frozen Bloons. Reduces the utility of the Hot Shots upgrade.
Fast Glue Fast Tack Attacks Glue Gunner 10% increased attack speed. -
Fraggy Frags Increased Lifespan Frag bombs get 2 extra frags. There are now 10 Frags in each bomb.
Cheap 'Rangs Increased Lifespan Base cost of Boomerang Thrower reduced by 50. Discount is applied after price multiplier for other difficulties: the cost will always be $50 less than normal regardless of the difficulty.
Crossbow Reach Extra Dart Pops Crossbow range increased. Increases range of the Crossbow and its upgrades by 3 (from 56 to 59 for the Crossbow and the Sharp Shooter and from 76 to 79 for the Crossbow Master).
Big Inferno 5 Knowledge Points

Poppy Blades

Inferno Ring upgrade gets +3 burst radius. -
Icy Chill 5 Knowledge Points
Hard Tacks
Freeze radius slightly increased. Increases range by TBA%, a similar bonus amount to what Larger Radius would normally provide without this Knowledge.
More Splatty Glue 5 Knowledge Points

Fast Glue

Glue Splatter can affect up to 8 Bloons per shot. Increases Glue Splatter effect by 2. Increases the splash effect on The Bloon Solver with Glue Splatter from 16 to 18.
Budget Clusters 5 Knowledge Points

Fraggy Bombs

Bomb Shooter's Cluster Bombs cost reduced by 100. Discount is applied after price multiplier for other difficulties: the cost will always be $100 less than normal regardless of the difficulty.
Extra Bounce 5 Knowledge Points

Cheap 'Rangs

Increase Boomerang Ricochet to bounce up to 80 times. Increases the pierce of ricocheting Glaives, including M.O.A.R Glaives and Glaive Lord, by 30.
Ambidextrous Rangs 5 Knowledge Points
Extra Bounce
TBA Added in Version 18.0

Allows Boomerang Monkeys to have a target option that swaps throwing pattern from right-handed to left-handed and vice versa.

4 And 4 5 Knowledge Points

Crossbow Reach

Dart Monkey's triple shot gets 4 darts every 4th shot. -
Force vs Force 5 Knowledge Points

Crossbow Reach

Juggernaut does 3 damage per shot to MOAB-Class Bloons. Increases MOAB-class damage by 2. Also applies to sub-projectiles from the Ultra-Juggernaut.
So... Cold... 8 Knowledge Points

Icy Chill

Ice Monkey's Permafrost upgrade slows by 60%. Increases effect from 50% to 60%.
Aviation Grade Glue 8 Knowledge Points

More Splatty Glue

MOAB Glue slows more than normal. Slowdown effect for MOAB-class bloons increases from 37.5% slowdown to 50% slowdown, or MOAB-class bloons slow down to 50% speed instead of 62.5% speed.
Mega Mauler Aviation Grade Glue

Hard Press

MOAB Mauler does more damage per hit. Increases MOAB-class damage by 2. MOAB Maulers and non-ability MOAB Assassins will deal 21 damage to MOAB-class instead of 19 (18 instead of 16 before version 16.0, 13 instead of 11 before Version 4.0), while non-ability MOAB Eliminators will deal 82 damage instead of 80.
Hard Press 8 Knowledge Points

Extra Bounce

MOAB Press special knockback boomerangs push back 30% further. -
Master Double Cross 8 Knowledge Points

4 And 4

Allows you to have TWO Crossbow Masters. Allows for the purchase of two Crossbow Masters on the same map.
Big Cryo Blast 10 Knowledge Points

So... Cold...

Cryo Cannon gets increase blast radius. Increases effect by TBA% from TBA%.
Hypothermia 10 Knowledge Points

So... Cold...

