For the Monkey Knowledge system in Bloons TD 6, see Monkey Knowledge (BTD6).
Monkey Knowledge cards turned

One pack of Monkey Knowledge cards turned (BMCM)

Monkey Knowledge is an enhancement system that features in Bloons Monkey City and in the Mobile version of the game in which incremental improvements in tower performances can be unlocked. Monkey Knowledge is gained from Monkey Knowledge Packs which may be accessed after attaining city level 12. MKPs can be obtained by capturing Tiles, opening Treasure Chests or from game events (such as Monkey Teams and Festival of Bloonstones), from Contested Territory milestone and occupation events and from defeating Boss Bloons. These special packages contain Cards which give points to a Monkey Knowledge Book. If a card gives points to a Monkey Knowledge Book to a tower that is maxed out, the rest of the cards points will convert to coins equal to 100x times the amount of experience the card would normally give.

This is also available on mobile, being soft-released for Android on September 17, 2015 and fully released for iOS on September 21, 2015.

Bounty cards were added in on September 1, 2015 to the Flash version. They were not added to mobile devices until mid-December of that year.

There are 3 different types of knowledge packs: Normal, Ancient and Wild.

Obtaining Monkey Knowledge PacksEdit

To start earning Monkey Knowledge Packs the player's city must be at least Level 12. They can be obtained in both cities.


There is a 33% chance (20% on mobile) of obtaining one common Monkey Knowledge Pack from completing a tile that is rated Easy or harder. Neither NLL nor Hardcore mode will affect this chance. During the Monkey Knowledge Madness event, the chance is boosted to 100%. During a Monkey Teams event that gives Knowledge Packs, you can gain another Pack in addition to the one earned by normal means or through the Monkey Knowledge madness event.

Bloon BeaconEdit

When a player captures a Bloon Beacon tile, you will always obtain a Monkey Knowledge Pack. You can still obtain a normal Monkey Knowledge Pack from capturing tiles in addition to the forced Knowledge Pack. When certain events are active such as Monkey Teams or Monkey Knowledge Madness that give a Knowledge Pack upon completion of a tile and complying with the event's rules, you can gain an additional Knowledge Pack. A Bloon Beacon Tile only comes once every six hours but you can get one instantly if you pay BloonstoneIcon50. As of about 10th December 2015, every 7.2 minutes you wait for the Bloon Beacon to recharge will force you to pay one less Bloonstone if you want it to instantly recharge, up to a minimum of BloonstoneIcon1.

Treasure chestsEdit

  • Treasure chests will always give one Monkey Knowledge Pack and a 33% chance (20% on mobile) to give an additional pack.
  • Treasure chests have a 10% chance to give an Ancient Knowledge Pack.

Contested Territory Milestone RewardsEdit

  • First milestone: HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal1
  • Second milestone: HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal1
  • Fourth milestone: HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal2
  • Sixth milestone: HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal3
  • Seventh milestone: HD Ancient Knowledge Pack horizontal1
  • Eighth milestone: HD Ancient Knowledge Pack horizontal3

Contested Territory Occupation RewardsEdit

  • First milestone: HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal1
  • Fourth milestone: HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal3
  • Sixth milestone: HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal4
  • Seventh milestone: HD Ancient Knowledge Pack horizontal2
  • Eighth milestone: HD Ancient Knowledge Pack horizontal3


There are many events that can earn Monkey Knowledge Packs. These include Festival of Bloonstones, Boss Battle and many others.

Boss BattleEdit

Beating the Boss Bloon at a certain round will earn the said rewards.

  • Round 1: HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal1
  • Round 6: HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal4
  • Round 9: HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal6
  • Round 12: HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal6, HD Ancient Knowledge Pack horizontal1
  • Round 16: HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal8, HD Ancient Knowledge Pack horizontal2
  • Round 20: HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal15, HD Ancient Knowledge Pack horizontal5


Monkey Knowledge packs can be purchased for varying amounts of NK Coins. During MKP Sale event all prices are discounted by half, and occasionally Wild Packs can be purchased. Ancient Packs can also be bought in mobile.

  • HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal5 - CoinsIcon60 (flash) or $5.99 USD (mobile)
  • HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal15 - CoinsIcon140 (flash) or $13.99 USD (mobile)
  • HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal30 - CoinsIcon240 (flash) or $23.99 USD (mobile)
  • HD Wild Pack horizontal5 - CoinsIcon100 (flash) or $4.99 USD (mobile, and 1 pack only) (Wild Pack sales only)
  • HD Ancient Knowledge Pack horizontal1 - $9.99 USD (mobile) (Ancient Pack sales only)


Packages always contain 4 Cards.

  • [Green] Common (10 points, or City cash1000*)
  • [Red] Uncommon (30 points, or City cash3000*)
  • [Purple] Rare (80 points, or City cash8000*)
  • [Gold] Legendary (250 points, or City cash25000*)
  • [Blue] Bounty Card (These cards give special items, see more information about them in 'Bounty Card' section down below)
  • [Black] Monkey Secret (250 points for all books, no city cash reward if max out all tower*)

*City cash rewarded after rank 15 is achieved in that book, excludes wild cards.

Card DistributionEdit

BMCM Knowledge Pack SurveyEdit

500 packs, and their products, were opened and, as these packs included 7 Monkey Knowledge bonus cards, a total of 528 Monkey Knowledge Packs were opened.  2112 MKP cards were turned. The MKPs also contained 5 Ancient Pack Bonus cards and 5 Wild Card Pack bonus cards whose results are also presented below.

The 2112 MKP cards were turned to present:

  • 873 × common cards, supplying 8730 MK points  (41.3% MKP cards - 6.48% MK points)
  • 493 × uncommon cards, supplying 14790 MK points  (23.3% MKP cards - 10.8% MK points)
  • 661 × rare cards, supplying 52880 MK points  (31.3% MKP cards - 38.6% MK points)
  • 26 × legendary cards, suppling 6500 MK points  (1.23% MKP cards - 4.78% MK points)
    69 (of 2043 cards mentioned so far) were wild cards, 3.38%. (Other wild cards were also supplied by bonus cards).
  • 9 × "???" cards, supplying 54000* MK points  (0.426% MKP cards - 39.4% MK points)
    *9 cards × 250 points × 24 categories 
  • 50 × bonus cards  (2.37% MKP cards - some cards supplying points, indirectly)
  • 5 × ancient pack cards (as mentioned) (20 ancient pack cards)
  • 5 × 2 wild packs (as mentioned) (40 wild pack cards)
  • 7 × 4 monkey knowledge pack cards (as mentioned)
  • 7 × boss ability cards
  • 4 × supply crate cards
  • 3 × monkey boost cards
  • 9 × red hot spikes cards
  • 5 × $20000 cash cards
  • 5 × 30 bloonstone cards

The 5 ancient packs provided:

  • 7 × uncommon cards, supplying 210 MK points
  • 6 × rare cards, supplying 480 MK points
  • 6 × legendary cards, supplying 1500 MK points
  • 1 × bonus card (which, in this case, provided boss abilities)

The 5 × 2 wild pack cards provided:

  • 15 × common cards, supplying 150 MK points
  • 10 × uncommon cards, supplying 300 MK points
  • 14 × rare cards, supplying 1120 MK point
  • 1 × legendary card, supplying 250 MK points

In total the 500 cards in the survey provided 140910* BMC MK points which mainly came directly from the MKPs (97.1%) but also indirectly from the MKPs, via both AMKPs (1.55%) and WMKPs (1.29%).  *(8730 + 14790 + 52800 + 6500 + 54000) + (210 + 480 + 1500)  + (150 + 300 + 1120 + 250) 

This worked out at an average of 281.66 BMC monkey knowledge points for each of the original 500 cards traded but with 38.3% of those points coming from the (9/2112) "???" cards.

BMC Monkey KnowledgeEdit

Monkey Knowledge PacksEdit

These packs always contain one Rare card, the other three cards have a certain probability to occur:

  • 60% Common
  • 30% Uncommon
  • 9% Rare
  • 1% Legendary
  • 5% (mobile - 2.37% was found in the survey above) / 10% (flash) Bounty (max 1 card)
    • In any pack, it has been claimed that there is a 5% (mobile - but with 2.37% found in the survey above) or 10% chance (flash) that one of the cards is a bounty. The other probabilities occur for every card, while the probability for bounties is for the entire pack.

