For the game of similar name, see Bloons Monkey City.
Increases influence radius and gives you a free Dart Monkey every round.
~ BTD6

Monkey City is the 4th upgrade of Path 3 for the Monkey Village in BTD6. AIt gives a free 0/0/0 Dart Monkey on every round after this upgrade was bought. This bonus is stackable with other Monkey Cities. It also gives the Monkey Village slightly more range (specifically +10 range) and an extra +10% income for all nearby income producers (with the exception of bonus income from pops), similarly to a Central Market when interacting with Merchantmen but only stacking once and only affects towers within range of the Monkey City.

It costs $2,550 on Easy, $3,000 on Medium, $3,240 on Hard, and $3,600 on Impoppable.

List of towers affect by Monkey CityEdit


  • This upgrade is useful when wanting to expand the use of multiple Dart Monkeys, especially for the use of Super Monkey Fan Club and Plasma Monkey Fan Club.
  • This upgrade is also useful for expanding the influence radius size of the Monkey Village, particularly for expanding the space where towers are influenced by Monkey Town benefits.
  • Monkey City affects any income producer, including those from income production abilities excluding IMF Loan. Be aware, however, that it doesn't affect income gained via pops (such as Monkey Town effects, Benjamin's Syphon Funding, and also Rubber to Gold).
  • The towers who benefit the most out of the Monkey City's improved income effects is Supply Drop. Pairing a Monkey City with multiple Supply Drops becomes very useful, as many of these can be fit in a single area, while also benefiting from the Monkey Town effects too.
  • Because the Monkey Pirates MOAB Takedown ability is also affected by the previous Monkey Town upgrade, it therefore generates an additional 60% income (or 70% with the "Inland Revenue Streams" MK) when bringing down a MOAB-class Bloons.

Version History (BTD6)Edit


Buff Monkey City now increases all income generated from towers within radius by +10%.



  • Monkey City also shows the current time, making it useful when managing game time.
  • On the Monkey City official artwork, time is shown as around 1:55.
  • The old description for Monkey City was "Gives you a free Dart Monkey every round", but was changed in an update to introduce the unstated range increase.
  • Although buffed in Version 17.0, the description for Monkey City remains unchanged.
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