Snowstorm can freeze White and Zebra Bloons. Reduces the utility of the Absolute Zero upgrade.
Cheaper Solution 10 Knowledge Points

Aviation Grade Glue

Bloon Liquifier cost reduced by 1000. Discount is applied after price multiplier for other difficulties: the cost will always be $1000 less than normal regardless of the difficulty.
Violent Impact 10 Knowledge Points

Budget Clusters

Bomb Shooter's Bloon Impact stuns for 25% longer. Increases effect from 1 seconds to 1.25 seconds for Bloon Impact. Bloon Crush effect increased stun effect from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds.
Long Turbo 10 Knowledge Points

Hard Press

Boomerang Turbo Charge ability lasts 15 seconds. Increases effect by 5 seconds. Also affects Perma Charge's ability.
Bonus Monkey! 10 Knowledge Points

Master Double Cross

Start each game with a free Dart Monkey! Each game starts with a Free Dart Monkey, a similar effect to the Monkey City upgrade.
Come On Everybody! 10 Knowledge Points

Bonus Monkey!

Primary towers attack 5% faster if all are below tier 3, and cost 5% less if all are tier 3 or 4. Added in the version 15.0 update.

The 5% attack speed bonus will be voided once any of the Primary Monkeys are upgraded to Tier 3 or above until the conditions are met again. Likewise, the 5% discount will be voided if any of the Primary Monkeys are below Tier 3 or are upgraded to Tier 5, until the conditions are met again.

More Cash Cheaper Solution

Bonus Monkey!

Increase starting cash by 200.

This means that you start with $850 on all game modes except Half Cash where players only get $425, and CHIMPS where players get $650, as Monkey Knowledge is turned off there. This is also applied before the effects of Double Cash mode, meaning that the $200 bonus becomes a $400 bonus ($200 bonus instead of $100 bonus in Half Cash).

Military KnowledgeEdit

Name Prerequisites Description Other notes
Naval Upgrades No additional requirement Monkey Buccaneer and Monkey Sub get +1 pierce per shot. Every Monkey Buccaneer or Monkey Sub attack has +1 pierce. Increases pierce of each Monkey Buccaneer dart from 4 to 5. Increases Monkey Sub default dart pierce from 2 to 3 (1 to 2 pre-7.0).
Airforce Upgrades No additional requirement Monkey Ace and Heli Pilot get +1 pierce per shot. Increases pierce of all Monkey Aces and Heli Pilots by +1. The default dart pierce of Monkey Ace is increased from 5 to 6 per dart, while default Heli Pilot dart pierce is increased from 3 to 4.
Elite Military Training No additional requirement All Military Monkeys get a one-off +1000 XP and earn XP in-game 5% faster permanently. This Knowledge has no effect if all Military upgrades are already unlocked, besides unlocking subsequent Knowledge.

Newly released Military towers, specifically Mortar Monkey and possibly the upcoming Dartling Gunner, will earn the one-off 1000 XP bonus as soon as they have been placed on the map for at least one round, provided that this Monkey Knowledge is active.

Big Bunch Naval Upgrades Grape Shot shoots 6 grapes. Shoots 6 grapes instead of 5 grapes. Also applies to Hot Shot grapes.
Accelerated Aerodarts Airforce Upgrades Darts from Monkey Aces fly faster. Darts fly TBA% faster.
Ceramic Shock Elite Military Training Sniper hits on Ceramic Bloons slow them down briefly. Any hits by Sniper Monkeys on Ceramic Bloons will cause them become nearly completely stunned for 2 seconds. Slow effect is the same for all calibres of Path 1. Slow effect can also be applied to Ceramics hit with Shrapnel Shot projectiles.
Breaking Ballistic 4 Knowledge Points

Naval Upgrades

Ballistic Missiles do more damage to Ceramic Bloons. Deals 6 damage instead of 5 to Ceramic Bloons.
Faster Takedowns 4 Knowledge Points

Big Bunch

MOAB Takedown Ability has 5 second faster cooldown. Decreases the cooldown of Monkey Pirates MOAB Takedown ability from 50 seconds to 45 seconds.
Targeted Pineapples 4 Knowledge Points

Accelerated Aerodarts

Pineapples are only dropped near tracks. Drops Pineapples only near tracks, similar to Bomber Ace's bombs.
Rapid Razors 4 Knowledge Points

Airforce Upgrades

Razor Rotors pop Bloons faster. Pops 25% times faster than normal.
Extra Burny Stuff 4 Knowledge Points Burny Stuff pops every second.