Average: 239.82 [319.83 non-mobile]

Ancient Monkey Knowledge PacksEdit

These packs always contain one Legendary card inside, the other three cards have a certain probability to occur:

  • 0% Common
  • 60% Uncommon
  • 30% Rare
  • 10% Legendary
  • 15% (mobile) / 20% (flash) Bounty (max 1 card)
    • In any ancient pack, there is a 15% (mobile) or 20% chance (flash) that one of the cards is a bounty. The other probabilities occur for every card, while the probability for bounties is for the entire pack.

Average: 731.93 [816.25 non-mobile]

Note that Ancient Packs are effectively normal Monkey Knowledge Packs but with all cards boosted up one rank.

Wild Card Monkey Knowledge PacksEdit

These packs contain one Rare wild-card, the other three wild-cards have a certain probability in which they occur:

  • 57% Common
  • 30% Uncommon
  • 11% Rare
  • 2% Legendary
  • 5% (mobile) / 10% (flash) Bounty (max 1 card)
    • In any pack, there is a 10% chance that one of the cards is a bounty. The other probabilities occur for every card, while the probability for bounties is for the entire pack.

Average: 253.82 [332.5 non-mobile]

Instead all 10 Bounty Cards possibilities, there can be only the HD Wild Pack horizontal2 (90%) or the Monkey Secret (10%) option.

Bounty CardsEdit

Bounty Cards were added in v150831, which was released on August 31st, 2015. There are 10 (11 in mobile) different rewards possible, all with the same chance appearing:

  • HD Ancient Knowledge Pack horizontal1
  • HD Wild Pack horizontal2
  • HD Monkey Knowledge Pack horizontal4
  • 1 of each Boss Ability
  • Supply crate icon5
  • Monkey boost icon5
  • Red hot spikes icon10
  • City cash20000
  • 5 Bonus Monkeys (mobile only)
  • BloonstoneIcon30 (Minimum City Level 15)
  • 1 Monkey Secret - Gives 250 points all books (Minimum City Level 15)

Average XP Points in one Bounty Card: 545.45 [525 non-mobile]

In the mobile version, Bounty Cards arrived at Version 1.8.1 updates, at Early December 2015 for Android and Late December 2015 for iOS.



Monkey Knowledge has 15 Levels which require a certain amount of points:

Rank Total points Points to Next Rank
0 0 50
1 50 150
2 200 800
3 1000 1500
4 2500 2500
5 5000 2500
6 7500 2500
7 10000 2500
8 12500 2500
9 15000 2500
10 17500 2500
11 20000 2500
12 22500 2500
13 25000 2500
14 27500 2500
15 30000

30,000 points are required to obtain all the upgrades for each book. 630,000 points are required to obtain all the upgrades.


On Flash, the XP requirement for each rank hard caps at 2500. (Starting at rank 5)

On Mobile, instead of hardcapping, every additional rank increases the point requirement by 2500.

~ Junior Monkey, from Ninja Kiwi Forums
As seen in this Ninja Kiwi Forums thread, the rankings do not work the same as in Flash. Instead of hard-capping at 2500 points from Rank 5, the points required to go to the next rank is increased by an extra 2500 points per rank.
Rank Total points points to Next Rank
0 0 50
1 50 150
2 200 800
3 1,000 1,500
4 2,500 2,500
5 5,000 5,000
6 10,000 7,500
7 17,500 10,000
8 27,500 12,500
9 40,000 15,000
10 55,000 17,500
11 72,500 20,000
12 92,500 22,500
13 115,000 25,000
14 140,000 27,500
15 167,500


Dart MonkeyEdit

  1. Base cost and all upgrade costs (3%, 6%, 9%) cheaper
  2. (5%, 10%, 15%) increased attack speed
  3. (1, 2, 3) free dart monkey(s) each game
  4. (10%, 20%, 30%) increased pierce
  5. (5%, 10%, 15%) increased range

Tack ShooterEdit

  1. (5%, 10%, 15%) increased attack speed
  2. Blade Shooter upgrade costs (100, 150, 200) less than normal
  3. Every 2nd tack has (+1, +2, +3) pierce
  4. Every tack has (+1, +2, +3) pierce
  5. Base price (15%, 30%, 45%) cheaper

