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Tired of picking up all those bananas yourself? So is this guy, but at least he's paid to do it. Farmer will auto-gather all bananas in his radius so you don't have to.
~ Bloons TD 5 Deluxe and Bloons TD 6 Description
The Banana Farmer doesn't believe in popping Bloons, but he's an expert when it comes to collecting bananas. Place him near your Banana Farms and he'll save you from the trouble of manually collecting the bananas.
~ BMC Mobile Description
Can't be bothered picking up your collectibles? The Monkey Farmer has your back!
~ BATTD Description

The Monkey Farmer is a special agent that appears in Bloons TD 5 Deluxe, Bloons TD 5 Mobile, Bloons Monkey City Mobile, Bloons TD Battles Mobile and Bloons TD 6 and Bloons Adventure Time TD. It is alternatively called Banana Farmer in BTD5/BMC/BTD6 mobile. It only costs Monkey Dollar.png40 (BloonjaminsIcon.png50 in BTD6) making it one of the cheapest special agents in the game (the others being Pontoon and Portable Lake).

It collects bananas (or boxes) within its large range from Banana Farms, crates dropped by Supply Drop Snipers, and also the crate dropped by the Heli Pilot's Support Chinook on BTD5 Mobile. It's particularly useful if you want to focus on using your Dartling Guns while having Banana Farms too. You need to place it 50 times in order to get the Monkey Farmer Pro (Total cost of Monkey Dollar.png2000).


Bloons Monkey City Mobile[]

On March 2016, the Monkey Farmer became a tower for Bloons Monkey City Mobile. It costs $1.99 USD for each Banana Barn and the Farmer itself is free to place when capturing tiles. Along with its original capability of collecting bananas and crates in-game, each Banana Barn building purchased provides a 10% increased capacity to each Banana Farm in the city, thus the effect can stack with other Barns. These do not appear in the Monkey Buildings tab until the Banana Farm Lab is built, provided that the player's City is at least Level 15.

Bloons TD Battles[]

On October 27th 2016, the Monkey Farmer became available on Bloons TD Battles Mobile as a one-use tower, and costs Medallion Icon.png200 each (formerly Medallion Icon.png100). It can be used only if the player chooses Banana Farms along the battle.

On December 19th 2018, Monkey Farmer now has a premium version of himself called Robo Farmer. Robo Farmer can collect all bananas from the entire screen, as well as attracting bananas towards him three times as fast. A set of 5 Robo Farmers cost $2.99 USD and will replace your Monkey Farmers when you pick a Banana Farm, until you use all of your Robo Farmers. Robo Farmers are also earned by spinning the Battle Spinner and hoping for a lucky spin.

Bloons TD 6[]

On July 13th 2018, Monkey Farmer makes a return to BTD6 as "Banana Farmer". He now costs BloonjaminsIcon.png50. He can collect all nearby bananas and crates from Banana Farms, as well as other collectables such as Cash Drops and Supply Drop crates, and later on crates from Monkeyopolis (since Version 2.0), and Bloon Traps and XXXL Traps.

Bloons Adventure Time TD[]

On March 14th 2019, Monkey Farmer returned as a premium ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It keeps its purpose of collecting dropped items from the other BTD games. However, Monkey Farmer can only be obtained via a one time purchase of $2.99 USD to buy one in the Store or from Legendary Wish Orbs to get more than one copy, and the monkey itself costs $200 in-game cash to place, with a display range of 8 and infinite collect range (even collecting offscreen items, usually Thought Cannon Wand loot that player input cannot reach). The Farmer's also the only ally to have an empty upgrade tree (hence no upgrades) as it doesn't attack or provide boosts to other characters in the game. The player can add even more farmers in game if they buy upgrades that increase quantities of said ally. He can be equipped to any character, similar to the Business Men ally. It is quite a good idea to place him if you're going for a hardcore farming strategy, especially if you're also using BMO.


  • Harvests all collectibles


  • Doesn't attack

Strategies (BTD6)[]

Summary (BTD6)[]

For less hassles with collecting collectable income, Banana Farmer makes picking up of any collectable income source become automatic, provided he is within range.

Tips (BTD6)[]

  • To test the range in a Sandbox map use either the Dart Monkey with Crossbow upgrade or the Engineer Monkey with the Larger Service Area upgrade as the range is almost identical as is the size of the tower.
  • Place within range of multiple Farms, and go for the Banana Plantation upgrade path when upgrading Farms to Tier 3.
  • Banana Farmers have a footprint size of a Dart Monkey. Experiment potential Banana Farmer placements on Sandbox using a Crossbow to account for its range, albeit slightly lower.
  • Try using Special Poperations with the Door Gunner MK to pick up a Banana Farmer and then let the helicopter roam around the map.


Bloons TD 5 generation[]

Bloons TD 6[]

Bloons Adventure Time TD[]


BTD5 generation[]

  • It was released again in Bloons TD 5 Mobile because it is much harder to tap the bananas instead of moving your mouse on them and can be pretty risky because sometimes a tap might miss a banana and can spoil.
  • Monkey Farmer can farm Bloon Traps that are full and the Care Packages dropped by the Support Chinook and the Supply Drop Ability.
    • Farmers cannot farm Bloon Traps on the Mobile/Steam Version however.
    • They can farm lives gained by Attrition, though this is rarely observed because the lives auto collect.
      • It can be seen if auto collecting is turned off in the code, then the Banana Farmer will pickup the "crates" generated by Attrition.
  • This tower is one of the only two special agents that are monkeys, the other being Super Monkey Storm.
  • This is the only tower that can be used on any terrain tile in Bloons Monkey City Mobile, even if it's a Special Terrain tile that imposes tower restrictions.
  • The Monkey Farmer used to be able to "steal" bananas from another person in BTD5 Co-Op, though this has been patched.
  • Even though it doesn't attack bloons, BTD5 Monkey Sub with Advanced Intel still attacks bloons within its range.
    • This might be a clue due to the Pro version which shoots banana peels on the track, and the Farmer's range prior to being Pro is used to collect bananas.
  • A fully-upgraded Al's Custom Chippers will mostly obsolete this agent, since it makes Bloonchippers suck in bananas, but only if the Specialty building is active.
    • It may be efficient only if the given Specialty Building is a better choice in case of limited tower selection.
  • In Bloons Monkey City Mobile, if you have the Banana Replicator special item which increases the capacity of the player's first Farm by 150 (1150 capacity total) in the city, placing a Banana Barn will give a City Cash115 capacity increase to the first Farm (1265 capacity total) instead of 100.
  • Although Farmers does not pop any Bloons, they do have a pop count in their tower interface.
  • Before the Robo Farmer update, Monkey Farmers used to cost Medallion Icon.png100 each instead of 200.


  • In BTD6, Advanced Intel does not consider Banana Farmer range to be valid intel.