Napalm from Burny Stuff will pop Bloons every second instead of every 1.5 seconds. Also applies to napalm from Signal Flare and Shattering Shells. Blooncineration is also affected by Extra Burny Stuff, but instead pops Bloons once per half a second instead of once per second (per one second instead of per 1.5 seconds before the Version 8.0 buff).

Introduced in the Version 6.0 update.

Cheaper Maiming 4 Knowledge Points

Ceramic Shock

Maim MOAB cost reduced by 1000. Discount is applied after price multiplier for other difficulties: the cost will always be $1000 less than normal regardless of the difficulty.
Quad Burst 8 Knowledge Points

Breaking Ballistic

Airburst Darts split into 4 instead of 3. For all upgrades with the Airburst Darts upgrade, any main darts that split into airburst darts will split into 4 instead of 3. Also applies for Triple Guns, Armor Piercing Darts, and Sub Commander.
Trade Agreements 8 Knowledge Points

Faster Takedowns

Merchantman generates +$20 per round. Also applies to Favored Trades and Trade Empire.
Gun Coolant 8 Knowledge Points

Targeted Pineapples

Monkey Aces attack 10% faster.


Paint Stripper

8 Knowledge Points Extra Burny Stuff

Mortar shattering shells removes Camo from DDT Bloons. Allows the Shattering Shells upgrade to remove camo from DDTs.

Introduced in the Version 6.0 update.


8 Knowledge Points
Aeronautic Subsidy

Advanced flight pathing that coordinates multiple Monkey Aces on staggered attack runs. Added in the version 15.0 update.

Adds a new flight path called "Wingmonkey" to all Monkey Aces. When a Monkey Ace is set to Wingmonkey, it will fly in a similar way to the Aircraft Carrier's planes.

Aeronautic Subsidy

8 Knowledge Points
Gun Coolant

Monkey Ace tier 5 upgrades cost 10% less. Will subsequently cost $36,000, $31,500 and $108,000, down from $40,000, $35,000, and $120,000 for Path 1, Path 2 and Path 3 on Medium respectively.
Charged Chinooks

8 Knowledge Points
Rapid Razors

Chinook Activated Abilities give 25% more lives and cash. Allows the Support Chinook to drop between $1875 and $3125, or between 63 and 94 lives. Also affects Special Poperations as well, though it produces twice as much cash and lives as a normal Chinook.
Budget Battery 8 Knowledge Points

Paint Stripper

Artillery Battery cost reduced by 600. Discount is applied after price multiplier for other difficulties: the cost will always be $600 less than normal regardless of the difficulty.

Introduced in the Version 6.0 update.

Master Defender 8 Knowledge Points

Cheaper Maiming

Elite Defender has no cooldown. Elite Defender will no longer have a cooldown for its 4x attack speed ability; it will now always trigger the 4x attack speed ability provided that lives were lost within the past 7 seconds.
Sub Admiral 14 Knowledge Points

Quad Burst

Sub Commander affects all Monkey Subs on screen. -
Military Conscription 14 Knowledge Points

Trade Agreements
Door Gunner

Purchase price of first Military Monkey each game is two thirds the normal. Purchase price of first Military Monkey in each game is discounted by 33%. Once any Military Monkey is purchased, all the other price bonuses are voided, even if that specific tower was not used. Will subsequently cost $235 Sniper Monkey, $220 Monkey Sub, $370 Monkey Buccaneer, $535 Monkey Ace, $1070 Heli Pilot and $500 Mortar Monkey on Medium difficulty. Also, with Advanced Logistics, the price decrease is 10%.
Door Gunner 14 Knowledge Points

Charged Chinooks

Special Poperations Heli allows tier 4 and below Monkey Towers to attack Bloons while in transit. Introduced in Version 17.0.

Allows towers that are Tier 4 or lower to attack bloons while carried by the Heli Pilot. They will continue being carried along with the Heli Pilot until placed down with the Door Gunner ability. Then the carried tower can be repositioned to anywhere on the map.

When the Door Gunner ability is active, it also consumes the Redeploy Tower ability. Likewise, using the Redeploy Tower ability consumes the Door Gunner ability. As such, cooldown for Door Gunner is exactly the same as the Redeploy Tower ability. Cooldown for Door Gunner starts once the tower has been placed onto a new spot.