Boomerang ThrowerEdit

  1. Base cost and all upgrade costs (3%, 6%, 9%) cheaper
  2. (5%, 10%, 15%) increased attack speed
  3. (10%, 20%, 30%) increased projectile speed
  4. (10%, 20%, 30%) larger boomerang hit area
  5. (10%, 20%, 30%) increased damage to MOAB class

Sniper MonkeyEdit

  1. Base cost and all upgrade costs (3%, 6%, 9%) cheaper
  2. (5%, 10%, 15%) increased attack speed
  3. Every 2nd shot pops (+1, +2, +3) layer(s)
  4. Every shot pops (+1, +2, +3) layer(s)
  5. Full metal jacket upgrade costs (80, 120, 140) less

Bomb ShooterEdit

  1. Bigger bombs upgrade cost (100, 150, 200) less than normal
  2. (10%, 20%, 30%) increased projectile speed
  3. Footprint reduced by (5%, 10%, 15%)
  4. Frag and Cluster bombs have (+1, +2, +3) pierce
  5. Every (3rd, 2nd, all) shot pops Black and Zebra bloons

Ninja MonkeyEdit

  1. (2%, 4%, 6%) increased range
  2. (25%, 50%, 75%) increased projectile lifespan
  3. Pierce increased by (1, 2, 3)
  4. Flash bomb cost reduced by ($410, $530, $640), (15%, 20%, 25% on the browser version)
  5. Bloonjitsu throws (6, 6 and 7 every 2nd throw, 7) shurikens instead of 5

Ice MonkeyEdit

  1. Base cost are (25%, 50%, 75%) cheaper
  2. Pierce increased by (1, 5, 6)
  3. Permafrost slows (5%, 10%, 15%) more than normal
  4. Arctic wind radius (+3%, +6%, +9%)
  5. Pierce increased by 4/+1 damage from Snap Freeze to Ceramic Bloons/Snap Freeze can pop White and Zebra bloons

Mortar MonkeyEdit

  1. Base cost and all upgrade costs (2%, 4%, 6%) cheaper
  2. Attack speed increased by (5%, 10%, 15%)
  3. Signal flare removes regrow off up to (3, 4, 5) bloons
  4. Burny stuff burns (+1, +3, +5) second(s)
  5. The Big One damage (+1, +2, +3)

Monkey ApprenticeEdit

  1. Base attack cooldown reduced by (5%, 10%, 15%)
  2. Cooldown on fireball reduced by (5%, 10%, 15%)
  3. Whirlwind pierce increased by (2, 4, 6)
  4. (50%, 60%, 70%) chance that Regrow Bloons hit by a lightning are stripped of their regrow property
  5. Phoenix lasts (3, 6, 9) seconds longer

Dartling GunEdit

  1. Spread decreased by (5%, 10%, 15%)
  2. Pierce increased by (1, 2, 3)
  3. Base cost and all upgrade costs (3%, 6%, 9%) cheaper
  4. Attack speed increased by (5%, 10%, 15%)
  5. Depleted Bloontonium Darts cost (200, 300, 400) less

Super MonkeyEdit

  1. Base attack range increased by (5%, 10%, 15%)
  2. Laser blasts cost reduced by (300, 400, 500)
  3. Sun God cost reduced by (500, 750, 1000)
  4. Cool down on Annihilation ability reduced by (1, 2, 3) second(s)
  5. Temple sacrifice uses (+10%, +20%, +30%) more worth of each contributing monkey

Spike FactoryEdit

  1. (+1, +2, +3) spike(s) per pile
  2. Base cost and all upgrade costs (3%, 6%, 9%) cheaper
  3. MOAB-SHREDR spikes deal (20%, 40%, 60%) more damage to MOAB class
  4. Spiked Balls deal (+3, +4, +5) damage to ceramic bloons
  5. Spike Storm cooldown decreased by (5, 7, 8) seconds

Monkey AceEdit

  1. Base cost (10%, 20%, 30%) cheaper
  2. Pierce increased by (1, 2, 3)
  3. Attack speed increased by (5%, 10%, 15%)
  4. Pineapples are dropped every (2.5 seconds, 2 seconds) / explode immediately
  5. Spectre cost reduced by (2000, 3000, 3500)

