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For the sell premium, see Monkey Tycoon.
Provides 10% discount on all Monkeys and upgrades tier 3 or less purchased in the radius of the Village.
~ BTD6

Monkey Business is the first upgrade of Path 3 for the Monkey Village in BTD6. It allows all towers around its radius to have its upgrades up to Tier-3 discounted by 10%, as well as a 10% refund on the purchase of base towers placed within said radius. Unlike Monkey Commerce, the next upgrade, the Monkey Business effect cannot stack with other Monkey Businesses.

It costs $425 on Easy, $500 on Medium, $540 on Hard, and $600 on Impoppable.


The Village gains two wooden crates next to it. These two crates appear on the player's right side.



Monkey Business discounts nearby towers by 10%. While the discount effect can only affect up to Tier 3 upgrades, the discounts can save a lot of money in the long-run if utilized wisely. Placing many expensive lower-tier towers nearby may help save more money than the initial investment, especially for the more expensive Tier 3 upgrades and for all Super Monkey upgrades.


  • It takes $17,000 worth of base upgrades and lower-tier upgrades to break-even with the cost of a 0-0-1 Village on Medium Difficulty. This will allow discount of $1700, the same as the cost of the 0-0-1 Village.
  • On very few occasions, using only Monkey Business for the discounting portion is better than using Monkey Commerce to discount further to 15% instead of 10%.

Version History[]

No changes were made to Monkey Business since it was first released in BTD6.


Official artwork[]


  • Purchasing a 0-0-1 Village in BTD6 is the functional equivalent of purchasing a 1-0 Village in BTD5 (with the 10% discount buff and +10% bonus range buff). The difference is that the 0-0-1 Village in BTD6 costs $400 cheaper than a 1-0 Village in BTD5, assuming Medium Difficulty prices, but only has a 10% bonus range buff, and cannot discount upgrades Tier 4 and up. (In BTD5, it has a 15% bonus range buff.)
  • This upgrade also discounts the base cost for the Monkeys inside the range of the village. However, you still need the money of the base cost outside of the village in order to place it inside the range of the village to get the discount. This is easier to explain if you do these steps:
    • Go in to Medium Sandbox mode.
    • Place a 0-0-1 Village.
    • Then set the cash to $500.
    • Buy and place a Ninja Monkey inside the range of the village.
    • You should have $50 left over since 500*.9=$450.
  • "Monkey business" is a saying which generally refers to silly, unacceptable, or deceitful behavior.