Advanced Logistics 14 Knowledge Points

Aeronautic Subsidy
Charged Chinooks

All Military Monkeys base costs reduced by 5%. Will subsequently cost $330 Sniper Monkey, $310 Monkey Sub, $520 Monkey Buccaneer, $760 Monkey Ace, $1,520 Heli Pilot and $710 Mortar Monkey on Medium difficulty. Stackable with the Military Conscription benefit, though the 5% discount is applied after Military Conscription discount.
Big Bloon Sabotage

Sub Admiral Master Defender

All MOAB-Class Bloons spawn in a partially damaged state. Decreases the health of all newly-spawned MOAB-Class Bloons by 10%.

Magic KnowledgeEdit

Name Prerequisites Description Other notes
SUPER Range No additional requirement Increased range for the Super Range upgrade. Increases range by 10% from original.
Lingering Magic No additional requirement Longer projectile lifespan for Wizard Monkey, Super Monkey, Ninja Monkey, and Druid. -
Magic Tricks No additional requirement Guided Magic and Intense Magic cost 25 less. Discount is applied after price multiplier for other difficulties: the costs will always be $25 less than normal regardless of the difficulty.
Cheaper Doubles Super Range Ninja Double Shot cost reduced by 100. Discount is applied after price multiplier for other difficulties: the costs will always be $100 less than normal regardless of the difficulty.
Heavy Knockback Super Range Bloons hit by Knockback from Super Monkey are knocked back slightly harder. Increases knockback potency by 5%. (normal bloons move backward at 30% speed instead of 25%, leads and ceramics move backward at 5% speed for Dark Knight or slowed to 35% speed, and MOAB-class are slowed to 65% speed)
Hot Magic Lingering Magic All Magic type towers can pop Frozen Bloons. Reduces the utility of the Hard Thorns upgrade.
Speedy Brewing Magic Tricks All Alchemist's potions have 5% faster reload time. Increases attack speed of Alchemist by 5%. Applies to all potions, including support potions. Stacks multiplicatively with the Faster Throwing upgrade.
Mo' Monkey Money Speedy Brewing Earn 10% extra Monkey Money from game wins on any difficulty. Increases Monkey Money rewards for first time completion, replay completion and Daily Challenges. Daily Challenge bonus reward only applies to the original map reward; the Monkey Money reward for a Daily Challenge is the new original map reward plus unchanged Daily Challenge reward. For Advanced Challenges, the increased Monkey Money reward is calculated from the original Monkey Money reward (e.g. an AC that rewards Btd6monkeymoney120 rewards Btd6monkeymoney132 instead).

Bonus Monkey Money is also rounded down to one unit (Btd6monkeymoney225, for example, becomes Btd6monkeymoney247, not Btd6monkeymoney248).

These special Monkey Money bonuses do not apply to CHIMPS or any Advanced Challenges where MK is turned off.

Diversion Tactics 4 Knowledge Points

Cheaper Doubles

Increased chance to distract Bloons from Distraction upgrade. Increases chance of Distraction effect occurring by TBA%, to a total of TBA%.
Strike Down The False 4 Knowledge Points

Heavy Knockback

Sun Avatar can pop Purple Bloons. Bonus only applies to Sun Avatar.
Warm Oak 4 Knowledge Points

Hot Magic

Heart of Oak cost reduced by 100. Discount is applied after price multiplier for other difficulties: the costs will always be $100 less than normal regardless of the difficulty.
Flame Jet 4 Knowledge Points

Hot Magic

Dragon's Breath flame projectiles move much faster. Projectiles fly TBA% faster.
Strong Tonic 4 Knowledge Points
Speedy Brewing
Transforming Tonic lasts longer. Increases duration from 20 seconds to 24 seconds. Also applies to Total Transformation.
Cold Front 4 Knowledge Points

Warm Oak

Ball Lightning hits have a chance to freeze Bloons after doing damage. Freeze chance is TBA%.
Arcane Impale 4 Knowledge Points

Flame Jet

Arcane Spike does extra damage to MOAB-Class and Ceramic Bloons.

Deals 17 damage instead of 16 to MOAB-Class Bloons. Deals 6 damage instead of 5 to Ceramic Bloons.