Monkey VillageEdit

  1. Discount provided by Monkey Village increased by (1%, 2%, 3%)
  2. Influence radius increased by (4%, 8%, 12%)
  3. Jungle Drums increase attack speed (+1%, +2%, +3%)
  4. Monkey Town gives (10%, 20%, 30%) more cash from pops
  5. Call to Arms duration increased by (1, 2, 3) second(s)

Glue GunnerEdit

  1. Base cost and all upgrade costs (3%, 6%, 9%) cheaper
  2. Glue Soak cost reduced by (30, 60, 90)
  3. Corrosive Glue cost reduced by (50, 100, 150)
  4. Glue Splatter hits (+1, +2, +3) bloon(s)
  5. Glue slows (3%, 6%, 9%) more

Banana FarmEdit

  1. Base cost and all upgrade costs (2%, 4%, 6%) cheaper
  2. Cash from each Banana increased by (1, 2, 3)
  3. Banana Plantation grows (1, 2, 3) extra banana(s)
  4. Interest from banks increased by (1%, 2%, 3%)
  5. Player cash balance at end of round increased by (2%, 4%, 6%) interest when player has a Monkey Bank

Monkey BuccaneerEdit

  1. Base cost and all upgrade costs (2%, 4%, 6%) cheaper
  2. (+1, +2, +3) grape from Grape Shot attack
  3. (5%, 10%, 15%) increased attack speed
  4. Monkey Pirates cost reduced by (500, 1000, 1500)
  5. Longer Cannons grant (5%, 10%, 15%) more range

Monkey EngineerEdit

  1. Base cost and all upgrade costs (2%, 4%, 6%) cheaper
  2. Sentry range increased by (5%, 10%, 15%)
  3. Sentries can see Camo Bloons/Sentries increase pierce by 1/Every 3rd shot from sentries can pop Lead Bloons
  4. Foam cooldown reduced by (0.5, 0.75, 1) second(s)
  5. Overclock and Bloon Trap cost reduced by (10%, 20%, 30%)

Bloon SabotageEdit

  1. MOAB class bloons have (2%, 17%, 27%) less health
  2. MOAB class bloons move (5%, 13%, 18%) slower
  3. MOAB class bloons have (5%, 20%, 30%) less health
  4. MOAB class bloons move (10%, 16%, 20%) slower
  5. MOAB class bloons have (15%, 25%, 35%) less health

Monkey TycoonEdit

  1. All base monkeys cost (2%, 4%, 6%) less
  2. All upgrades cost (1%, 2%, 3%) less
  3. Selling monkeys return (85%, 88%, 90%) of value
  4. Increases Monkey Village discount by (1%, 2%, 3%)
  5. All Bananas give (5%, 8%, 10%) extra cash

Activated AbilityEdit

  1. All activated ability cooldowns are reduced by (2%, 7%, 13%)
  2. All cooldowns reduced by (5%, 10%, 15%)
  3. Activating an ability has a 15% chance to grant bonus (5 lives, 100 cash, stun non-blimp bloons temporarily for 0.5 sec)
  4. Activating an ability grants +1 pierce to all Monkeys for (10, 15, 20) seconds
  5. Activating an ability grants (+5%, +8%, +10%) attack speed to all Monkeys for 10 sec

Monkey SubEdit

  1. Projectile speed increased by (15%, 30%, 45%)
  2. Range increased by (3%, 6%, 9%)
  3. Every (3rd, 2nd, all) shots from Airburst Darts have 4 projectiles
  4. Submerge mode has (10%, 20%, 30%) increased range and has (15%, 30%, 45%) increased pulse rate
  5. First Strike Capability cooldown reduced by (7, 14, 21) seconds


  1. Base cost and all upgrade costs (3%, 6%, 9%) cheaper
  2. Attack speed increased by (5%, 10%, 15%)
  3. Range increased by (5%, 10%, 15%)
  4. Triple Barrels cost (500, 1000, 1500) less
  5. Supa-vac duration increased by (1, 2, 3) seconds.


  1. Base cost (10%, 20%, 30%) cheaper
  2. Projectile speed increased by (10%, 20%, 30%)
  3. Razor Rotors pops bloons (25%, 50%, 75%) faster
  4. Downdraft blows (25%, 50%, 75%) more bloons
  5. Support Chinook ability gives (25%, 50%, 75%) more cash and lives per drop


A Wildcard has the same chance to occur as all other upgrades. It can be used to give points to the Monkey Knowledge Book of your choosing. They have the same chance to appear as any other card, and are always granted in Wild Card Packs.