Acid Stability 4 Knowledge Points

Strong Tonic

Alchemists' acid pools last 5 second longer. Acid pools now lasts 12 seconds each instead of 7.
Deadly Tranquility 8 Knowledge Points

Diversion Tactics

Bloonjitsu and Grandmaster Ninja get an extra shuriken per throw. Increases Bloonjitsu shuriken count to 6. Increases Grandmaster Ninja shuriken count to 9.
There Can Be Only One 8 Knowledge Points

Strike Down The False

There can be only one. Added in the Version 3.0 update.

Allows the True Sun God to transform into the Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey through an independent sacrifice of The Anti-Bloon and Legend of the Night after being upgraded into True Sun God - keep them out of the Sun Temple's range when upgrading it to True Sun God. Requires maxed out sacrifices on all four sacrifice classes alongside the special independent sacrifices to allow the Sun Temple to upgrade to the Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey. Does not work in Sandbox, disables Anti-Bloon and Legend of the Night upgrades unless Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey is sold.

Vine Rupture 8 Knowledge Points

Cold Front

Grants Spirit of the Forest Druid a new ability to burst all track vines, doing big damage to all non-lead Bloons. New vines will regrow after each Rupture. Introduced in Version 17.0.

Grants the Spirit of the Forest with a second "Vine Rupture" ability. When the "Vine Rupture" ability is activated, all non-Lead Bloons (unless the Spirit of the Forest is nearby an MIB or similar) take 150 damage and are stunned for 10 seconds. Cooldown of 60 (?) seconds.

Tiny Tornadoes

8 Knowledge Points Deadly Tranquility
Vine Rupture

Druid tornadoes spawn 3 smaller tornadoes when they expire. Added in version 15.0 update. As of Version 17.0, it now also requires "Vine Rupture" as well in order to unlock.

Druid mini-tornadoes split between 120° from each other, and their projectile lifespans are as long as the main tornadoes. Currently does not affect the Superstorm's super tornadoes.

Mana Shield 8 Knowledge Points

Arcane Impale

Creates a special shield that absorbs up to 25 lives for free. Recharges slowly each round if no Bloons leak. As of Version 16.0, Mana Shield is unusable for Impoppable Mode. Additionally, as of Version 16.0, the Mana Shield live generation only begins once a round has been completed with no lives lost.

Support KnowledgeEdit

Name Prerequisites Description Other notes
Flat Pack Buildings No additional requirement Banana Farms and Monkey Village cost 2% less and sell for 2% more. Discount and sell values are additive, making the sellback 72% of the original cost of the tower and all upgrades. This effect disappears if a player leaves the game and loads it back with a save.
One More Spike No additional requirement Spike Factory stacks get +1 spike. Spike stacks can pop up to 5 bloons instead of 6, Bigger Stacks from 10 to 11, Spiked Balls/Spiked Mines/Super Mines to 16 to 17, and Perma-Spike from 50 (70) to 51 (71).
Insider Trades Flat Pack Buildings Monkey Business discount increases by 2% Increases discount via the Monkey Business bonus from 10% to 12%.
More Valuable Bananas Flat Pack Buildings Valuable Bananas upgrade increases to 30%. This is a 5% increase from what the upgrade usually provides, granting $26 per banana with this upgrade opposed to the usual $25. Banana Research Facility crates plus Valuable Bananas will earn $390 instead of $375. Banana Central's own crates plus Valuable Bananas will earn $1530 instead of $1500 ($1170 instead of $1125 before Version 11.0).
Bigger Banks 3 Knowledge Points

Insider Trades

Monkey Banks can hold 2500 extra money.

Increases maximum capacity to $9,500 for Banks. Increases maximum capacity of IMF Loan and Monkey-Nomics to $12,500.

Farm Subsidy 3 Knowledge Points

More Valuable Bananas

First Banana Farm each game costs 100 less. Once first Banana Farm is bought, this discount will be voided. The cost decrease by $100 applies to Medium Difficulty cost; difficulty multipliers are applied after.
Vigilant Sentries

3 Knowledge Points

One More Spike

Sentry Turrets last longer than normal Increases Sentry Gun lifespan from 25 seconds to 30 seconds. Applies to all Sentries, including from Sentry Expert and Sentry Paragon.
Monkey Education 3 Knowledge Points All Monkeys XP earn rate increased by 8%. Applies to Experience for tower upgrades and Heroes in-game level ups.
Backroom Deals 3 Knowledge Points

Bigger Banks

IMF Loan is increased to $12000 and repay rate is 40%. The increase in profit also applies to Monkey-Nomics.
Inland Revenue Streams 3 Knowledge Points

Farm Subsidy

Monkey Town cash bonus increased by 10%. Increases cash bonus for Bloon pops from 50% to 60%
Thicker Foams

3 Knowledge Points

Vigilant Sentries

Cleansing Foam can hit 3 more Bloons before expiring. Increases pierce of each cleansing foam blob from 10 to 13.
Very Shreddy 3 Knowledge Points

One More Spike

MOAB-SHREDR spikes deal +1 extra damage to MOAB-Class Bloons. Causes a single stack to deal up to 36 damage to MOABs, with Bigger Stacks dealing up to 66 damage. (Note: the preceding MK adds +1 spikes to each spike pile)
To Arms! 3 Knowledge Points

Monkey Education

Call to Arms duration increased by 3 seconds. Increases duration from 10 seconds to 13 seconds. Also applies to Homeland Defense, with a 23 seconds duration instead.
Better Sell Deals 8 Knowledge Points

Backroom Deals

All Monkeys sell for 5% more. Increases sell potency from 70% to 75%. Better Sell Deals will increase sell potency of Banana Farms and Monkey Villages from 72% to 77% instead, since Flat Pack Buildings is already unlocked before unlocking Better Sell Deals. If this knowledge is active, Favored Trades will only need to be stacked twice to 95% sell price instead of needing to stack three times (Favored Trades sell percentage total will always caps to 95% sell amount).
Healthy Bananas 8 Knowledge Points

Inland Revenue Streams

Marketplaces now produce 1 life per round and Central Markets produce 3. Added in version 15.0 update.

Each Marketplace on the field generates 1 additional life per round. Each Central Market generates 3 lives per round instead.

Big Traps

8 Knowledge Points
Thicker Foams

Bloon Trap can hold up to 280 RBE .

Increase from 500 RBE to 530. Note: There is an error regarding the description; the Bloon Trap's RBE capacity is 500 before MK but has actually gained 30 RBE with this MK.
Hi-Value Mines 8 Knowledge Points

Very Shreddy

Spiked Mines cost reduced by 1500. Discount is applied after price multiplier for other difficulties: the costs will always be $1500 less than normal regardless of the difficulty.
Veteran Monkey Training 8 Knowledge Points

To Arms!

All Monkeys reload time reduced by 3%. Attack speed of all towers increased by approximately 3% (specifically by 3.09%).
Global Ability Cooldowns 8 Knowledge Points

To Arms!

All Ability cooldowns for all Monkeys reduced by 3%. -
Bank Deposits 14 Knowledge Points

Better Sell Deals

Monkey Banks can take deposits from available in game cash. Added in Version 18.0.

Allows Monkey Banks and above to deposit a sum of money into the account via a new "deposit" button in the in-game tower menu. Deposits up to half its remaining capacity at a time.

Heroes KnowledgeEdit

Name Prerequisites Description Other notes
Heroic Reach No additional requirement All heroes get slightly increased range. -
More 'Splody No additional requirement Heroes' explosives get +2 pierce per shot. Applies only to explosions, benefiting Striker Jones and Captain Churchill much more than other heroes.
Ability Discipline No additional requirement Hero Level 10 Ability cooldowns reduced by 10%. -
Heroic Velocity ​Heroic Reach​ All Heroes' projectile speeds increased slightly. -
Scholarships ​More 'Splody​ Hero training costs reduced by 10% Applies only to the amount of money needed to instantly level a hero up, not the heroes' base cost.
Quick Hands 3 Knowledge Points

Heroic Velocity​

Makes all heroes attack 4% faster. -
Self Taught Heroes 3 Knowledge Points


Heroes earn XP 10% faster. -
Ability Mastery 3 Knowledge Points

Ability Discipline​

At level 20, Heroes' level 3 Ability cooldown reduced by 40%. -
Hero Favors Quick Hands​