Upgrades that may enhance certain strategiesEdit

  • Dart Monkey: Free Dart Monkeys may be used as extra helpers of hitting normal bloons in Boss events, especially Dreadbloon, as well as helping to farm earlier in CT events and defending MVM attacks.
  • Bomb Shooter: Smaller footprint allows packing of greater numbers of MOAB Maulers into a single Monkey Village's radius. Extra pierce to Frag Bombs helps to be much more effective against non-MOAB-class, as well as being a much more reliable alternative to early MOAB-popping power when a MOAB Mauler is not affordable.
  • Sniper Monkey: Discount of Sniper's Full Metal Jacket plus combined with the extra layer-popping and extra attack speed makes a 1/0 Sniper viable alongside a Dart-Farm starting strategy, particularly against early leads.
  • Ninja Monkey: Various enhancements greatly enhance certain strategies. In particular, it helps early-game strategies in harder levels.
    • Extra pierce allows them to be a much more viable starting tower, especially when upgraded to Double Shot + Distraction. It also duplicates Flash Bomb explosions in the Mobile versions.
    • Discount of Flash Bomb allows a Flash Bomb Ninja Monkey to be bought earlier, even before the first round.
    • Extra shurikens in Bloonjitsu allow Bloonjitsu to be a more viable tower to use for destroying M.O.A.B.s and B.F.B.s, as well as D.D.T.s if supported by X-3 Village.
  • Dartling Gun/Tack Shooter: Many of the ranks for the Dartling Gun and Tack Shooters will help greatly when fighting in Boss Battles, when they are used in large packs.
    • Decreased spread from Dartling makes Focus Firing less of a requirement in making its shots at natural bloons when spamming in 0/x Dartlings.
    • Increased pierce in Dartling and Tack Shooters makes them better against grouped rushes.
    • Lower cost of all Dartling towers and upgrades make it easier to spam in more Dartlings and spam in Dartlings earlier. Lowering base cost of Tack Shooters makes it easier to spam in 0/0 Tacks early on.
    • Decreased cost in Depleted Bloontonium is extremely helpful when natural Lead Bloons sneak in during later rounds of Boss Bloons, so Pineapples or non-Dartling towers are less required, thus encouraging more Dartling spam.
    • Increased attack speed makes them both more viable at increasing the rate of damaging Boss Bloons and natural bloons, making it faster to gain income at one time.
  • Ice Tower: Rank 15 causes 2+/x Ice tower to pop White and Zebra bloons, and they can accidentally pop camo bloons, so the requirement of purchasing x/2-3 villages can be avoidable.
  • Banana Farm: Ranks 4, 5, 9, 10, 14 and 15 allow Monkey Banks to be more valued for their upgrade costs.
  • Monkey Village: Increasing Monkey Town income bonus will allow a much better non-micro alternative to farming (since most other methods involve some form of clicking/tapping/mouse-hovering)
  • Monkey Engineer: Camo detection to sentries (unlocked in Rank 3) allows them to be used as cheap Enhanced Eyesight Dart Monkeys. Lead popping by sentries (unlocked in Rank 13) can avoid the use of the cleansing foam upgrade.
  • Activated Ability: Ranks 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14 and 15 may allow some players to exploit them only for the sake of enhancing towers temporarily or gaining free lives/cash/stunning. This includes the Anti-Camo Dust and Cuddly Bear abilities, which are provided for free. If you have a permanent Ice Stall set up and you have Cuddly Bear/Anti-Camo Dust with Rank 8 (free cash) you could get infinite money by stalling for a very long time. In BMC Mobile, ranks 3/8/13 may also be exploited in Special Missions that use their own towers for virtually infinite cash or lives (provided that the player has insufficient cash when trying to use them), but this is currently unconfirmed.