Self Taught Heroes​

Heroes' base cost reduced by 10%. Will subsequentially cost $630 Quincy, $810 Gwendolin, $675 Strike Jones, $585 Obyn Greenfoot, $1800 Captain Churchill, $1080 Benjamin, $540 Ezili, $720 Pat Futsy, and $900 Adora on Medium Difficulty.
Empowered Heroes ​Hero Favors​
Heroes start each game at level 3. Upon purchasing this Monkey Knowledge, it becomes not possible to listen to hero placement quotes unless Monkey Knowledge is turned off.
Big Bloon Blueprints

Ability Mastery ​Btd6monkeymoney500

Heroes do +1 extra damage to MOAB-Class Bloons with their base attack. Applies to base projectiles, benefiting Level 8+ Gwendolin, Level 6+ Quincy and Level 4+ Adora much more than other heroes.
Weak Point ​Big Bloon Blueprints
All Heroes deal +1 damage to Ceramic & Fortified Bloons. Added in Version 15.0.

Applies to all projectiles, benefiting Level 8+ Gwendolin, Level 6+ Quincy, Level 4+ Adora and Level 5+ Captain Churchill much more than other heroes.

Powers KnowledgeEdit

Name Prerequisites Description Other notes
Bigger Camo Trap No additional requirements Camo Trap lasts for 600 Bloons. Camo Trap increases from 500 to 600. Formerly 100 to 200, until Version 2.0 buffs to the original Camo Trap (along with the respective Knowledge).
Just One More No additional requirements Road Spike piles have 21 spikes in them. Used to buff to 11 spikes, but since the Road Spikes increased its spike amount from 10 to 20 in Version 2.0, the Knowledge has changed too.
Cheaper Lakes No additional requirements Portable Lakes costs Btd6monkeymoney40. Costs Btd6monkeymoney40 instead of Btd6monkeymoney50. Will still cost the original amount if Monkey Knowledge is turned off while at the Powers store.
Mauling MOAB Mines Bigger Camo Trap MOAB mine does extra damage. Increases damage from TBA to TBA.
Longer Time Stop Just One More Time Stop lasts longer than normal. Increases effect from 10 seconds to TBA seconds.
Budget Pontoons ​Cheaper Lakes​ Pontoon costs Btd6monkeymoney40. Costs Btd6monkeymoney40 instead of Btd6monkeymoney50. Will still cost the original amount if Monkey Knowledge is turned off while at the Powers store.
Supersize Glue Trap 3 Knowledge Points

Mauling MOAB Mines​

Glue Trap can slow MOAB-Class Bloons, though the bigger the bloon, the more glue is used up. A MOAB consumes TBA, a DDT consumes TBA, a BFB consumes TBA, a ZOMG consumes TBA. BADs cannot consume Glue Traps, as they are completely unaffected by them in any way shape or form.
Longer Boosts 3 Knowledge Points

Longer Time Stop

Monkey Boost lasts longer. Increases effect from 15 seconds to TBA.
Powerful Monkey Storm 3 Knowledge Points

Budget Pontoons​ Longer Boosts​

Super Monkey Storm does more damage. Increases damage by TBA from TBA.
Ambush Tech

Supersize Glue Trap​

Tech Bot gains a targeting option to trigger only when Bloons enter a specific track area. Introduced in Version 17.0.

Tech Bot gains a target priority button that allows it to only activate when bloons reach a certain area. De-linking Tech Bot from the selected tower deactivates its target map location.

Pre-Game Prep

Longer Boosts​

Start each game with a pile of permanent Road Spikes at the end of the track. This perk is able to add more than one pile of Road Spikes, adding a single pile for each exit available. e.g. 4 piles of spikes for #Ouch, one for each track.

Interestingly, each of these Road Spikes contains 21 spikes in them by default, allowing one Road Spike pile to fully tank Round 1 with one spike left.

Fit Farmers ​Powerful Monkey Storm​
Monkey Farmers have larger radius. Increases range by TBA%.
Budget Cash Drops ​Fit Farmer​


Cash Drops cost Btd6monkeymoney20 less. Cash Drops are now Btd6monkeymoney180 each. Will still cost the original amount if Monkey Knowledge is turned off while at the Powers store.

Fit Farmer​Btd6monkeymoney500

Thrive adds 30% instead of 25%. -

Version HistoryEdit

  • Change balloon Added functionality to disable/enable MK.
  • Change balloon New Magic Monkey Knowledge:
    • There Can Only Be One
  • Change balloon Added Respec option, at the cost of Btd6monkeymoney2000 per use.
  • Change balloon New Military Monkey Knowledge:
    • Extra Burny Stuff
    • Paint Stripper
    • Budget Battery
  • Buff Bloon Impact and Bloon Crush can now refresh their stuns on affected Bloons, meaning Violent Impact no longer causes these upgrades to perform considerably worse.
  • Buff Accelerated Aerodarts no longer causes Neva-Miss Targeting to perform considerably worse.
  • Change balloon New Support Monkey Knowledge:
    • Vigilant Sentries
    • Thicker Foams
    • Big Traps
  • Change balloon New Monkey Knowledge:
    • Come On Everybody! (Primary)
    • Wingmonkey (Military)
    • Tiny Tornadoes (Magic)
    • Healthy Bananas (Support)
    • Weak Point (Heroes)
  • Nerf Addition of Monkey Money thresholds - rows 4 and below on any of the trees will now have Monkey Money requirements alongside the Knowledge Point required
  • Nerf Mana Shield now requires a delay of 1 round with no Bloons leaking before recharge will begin
  • Nerf Mana Shield can no longer be used on Impoppable Mode
  • Change balloon New Monkey Knowledge:
    • Door Gunner (Military)
    • Vine Rupture (Magic)
    • Ambush Tech (Powers)
  • Nerf Military Conscription discount reduced (50% -> 33%)
  • Nerf Tiny Tornadoes now requires Vine Rupture instead of Cold Front before unlocking. Players who purchased Tiny Tornadoes prior to the update will still keep it.
  • Nerf Advanced Logistics now requires Door Gunner instead of Charged Chinooks. Players who purchased Advanced Logistics prior to the update will still keep it.
  • Change balloon New Monkey Knowledge:
    • Bank Deposits (Support)
    • Ambidextrous Rangs (Primary)


MK effectsEdit

MK comparisonsEdit

Mo' Monkey Money effectsEdit


  • The Monkey Engineer was the image for the support tower knowledge, even before he was added in Bloons Tower Defense 6.
  • "Big Bloon Sabotage" is the same name as a Monkey Lab upgrade in Bloons Tower Defense 5. It retains a similar effect, reducing the health of the bloons. Note this upgrade does NOT decrease the bloons speed, unlike the upgrade with a similar name Bloon Sabotage.
  • In order to obtain all upgrades for all the categories of Monkey Knowledge, the player must achieve Level 141, assuming that no extra packs have been purchased or earned from achievements or other sources.
  • It takes a bare minimum of 9 Monkey Knowledge Points to unlock Mana Shield.
    • One possible method to do so is to purchase Lingering Magic, Magic Tricks, Speedy Brewing, Mo' Monkey Money, Hot Magic, Flame Jet, Arcane Impale, and then Mana Shield in that order.
  • It takes a bare minimum of 13 Monkey Knowledge Points to unlock More Cash.
    • One possible method to do so is to purchase Fast Tack Attacks, Increased Lifespan, Extra Dart Pops, Fast Glue, Crossbow Reach, More Splatty Glue, 4 And 4, Cheap 'Rangs, Aviation Grade Glue, Master Double Cross, Cheaper Solution, Bonus Monkey!, and then More Cash in that order.
  • It takes a bare minimum of 16 Monkey Knowledge Points to unlock Big Bloon Sabotage.
  • The "Violent Impact" Monkey Knowledge was formerly deemed more harmful than good due to how Bloon Impact/Bloon Crush stuns could not refresh upon a new stun. This was changed as of Version 8.0, since now those upgrades can refresh their own stuns.
  • The Naval Upgrades MK essentially turns the Monkey Buccaneer's main dart attack pierce and grape pierce to what it was in BTD5: 5 pierce per dart, and 2 pierce per grape.
  • It costs a total of 27,250Btd6monkeymoney to unlock all Monkey Knowledge as of 18.0.
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