Upgrades that may prevent certain strategiesEdit

  • Boomerang Thrower: Increased projectile hit area/speed can prevent certain tactics from working. This may affect upgrades such as Glaive Riccochet, especially with the increased hit area, because it may make glaives riccochet the way the player did not intend to do. However, it may strongly help non-Riccochet Boomerang Throwers as it will help ensure accuracy of hitting the bloons, particularly Fast Bloons.
  • Sniper Monkey: Increased layer damage can hinder Supply Drop Farming. This may reduce the amount of time of the round and hinder the number of times that the player can seize the use of the Supply Drop Ability.
  • Apprentices/Mortar Monkeys: Regrow removal can harm Supply Drop Farming. However, you could aim the mortar away from the track (or sell it and buy a lower-level one, along with 1-x glue) and the Apprentice seems to still regrow farm because the lightning only hits so many bloons at once.
  • Super Monkey: Increased base tower range can harm the players ability to place multiple temples close to each other (but you can only place up to six temples anyway).
  • Ice Monkey: Zebra/white popping could harm Supply Drop Farming if used as a regrow loop booster (especially as an Arctic Wind, although you could use Glue Hose).
  • Bomb Shooter: Zebra/black popping could harm Supply Drop Farming if used as a Regrow multiplier, which a Cluster Bomb Shooter's part of Supply Drop Farming contributes to increasing the numbers of Zebra and Black Bloons in order to multiply the numbers of Regrow Bloons.
  • Monkey Buccaneer: the +1 grape from Grape Shot attack apparently causes a much higher miss rate for a single x/1+ Monkey Buccaneer on curved paths when attacking loosely packed bloons, especially if having to work solo when it is not a Destroyer. It works better with the extra grape on straight lines, though (Grape follows the dart, so two layers at a time). The main reason for the disadvantage is because the outer grapes go more angled when the +1 grape is unlocked.
  • Monkey Village: Increase of granting range may make enhanced Spike Factories to not concentrate better on a smaller area. However, it may help Spike Factories actually reach further, in certain tracks. It also affects Engineers under the range of a Monkey Village as it will make Cleansing Foam and Bloon Trap stray to a part of the track where the player may not want, such as near the exit or in the middle. For some reason, the intended "influence radius" increase applies to the influenced towers in Flash, but more correctly only increases the radius of the Village itself in mobile.


  • It's possible to earn six Monkey Knowledge Packs on a single tile. To do this you have to have a Treasure Chest (which have a chance of giving both a regular and ancient pack together), have a Monkey Teams event that gives Knowledge Packs, and get lucky and have a normally obtained Knowledge Pack be obtained as well. You can get a fifth one with Mini-Land-Grab, and a sixth from Festival of Bloonstones by buying a boost that uses bloonstones.
  • The monkey's appearance on rare and legendary Activated Ability Monkey Knowledge cards is a reference to the Kaio-ken ability and Super Saiyans from the Dragon Ball manga and anime series.
    • The flames given out in the Common and Uncommon Activated Ability Cards are a reference to the fighting technique Kaio-ken, as seen in Dragon Ball manga and anime series.
  • Regrow removal from mortar works only for bloons it can pop (so no zebra/black regrow removal).
  • All Common cards associated with towers have images of the unupgraded towers.
  • All Uncommon cards associated with towers have images of either one of their first-tier or second-tier upgrades.
  • All Rare cards associated with towers have images of either one of their third-tier upgrades. (The only exceptions are the Tack Shooter, which gives a picture of the Even Faster Shooting upgrade, the Banana Farm, which gives the Banana Plantation artwork, and the Monkey Ace, which gives the Spy Plane artwork)
  • All Legendary cards associated with towers have images of either one of their fourth-tier upgrades. They may usually follow the same path as the tower's Rare Card, but there may be a few exceptions. One example is the Bomb Shooter's Legendary Card depicting a MOAB Assassin even though the Rare Card depicts the Cluster Bombs upgrade. Another example includes the Sniper Monkey's Legendary Card having the Cripple MOAB upgrade icon instead of what would normally come after the Semi-Automatic Rifle, the Supply Drop Sniper Monkey.
  • All Bounty Cards except the Monkey Secret turn blue with a black "Knowledge Card Face", including some diamond sort of shapes around, which also has some "bling bling bling" sounds. Such sounds are also heard when collecting the card.
  • The Monkey Secret Card turns black (not blue) and becomes animated in the way the Rare cards do, except the color scheme being black instead. It bulges much more.
    • Once collected, it will twist and turn around anti-clockwise faster and faster and showing a series of legendary card face covers in random order, also showing "+250" including or not including "Rank Up" (if a book ranks up). Black electricity also pulses from wild directions and at wild times, as well as sometimes the card turning blue, covering the tower faces. Once the last tower is done, which in this case will always show the Legendary Activated Ability icon (normal Activated Ability icon in mobile), the card disintegrates and its blue sparkles gets added to a special Monkey Secret Book (as the secret applies to all towers).
  • The BMC Mobile Monkey Knowledge Cards are always the same across every card.
    • All cards associated with towers are at the unupgraded stage.
    • The Wild Card is always the purple jester.
    • The Bloon Sabotage Card is always the doodled Red Bloon.
    • The Monkey Tycoon Card is always the Monopoly Monkey displaying flying dollar bills.
    • The Activated Ability Card is always the red-banded Kaio-ken monkey powering up a small red flame.
  • In BMC Mobile, if a player receives a Wild Card, the player may hold it until they decide to go to the Monkey Knowledge Books to drag a tower of that player's choice.
  • To open the packs quickly, go and open a box then press close, it adds XP to towers and can immediately open another pack after closing. This acts saves time, especially on wild cards when you do not want to use it yet.
  • In BMC Mobile there is a way to open up packs quickly. Tap to open a pack (tapping exactly on the pack is not neccesary, it's also possible to just tap somewhere nearby) and once all 4 cards are shown the player can swipe a finger from the left card to the right and vice versa to reveal the cards and swipe back to collect them immediatly. Swiping can be done really fast and this takes no more than 5 seconds.
  • On Mobile, several Ranks do not actually have the said effect during Tile captures, CTs and Boss fights:
    • Tack Shooters on Ranks 3/8/13 have a 50% chance of shooting a +1 pierce tack.
    • Snipers on Ranks 3/8/13 have a 50% chance to pop one extra layer.
    • Bomb Shooters on Ranks 5/10/15 are not able to pop Black and Zebra Bloons.
    • Rank 10 Ninja Monkeys have a 50% chance of throwing 7 shurikens instead of 6.
    • Each Sentry from a Rank 13 Monkey Engineer has a 33% chance of popping Lead Bloons.
    • Airburst Darts from a Monkey Sub on Ranks 3/8 have a 33%/66% chance of releasing four darts.
    • Due to a bug, Rank 15 Ice Monkeys cannot freeze White Bloons and Zebra Bloons, even if they are under the influence of a Monkey Intelligence Bureau. However, they can still pop them with the Snap Freeze upgrade. This bug also happens in BTD5 Mobile as well.
    • Monkey Tycoon ranks 1/6/11 and 2/7/12 do not lower the prices in Special Missions that use their own towers. This is because they are programmed as separate Activated Abilities, and only work if the player has sufficient cash, and unlike most other Activated Abilities, they can be used even if a round hasn't started.
  • In BMC Flash, each animation of each card rarity goes like this:
    • In Common Cards, it is a card turning green, some green poof, then turning the card over. Chirping of birds is heard.
    • In Uncommon Cards, it is a card turning red, some flames coming out and pushing forwards a little bit, then turning the card over. Flame burning sounds is heard.
    • In Rare Cards, it is a card turning purple, some pulses of purple electricity comes out and the card pushing forwards, then turning the card over. Electric pulse sound effects followed by what sounds like a laser is heard.
    • In Legendary Cards, it is a card turning moderately yellow, some pulses of bright yellow electricity and the card pushing forwards very much, then turning the card over. A more intense version of the Rare Card sound effects is heard, except the "laser" sound is replaced by a "hoh" choir sound effect.
  • With regards to Ranks 4, 9 and 14 for the Boomerang Thrower, the boomerang size also increases in size.
  • IMPORTANT: Rank 15 Ice tower with snap freeze dosen't pop/freeze camo itself, however, when it is popping other bloons, it can accidentally pop the camos, including Camo zebra/whites.
  • The only card with a different effect depending on which city you open it in is the City cash20,000 bounty card. Therefore, you may want to open Monkey Knowledge pack in your less developed city so the 20,000 boost is more effective.
  • The Rank 8 Banana Farm Description has an error, it says: "Banana Plantation grows 2 more bananas per turn". Rounds are referred in the description as turns.
  • The Bloonchipper formerly had a Projectile Speed in Ranks 2, 7, and 12 (10%, 20%, and 30% faster sucking of bloons), but has been changed due to confusion, as of the current version.




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